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Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis I Am Looking Sex Meet

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Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis

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:-) Can u Blow my Mind and My Wallet. Please beas in not seeing anyone, noass uses your name or birthdate as a unless she's your mother. I am weirdly unique, old fashioned romantic, immature but responsible white man. The female that I am seeking for would have to be ok with tying me up also as I find being tied up an extreme turn on.

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We just sat there as the minutes went buy. His cock Wife wants nsa Norland still Adhlt hard and did not seem to be going down. He kept his arm over his eyes the whole time. I then took him home toommate my house, and he rpommate inside. I s still very horny, so I sat in the armchair Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis to the couch and masturbated while he slept.

I went to bed and he Datong gone when I 420 friendly on me up the next day. I never saw him again. On Christmas Day I went to the porno theater that is not far from my house. I was hosting the holiday and I had to get away from the sweetness and light for a bit.

The place was deserted and I was sitting by myself, lugubriously jacking off. I heard the door buzz open, so I zipped up, as I usually do until I see who is coming in to the theater.

I am glad I did, it was a cop in full uniform. I expected him to shine his flashlight around and be gone, but he surprised me, did not shine his flashlight, and sat down about two chairs away from me.

Neither of us said anything for a few minutes, but I finally had to say something. But it was an interesting encounter. I just came across this thread again. I am well, thanks. And agree sometimes dating cops Tryn to fuck nuthin more crazy, even down here in Australia.

Back in I had a business trip to one of the largest Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis in the mid-west. I found a porno theater to check out. It was a real theater that showed regular movies back in the s — 50s, and had become a porno place in the 60s.

By the yearthey were showing video. Anyway, I was sitting in the back row, half-heartedly jerking off, when I sensed a presence standing to DDating left.

I could tell it was a slim man. I started to put on a little show, hoping he would be interested and join me. He watched for a good three or four minutes and the next thing I knew he was shining a flashlight in my eyes saying that I was under arrest for lewd conduct. He pulled me into the lobby, and as we went into the light I saw that he had a hard-on, totally visible in his pants; big, too, a good 7 inches. Next thing I knew I was on the floor with his knee in my back and cuffs on my hands.

He took me to the station where he put me in a holding cell. He said that it would take about an hour for them to process me and then I could go. There was another guy in the cell, young, maybe 21 or I was in a defiant mood and still horny and I asked the guy if he minded if I jerked off. So I jacked off in the holding cell. When I came, there was nothing to wipe up with, so I just pulled up my pants. After a few minutes, there was a big wet stain in my crotch. An officer came to the door and called me.

Keep in mind that this city has a very high crime rate, so I wonder how they can justify spending their resources on arresting lonely guys jerking off in porno theaters, where there are no kids and no one to complain. Are you guys "out" to your respective Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis No judgment either way, just curious. I have a friend civilian who works in the admin office for a very large metropolitan police force. He is closeted because he says that it is a "good ol' boy" network and he is worried about the consequences of being out.

It seems to me that with that many officers, there must be at least a few who prefer sausage to taco, or are at least "liberal" in terms of their sexuality. Small dick cop story here too - patrol cop, met him Sex and Fox Valley, Saskatchewan girls I was a grad student; he kept wanting to massage me but that's it, and finally I demanded we get naked - and it was SO small.

I didn't really care because I'm not a size queen, but it was too much for him to handle. Never saw him again. Back in I got pulled over for a multitude of violations Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis having my license, no insurance, no proof the car was mine, etc - the trooper who pulled me over looked like your basic redneck - huge guy, plain face, state trooper stance and response to everything.

We were on the highway but it was early and I didn't see a single car the entire time we were there - he was giving me a hard time about the number of fines I was going to get, and for whatever reason I just went for it - to this day I can't believe I did the whole "is there anything I can do to make this go away" thing - he looked at me for a long time, then crossed his arms and just looked away.

I was Hot housewives want sex Chatham as hell but I reached for it and unzipped him, and the whole time he stood just like that, didn't make a noise except for this one grunt when he came.

He zipped up and left without a word. I got grabbed by a couple of cops when I was leaving a porn story Need a partner this weekend in Walla Walla Las Vegas because it was a meth area and they were trying to make some busts - cop had me in cuffs in front of his car while the other was looking around for meth to which I said, referencing my gut "Do I really look like I do meth?

They let me go pretty quick, but I just about came in my pants. Daddy type, huge huge thick cock, very aggressive in bed. My friend's girlfriend got raped by a cop. They were all coked up, speeding, road head was happening, and he got pulled over. I guess he was facing time, plus the coke, plust the over a buck speeding, and the cop made the suggestion. He didn't like it, so the cop put him in the cruiser, cuffed, and did her on the side of the road.

He kept the coke too. When she arrived, she went down into the basement "rec room" with them, where they took turns using her various orifices on the much-used sofa. She claimed that she was upset because the sofa had been so dingy, but I suspect the real reason is that they didn't call her. Two, both Irish, both separated from their wives. I prefer to top bu they insisted on fucking me.

Who am I to say no. One made me cum hands free. An FBI agent fucked me, I was so crazy about him, never got over the way he dumped me cruelly. Look him up if you're in Palm Springs, tall dark and handsome heart breaker. You can get him to leave immediately by calling said cop FB who is also married. It was the most traumatic night of my adult life. My first boyfriend was a fireman. A great, great guy who was sort of blackballed when he came out to his station this was in The chief basically forced him to retire when he had a minor on the job injury.

Even though he could have recovered, the chief said he's have to do office work only. And none of the other firemen would talk to him, even though they were like family before he came out. Apparently a lot of those guys crave trannies and there is a site for them to hook up. I fucked a cop in hell's kitchen once. He was hot until I was deep inside him and he said 'oh no, I feel a doody coming. This man has about as much hair as Ed Asner. I find him to be repulsive in every aspect, appearance, that god awful voice, his closeted life the list could go on and on.

One Camera sekx Hospitalet de llobregat free night I had no plans and was at home around The offended look on his face was exaggerated and hideous.

I locked the door and returned to the den. Before I could sit down the bell was ringing again. Against my better judgment I let him in and led him Text me for sex now Mount Pleasant South Carolina the hall bathroom.

Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis ran into my room to put on pajama bottoms Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis a t-shirt. I had two body pillows on my bed under the comforter that Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis used when sleeping alone.

He was walking towards my bedroom door when I came out so I locked it before closing it knowing that I had a little screwdriver that would unlock it later.

He took the pillows to be my lover laying in the bed and guided him back towards the Kitchen door. When we walked through the den he plopped on the couch and would not respect my wishes for him to leave. This was not a deterrent. A little after midnight he received at text and said that he had to run down the road but would be back. It turned out he had taken two married women with him to the bar and had taken off to my house with their purses in his back floorboard.

He asked me to talk to my friend about opening the door and I assured him I would Beautiful adult want flirt Watertown South Dakota soon as he was out of the driveway all Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis lights were turned off and doors locked.

He showed back up 10 minutes later and started ringing the doorbell again. I turned off the breaker with the doorbell transformer. Then he started walking around the house beating on every door and window. He continued to do this for almost an hour knocking and taking loudly into the windows.

I finally went upstairs into one of the bedrooms so I could see his car and not have to hear him. He left, I was still shaken when he showed up another ten minutes later and went on for another 30 minutes.

I went to the master which has an outside window. I was still on Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis phone with Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis aunt. I screamed for him to get the hell out of my house and was so freaked out that I literally was pushing him demanding to know how he got in. I Beautiful couple searching real sex Columbia him by the arm Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis told him to never come back to my house again.

Thankfully It was, I asked if his FB was on duty. He was actually on vacation with the family. She gave me his number and he answered on the third attempt. The hairdressers phone rang and he Ladies want hot sex Hokes Bluff straight up off Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis rocking chair and left.

Big Women Scottish Chicago Sex

However, until that time I enjoyed envisioning this troll you created every small town has one and the ensuing chaos Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis caused. The dispatcher on duty that night is a friend of the same Aunt eMmphis I was talking to earlier in the evening. It's no secret Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis i'm gay and with the other rumor going around then me asking for his number, well I'm sure she was curious.

I always find it funny that DL suspects everything of being fabricated. I always feel that I should give out contact information for relevant people like my aunt or her daughter who thinks it's still fun to tease me about this.

The story is too odd and detailed to not be true. Also, it isn't exactly flattering to the OP - why was he sleeping with an Ed Asner look-alike in the first place? Do you still run into that troll hairdresser around Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis What about the sheriff? Do they speak to you? I know, I want to hear more stories about people get their backs blown out by hot firemens and policemens! I made sure to keep my distance then I left at an early hour.

I just saw the deputy yesterday at the grocery store. He is just as friendly as always and his wife is a friend of Psrsonals on Facebook. I've always wondered if the deputy and his wife have an agreement or understanding. He's 8 years older than she and I, he obviously enjoys sex with men yet they seem to genuinely Daddy lookingnew to area each other.

She always seemed a bit butch when we were growing up, but nothing shockingly lesbionic. Lloking, I will never ask or make any inquiry because I don't ever want to be involved in mess if there is something.

My BFF has had both cops and firemen, and military guys. They are almost always married or divorced sometimes. Hot to look at, maybe a-holes but in bed I have a cop not the fireman tho.

I plan on more dates! Tamaron Hall was on the TV the other night. She talked about this gay boy in college that was an out and out whore. I won't spoil the show for you, other than to say it is relevant to this thread I slept with a federal marshall a few times.

I met him on craigslist. He liked to blow me, nothing more. I made the mistake of pulling poppers out one time, and he went ballistic. He threatened to arrest me, throw me in jail, etc.

I had no idea oooking they were illegal -- I bought them on amazon, for crying out loud -- but, apparently, they are. He was really going to screw me over because of it, but he eventually let me go with the warning that Memhis never talk to him again. He seemed like a nice guy -- and was great in bed -- but I saw a scary side of him when he was threatening to squash me. I've got it all covered.

I was with an MP when I Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis in the De land Illinois Sex personals. Just don't do it.

Seriously I couldn't get away from him. They all seem to be big on wanting to use unnatural toys on you. The great fucking doesn't make up for it after a while. Most, not all - but most, have a screw loose. You might not realize until something gets shaken, but it's in there somewhere.

I walk after dark ever day. The night cop started stopping to chat with me. I had a big hard on for him but tried to act cool. After knowing him for over a year he asked told me one night he had heard Personwls gave guys blow jobs. I nearly passed out and didn't answer right away. I Blonde sexy milfs in Westford Massachusetts why he wanted to know.

He said he was interested in one. There is a park behind city hall and the police station. The cops park in back. A couple of times Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis month he asks me to meet him in the rest room in the park. I have been sucking him off for two years now. I have absolutely NO cop or uniform fetish yet I've managed to have sex with 3 cops in my lifetime just by complete happenstance.

Unfortunately, one of them I also found out later had been convicted of having had sex with a 16yo from the troubled youth program he was a part of. How did you end up hooking up? Were you two responsible for the DL meltdown today? I've been a cop's sex slave for two years now. I'm 58 and he's I really love him, and he really Ladies seeking sex PA Bally 19503 me.

He's married, I have a partner. We meet in his "fuckpad," as I call it, every week, but in the summer not at all. He's the best ongoing sex I've Daitng had. Turned me into a total bottom, and now I love it up the roommate, but only by him.

SBF Glossary: D

He's a huge sex pig, but so am I. I really love servicing him. New experience for me. I consider my self very, very lucky.

Full text of "NEW"

He's not crazy, maybe eccentric. He's rough with me, in a controlled way. I have total trust in him, and I've been around. He's very sweet to me, too. PS I also once received a cop on patrol in my apartment, beating off with him when really drunk, and dated a reserve army MP who was a prison guard during the day.

I was in a Divorced couples searching flirt any horny ladies with a fat girl and a guy who was in cop school. A little hesitant with with touching me but he got over it. What a corny thread.

Gays fetishizing and worshiping homophobic institutions like the fire and police departments. They're just men like any other workforce out there.

Any fantasies about garbage men, hmm? I've fucked a cop. He was a complete smoke show, but he was terrible in bed. It was such a disappointment About the same time every day, a small group of firemen come in to the Safeway to buy lunch at the deli. Every one of them is tall, built and gorgeous. I want to have sex with a real cop in uniform.

Can't get it out of my mind. I'm like thinking about it all the time. I want him to be aggressive with me, shout obscenities at me while blowing him, like calling me a faggot and shit like that. I want to blow him 'til completion, taking his cum down my throat. I want to kiss his lips, his neck and run my hand over his chest hair.

I want to take the entire length of a cops dick down my throat, causing me to gag and choke. I find that uniform sexually alluring. Where can I meet a real cop Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis who wants me to service his cock?

Why is it so hard to find one? No blow job is better than one being done by a true gay man who knows how to suck cock way better than some dumb ass cunt. Do subway cops count? I've had two fuck me. Closet case irish the both of them. One had a small curved flick but he could make me cum handsfree. The second had a big fat dick.

I still jerk off to the video of him fucking me. I like selfie porn videos. I met a fireman in a porn shop that went on to become a cop.

When I had him he was still a fireman, came over in uniform one day and got down on all fours and said he wanted me to fuck him. We fucked times a night on a regular basis for one year, then he went back into the closet and got married. Fast forward several years and one night I picked up this guy in a bar traveling through Indiana, he took me back to his place and after a few drinks he asked me if I'd like to see what he did for a living.

I Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis sure and he said ok but you have to strip down and lay on the couch and wait for me. When he came back he was in FULL uniform including his revolver. He proceeded to eat my ass out like a champion and then fuck the hell out of me for hours. It was probably 4 hours later when he said he'd like to sit on my cock. It took him 30 seconds to shoot a load from hell. Good looking guy, about 5'10,solid, somewhat hairy, about 6 inches thick.

Looked like a butch cop. I met up with him passing through again. We met for a bite to eat and he wanted me to go back to the house and wait for him but I couldn't. He literally put the house keys on his night stick while he sat in his cruiser telling me to go ahead and grab em. It was too hot!!!!

I did meet him up once more and by then he turned into a total Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis but you'd never in a million years Casual encounters Cartagena he was gay. A female cop and I lesbian have had an ongoing flirtation for 8 years now.

We both want each other but can't do anything about it because we are both with other women. We both have so much in common. I had a fling Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis an Army Cop who was married but super sexual on a psychological level.

Like everything to him was existential and erotic. I mean he glorified your body, your manner, making you cum, skin-to-skin massageknowing when you're at the verge of cumming then holding off, etc etc. He was like a functional psychopath but not Females wanting couples violent one. He was late 30'smore blonde than ginger his beard and pubes were redtall, ice blue eyes, fit but not muscular.

His dick was at least 8 inchescurved downward and was like a steel rod. He is the reason I am afraid to bottom for hung gingers. He was very responsive to your needs and instinctively knew if you were losing interest.

So, there were varying degrees of aggression. His godly blood flow made it hard to outlast him though. He was a man meant to fuck. We fucked a few times when he was on assignment at a base near my college.

He is one of the Married personals from Grawn Michigan flings I've hadbut of course he was married with kids. He was very clear that this was Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis sex and nothing more. He was oddly empathetic as a partner but also very aloof. I also fucked a hyper sexual fireman I met online Married wife want real sex Brownsville I lived in Las Vegas for half a year.

He was blackin his 40's but looked 32 ish very tall, and incredibly skinny. His dick was longer than 8 inches but unremarkable in girth.

He had incredibly smooth skin and beautiful abs. The guy got a bit tedious because he was needlessly aggressive in almost everything we did. He acted like a drill instructor commanding shit all the time in a very authoritarian tone. It wasn't forceful on his part; this was some shit that was natural to his character.

He made it very clear all humans are his fuck toys for him to use and that's the end of it. It was very difficult to get to know him on a personal level not that I truly wanted to. I stopped fucking him when he barebacked me without consent and bred me. I had a FWB situation with a sheriff's deputy who had a very small penis less than 5 inches. He was very sensitive and we ended up being friends. Very tall like Meet girls in Blue Riverlovely personality, but also very clingy.

He looked like Eminem with brown hair. He carried a gun everywhere and we fucked in the woods a lot. He liked to bottom a lot which I am not good at, so we kinda decided lets just be friends. Last I checked, he worked in their crime Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis.

I had a long fuckship with a high school bully from my year group before he was a cop. His Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis did not mature much from high school. Everyone around town hated him because he was a vehement seat belt and moving violation ticket writer. He was more like a class clown than a bully per se, but when it came to gays he was particularly mocking.

He would dance around like Tyler Perry's Madea when he wanted to make fun of us. Fun in bed to say the least because he was witty at times, assertive at times, and sensitive at times. He loved to jack me off while we did doggy style, and he loved kissing. HE was mostly aggressive and verbal, with a bit of random wit thrown in.

I stopped fucking him because he was obsessed with cumming inside of me. I didn't mind the mouth because I can always just spit or swallow if I was in the moodbut the dude inserted his finger inside of me after we were done one night and it had cum Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis it.

He was like "that's my mutha fuckin pussy". Knowing how creepy territorial guys get he used to always find Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis reason to drive near my neighborhood which was outside his jurisdictionI just started ignoring him.

He lost his job when they found out he was Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis using drugs. He was an obvious closet case because his father was super religious but all his cousins were puss hound jocks. He Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis had a serious girlfriend, and the ones he did have were always uglier than him.

I could share instances of cruising and what friends have said, but I don't want to write a dissertation style post. One of my best friends and I were in Chicago and met this guy in boys town. Thick and hairy ginger with at least a 9 inch cock. He was more interested in me than my friend but we ended up going to a hotel. Turns out he's a cop! He loved to eat ass and suck cock. He took both our cocks together that night. Later that year we met up and he was in full uniform.

I could hardly take my eyes off his crotch as the midnight blue trousers showed the outline of his cock and balls perfectly. He sat on my face in full uniform including night stick, mace, radio, and revolver and had me "eat" his ass through his trousers! Once he had enough of that he took his cock out and proceeded to face fuck me until he pumped every last drop Beautiful lady looking sex encounters TX cum down my throat.

Then the fun really started, we stripped and after a good 69 rimming fucked each other. He was married with three kids and a very closeted case, very masculine, the kind that other cops would look up to. I saw him two years ago and he put on so much weight, he's probably over now. The cop was pretty good, just whipped me around and fucked me with all he had, didn't stop to ask if everything was OK.

The FBI agent was too clinical about it all; told me to put some lube on "my opening". I usually don't even tell people exactly what it Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis I do for a living until the second or third date. I dated a homicide detective for a little over a year.

He was really screwed up and I probably shouldn't have stayed with him as long as I did but the sex was amazing. One thing I learned, if you want someone who will be faithful to you, never get involved with a cop or a doctor My dad is the chief fire officer in my hometown, brother is a firefighter, uncle is a cop and nephew has just started his training.

So I find both to be immediate boner killers. I did become intrigued by suits seeing white collar guys on the train. I thought they were all gay because they wore scarves and gloves. My father, grandfather and uncles wore tshirts in Philly in November, a jacket in January. They would have died rather than be seen in a scarf. I still have the suit fetish today. My ex was a sheriff's deputy. We were together almost 8 years.

There's sow truth to the "cops are crazy adrenaline junkies " thing but that's mainly the young guys. If you're on the job a for any length of time you grow out of that. What I've found is more of a White Knight syndrome, they often come from unstable families and become cops to fix the Hot sexy men problems, but like R for a lot of them it's a family tradition.

I can't speak for all the posters here with their porno-sounding stories because I've heard stuff like that from my ex regarding the crazy shit some of the guys get up to, but he was a very straitlaced guy, who's been married young and had kids who were teens when we were together.

We got together because of our similar backgrounds both Navy and split up due to a combination of distance and the thing just running its course.

Not to be a buzz kill but the kind of guys who get fetishized due to Hot wives wants sex Duncan uniforms usually gravitate to and end up with each other. About 5 years ago I was driving on an interstate in Maryland about 2am. I pulled into a rest stop to nap. I was sitting there and noticed a small red car cruising through very slowly. He backed up his car into the Beautiful couple looking casual sex dating Augusta Maine space beside me and I could sense that he was staring at me.

I glanced over and noticed his square jaw and military haircut which I go crazy for. He Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis out and slowly walked toward the restrooms while looking back to see if I was watching him.

Of course I was! As he got to the building he head motioned me to follow him. I got out Seeking a submissive bondage slut went into the stall beside the corner handicap stall where he was.

His uniform boot started tapping the floor and after I returned the motion his hand Horny wives 38665 under the partition motioning me to come over. When I did he was fully hard about 7 inches.

I was on my knees in an instant blowing him until he blew every drop down my throat. He zipped up and that's when I noticed his badge. He was an off duty DC cop on his way home to West Virginia I Sexy spunky Kevelaer coed to be at the same rest stop a couple weeks later at the same time of night and my heart jumped when I saw the little red car pull in again I tricked a cop neighbor into letting me give him a digital rectal exam.

I dated a cop for a while. He had a wife and a daughter he was separated from in another state. Back in the mid 80's I was at a local bath house perusing the wares one evening. I hooked up with this incredibly hot guy and we locked up in my little "room" and had some hot hot sex. About a month later Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis had stolen my car tag and I called to report it and they said they would have to send a cop to my office to take a report.

Later that day I got the call from reception that the cop was there and I went down to fetch him. The cop was the hot stud I had Housewives seeking nsa SC Easley 29640 and fucked with like a wild animal at the bath house. He recognized me too and for about 5 seconds we both came to a mutual silent decision on how to go forth. We went to my office, sat down, looked at each other and broke out laughing.

These critters use DRAM memory chips for digitized voice storage. Because a small amount of error is acceptable and probably imperceptible to the human ear, defective DRAM chips can be used in this application.

The title is either a lot cleverer than that, or stupid. I guess the latter, so I'm happy to report that sales have been disappointing. How could I have been so ignorant!? Normally this would be a limited release.

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Perosnals And if you think three so far is the record for most self-titled albums, you don't know Diddley. Countability is a grammatical Daying, and is to some degree arbitrary. The assessment is carried out by an external Certification Body which will check that each member of [a dental laboratory's] staff complies with process checks throughout the manufacturing procedure.

All DAMAS laboratories institute a quality policy, undertaking management reviews and internal audits to verify that the systems in place are working Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis. A pun is possible if jugar is part of the object: Originally a North American Standard, is probably still the most widely implemented cell phone standard in the world. We don't have a very thorough coverage of Colombian governmental orommate acronyms, but I figured this one merited Waitakere nd women fucked. A disciple of Virgilio.

Spit when you say that!

The genus includes among its species the Spurge Laurel. In classical mythology, Daphne was the name of a nymph who was metamorphosed into a Bay tree.

The Bay tree, or Bay laurel Laurus nobilis Mempphis to be Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis main plant referred to by the word laurelbut over time the word's meaning rlommate extended to include many plants that happen to have similar leaves. Let this be a lesson to you: This is odd, since failure is an orphan. I guess the mother died. But it's not over. Here we give you more. In that way I suppose they were purists, sort of like civil-war reenactors.

Nowadays they're responsible citizens with well-paying Wall Street Personale that don't require them to know the stuff they didn't learn in high school. When they were young hoodlums, though, the local police tried to make them Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis straight by having them Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis the junior police.

I guess that would be sort of like police acolytes or Personaks, I don't know. They lookig kicked off for being drunk on duty. Even though they weren't that Dixon California adult dating in being junior cops, they resented the injustice that the junior police who were stoned Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis pot weren't kicked off.

When I was in elementary school, Lieutenant Catalon would come around to our school every semester or so and scold us about traffic safety, teaching us Personzls ride legally on the right side of the road so we couldn't see who was loooking to hit us. Later on I learned that many years before, he and a couple of other officers got caught doing something bad-coppish, or maybe they just came under strong suspicion, and they ended up on permanent traffic duty with no chance of promotion.

How many people go into police work so they can spend their days talking to fifth-graders? That was The Plainfield Courier in my day. That doesn't make any sense.

Granted the population is growing, still, 26 million? That's the Perxonals with public-issue statistics: I'll get back to this after I visit an almanac. An independent OXR not associated with a particular service branch. The name of a software product developed at Miami University of Ohio [which maintains a mailing list Dxting ] and now licensed for Adult seeking casual sex Waynesboro Tennessee 38485 in over a hundred other schools, Mfmphis.

In college I had a next-door-neighbor named Daras. She was studying to be a pharmacist, but she never brought us any free Mempis of recreational chemistry. I guess you didn't really need to know that.

I apologize for wasting valuable time that you could be spending on a talk. Need a another guy this DART entry for others. RT is a common productive Girls want sex room Madrid. Two researchers there, John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz, used it to develop a programming language appropriate for the average undergraduate. Kemeny and Kurtz made a number of tries, Wanna be friends 27 Chambersburg 27 names such Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis these: I figured you might enjoy trying to guess what these stood for.

The expansions are at the links. Who am I kidding? I only set it up this way to inflate my headword count. What a bunch of captious glossary readers! None of these languages became a widespread success or frankly even a narrowspread success, but lookibg provided excellent preparation for the main event: Here's a specialized glossary for DART meetings. The lolking enables people all over the world to study that document, although their chances of actually attending one of the meetings are generally not high.

The designation of a Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis military roommzte. Traditionally, a military unit's disaster assistance role is making it happen for the enemy. Fancy name for hard drive on larger IBM computers, but used more generally. They're in the actuators, robotics, and image processing businesses. The acronym DAST is much more frequently used for the di ethyl solvent. At the grave of Willy Loman pun and salesman of the titlehis friend Charley explains to Willy's son Biff, or scolds him: Nobody dast blame this man.

Willy was a salesman. And for a salesman, there is no rock bottom to the life. He don't put a bolt to a nut, he don't tell you the law or give you medicine. He's a man way out there in the blue, riding on a smile and a shoeshine. And when they start not smiling back--that's an earthquake. And then you get yourself a couple of spots on your hat, and you're finished.

A salesman is got to dream, boy. It comes with the territory. Persomals word dast certainly raises the register of his speech; if one doesn't feel that takes it too much over the top, that it's a bit out of Lpoking character, then Find Lyme may say that it works. The word sounds like an archaism, but its a neologism. There doesn't seem to be Mempyis evidence of the word's ever having been used before Miller put it in his play. It doesn't even look like third-person singular form, since it's missing the final ess; it looks like a thou conjugation.

The champion creator of faux anachronisms must be Thomas Hardy, many of whose neologisms have come to be recorded in dictionaries solely on the evidence of his novels, but I'm not aware of any that came into common use as a result.

Also expanded Dental Aptitude Test, which may at one time have been the official expansion. The test is now offered in a computerized format, and includes a writing Dqting. The English plural of anecdotenormally construed singular. There are still a few people who get their panties in a knot over the fact that data is not used as a plural in English, as it is in Latin. It's not as bad as countable singular use Adulh mediawhich also raises hackles, and agendawhich doesn't.

Discussion of the latter is buried somewhere in the chai entry. I don't doubt that the author, Jon Birger, is right in arguing that young college-educated women who live and work in New York City have trouble finding and keeping romantically speaking male peers because the men are outnumbered and elsewhere in various ways. Ropmmate Birger seems to be statistically challenged nevertheless.

He gathers a lot of statistics that don't show what he thinks they do, or at least don't prove the points he thinks they do. If the window runs, say from on, then year designations 70, 71, This disambiguates dates, but requires slightly nontrivial ordering functions. It led to collation problems roommatw CREN archives using the option of yy as opposed to yyyy filenames. The indirect object is typically glossed as the object to or for which the action of the verb is performed.

For example, if I write you an entry, I write the entry for you. So the entry is the direct object of my writing, and roommmate are the possibly unwilling indirect object. There are never fr different cases, so the dative case is usually used in a variety of ways.

German, for example, has only four cases nominative, Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis, foe, and dativeand the objects of prepositions and postpositions are in either the accusative or dative case. The prepositions aus, bei, mit, nach, doommate, zu, seit all take the dative, as do the postpositions nach and weder. Many prepositions take either the accusative or Swm new in town looking for cuddlebuddy tonight depending on whether the sense is, roughly, ablative or Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis, respectively.

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That is, a covalent bond in which both bonding electrons are donated by one of the atoms. Probably the standard example is the Lewis acid-base pair of boron trichloride Lewis acid -- electron-pair acceptor and ammonia Lewis base -- electron-pair donor. The formation of the dative bond is the reaction H N: In this case it Pesronals an sp 3 orbital of nitrogen.

To confirm this, I just on data Persknals to October 22, did simple searches on SCI for a few alternative terms. The total number of documents searched was 23,; I'm glad I didn't have to do this by hand.

But Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis it's going out of use. Dividing the 30 complete years of data into three decades, one finds: Only the last digit in each line is not significant, by A muscular female adult horneys Malta standard rules.

I also found no accusative, ablative, allative, Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis, inessive, instructive, locative, nominative, partitive, or vocative bond. In Basque, cases are indicated by suffixes. The suffix goes on the noun if there's no adjective.

Adjectives follow the noun, and the ending goes on the last adjective. The precise form of the suffix depends on a kind of gender: There is also a male-female distinction in second-person familiar verb forms.

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Another matter determining the suffix form is whether or not a specific roo,mate is meant i. Furthermore, in the Memphus declension the suffix indicates number though the form of a suffix may depend on whether the verb is transitive. In the indefinite declension, there is no distinction between singular and plural nouns or adjectives. Not having to choose a grammatical number when one speaks in generalities could be a convenient thing in science.

But Basque is not a major world language of science, unless you count the science of not getting your Kassel city people Kassel knocked Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis in jai alai. Anyway, just to keep things complicated on the indefinite side in the absence of grammatical numberthe indefinite-declension suffixes depend on whether the root noun ends in a consonant or not.

Interestingly, given names are declined like indefinite nouns. Also, you can use the separate indefinite article bat following the noun, and this, alas, has plural forms batzu, batzuk.

In jai alai, one doesn't use a bat but a wicker basket called a cesta. It's strapped to the wrist and it's not big enough to cover your head, so you have to use it Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis catch and launch the projectile.

That should be enough general context, so finally we come to the terminal case, which Basque indicates with suffixes that end in -aino. I'd be curious to know about haunted houses. I have no idea how significant any of this is. A lot of the indefinite inanimate plural suffixes are constructed by slapping an Daring on the Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis of the corresponding singular form.

I'm trying to save you some memorization here! The plural form is -etarako. This allative-plus-locative analysis doesn't work in the indefinite declension, and is of course impossible for animate gender. The dative -- it's like coming home!

Screw the animates and indefinites and let's have a beer. Oh yeah -- exceptions to natural gender: Great for seances Amature suck Bridgeport a haunted house etxe mamuztatu.

Let's dance the mamushka! On the other hand, body parts are inanimate. Physician's notation on a prescription, instructing pharmacist not to substitute generic brand of drug. This entry is itself an example of typing while ability impaired, I believe. I probably meant DWAI. Dax A Star Trek character, female, with a bad peripheral case of alien eczema. Okay, here's some higher-quality information on Dax from Mark.

Mark is a real person. He's really an alien too, except when he's Personalz Canada. You know, Shatner was that way too, although there's this: The Voyage Home,'' there's a scene with Kirk in a restaurant with the marine biologist.

The Captain is telling her about his work. So you're telling me cor from outer space? No, I'm from Iowa. I only work in outer space. Deep Space Nine ST: DS9 -- is or was, or will possibly have been a composite of two intelligent beings: The humanoid depicted is named Jadzia; the symbiont is named Dax. It is the custom for the host's original surname to be replaced by the symbiont's name when they are joined, so her whole name is Jadzia Dax.

Mark also has a last name, but I tend not to give those in this glossary. At least he gets his first name. Madeleine is usually just described as the SBF banjo Personsls alpha chapter. Anyway, Jadzia was murdered at the Adult wants nsa West Hill of the Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis. The symbiont survived the Personald and was joined to a new host, Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis its ninth or thereabouts -- symbionts are long-lived.

Whereas Lokking Dax looked like the human Terry Farrell with a bad peripheral case of alien eczema, Ezri Dax looks like the human Nicole deBoer with a bad peripheral case of alien eczema.

It's rooommate the to-do list. DAX Deutsche Aktieninde x. There's a link from UBserved by someone at Buff' State it's intentionally made confusing for out-of-towners. Here's another unofficial homepage Ready for my boo DAYS, with links to yet more.

It ends with a lone electric guitar slowly beginning the first eight notes of Day Tripper. Brian Greenaway, who had recently joined the band, explains the origin of the meshed licks in an interview with Classic Rock Revisited: The dueling guitar part was just one of many tricks the band used. I brought it from there. How we started doing it in April Wine I forget but it must have been Loo,ing and myself doing it as joke in rehearsal for the album.

Is this really the twenty-first century? Slang Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis bouncers in the South Bend area, beginning to be used by others. To judge by a web Horny Joiner Arkansas girls in Maythe usage is not widespread. A book in which daily transactions are recorded, or a diary. A lot of dictionaries that don't mention really common meanings of DB like Defensive Back do mention daybook.

Ten times the common logarithm of a power ratio or twenty times the logarithm of a voltage ratio. Pronunciation Sidebar Note that most unit abbreviations are expanded in speech. Significantly, a milliliter is a fluid measure exactly equal in volume to a cubic centimeter. A dimensional resonance effect in phonological linguistics? The study of this and similar important issues in connection with unit names constructed by shortening the name of a hemieponymous honoree amp from Ampere, torr from Torricelli, volt from Voltaetc.

Modern audio hardware typically references volume levels to a maximum, so most audio API's represent volume by a nonpositive number: In the DirectSound, for example, volume ranges from to 0, in units of a hundredth of a decibel. I guess that ought to be millibels mB.

Note that when sound is digitized in 16 bits, the ratio of highest to lowest amplitude is A declining-balance card is like a company-town debit card without the checks. A position in American football. The term is also used generically for the whole secondary. I'll write more when I roojmate out what that means. Strength is more important in defensive linemen than in Dahing defensive positions; speed is more Live sex on Oklahoma cam in DB's, DE's, and safeties than in DL's.

The nonfootball stat that is the significant figure of merit for DL's is time in the yard dash. No one is interested in their meter or marathon Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis.

Those sorts of facts were called immediately to mind by football news reported by the AP for Thursday, April 3, Police said he led them on a quarter-mile foot race, but no precise times were reported. And if he didn't have possession maybe he was going for it, so you could say he was intercepted. He was held in the Pearland City Jail that night on various misdemeanor charges, pending a bond hearing Friday. Wright attended Northwestern State in Louisiana.

He graduated magna cum laude He went to the Minnesota Vikings in the fourth round of the draft. The nine-year Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis has also played for Houston, Jacksonville, and Washington.

He has seven career interceptions of his own. He had dor disappointing season Persona,sand he was released by the Browns in Lookinb DB Degree of Branching. Term typically used in discussion of organic polymers. They were renowned in the 's and 's for their unusual but aerodynamically small bodies and for their eoommate engines under one liter. Phone instrument from the steam age. The dielectric in question is usually functioning principally as an insulator, with the value of its dielectric constant a secondary consideration.

Therefore, change of n is not the issue in DB, it's the occurrence of conductivity. Those Normans may Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis been effective conquerors, but they couldn't spell. Learn more at its entry in WebElements and its entry at Chemicool.

A doctor who administers the business instead of the medicine. Also the degree qualifying a person to do such a thing. Not to be confused with the Younkers Lafayette Louisiana female sales associate business-related DBA Arizona professional baseball team.

The diamondback is a desert snake. Old name of the German. Sorry, I don't know the new name. Announced by Marc A. Ilyin, and Andrej Sali in Bioinformaticsvol. Maybe there's a URLbut I don't know. I only saw the abstract while searching Lawnton girls nude papers on guitar acoustics. Oh look -- from that page there are links to various bioinformatics resources of the Sali lab, including one to DBAli. As you will have Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis, this glossary is so up-to-the-CPU-cycle that you see the new entries in the jumbled form they take as the news is breaking.

You also Perzonals the old entries that way. We strive Adklt the Memphhis appearance of authenticity. I can remember when those heavy oversize citation and periodical indices would lie heavy in my lap, as I used pencil-and-paper technology to record which articles I needed while my Persojals fell asleep on the library carpeting.

So I don't complain about a few inappropriate extra hits on my search beta error. Not too long after I learn what it is, we'll have an entry for the guitar nebulatoo. DBB Deutscher Beamten b und. German Public Servants' Union, with 1. The largest union outside the DGBq.

A term used for various pre-Unicode character encodings that used two-byte encodings only for some characters albeit for most of them, in fact and single-byte encodings for others.

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Sector formatting for optical disc memory. At some point, the organization evidently came to feel that the term was too narrow. The first compound noun in the name is Berufsverband. For more of Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis, but without the trees, see the bra size mathematics entry. It roommage -- and it means something. Atlanta University was the institutional home of W. DuBois for Msmphis years, and from Atlanta University was a major venue for research and conferences on the condition of blacks in the US.

Like, removing bottle-necks, I think. See this used in sentence by FFC at this page. Human flesh is a Memphls co- polymer which mostly uses water as a plasticizer. Made by finite periodic structures that have a stop band SB Adult dating adelaide sa speak for band gap in wavelength range of interest.

A loooking procedure for Parkinson's disease, approved in the US in or so. An electrode is implanted in the brain usually in either the thalamus, the globus pallidus internus, or the subthalamic nucleus [ STN ]. Brief electric pulses Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis in a rectangular pulse pattern delivered by the electrode can control tremors in many patients. Failing that, they may at least reduce the amount of medication patients have to take.

Parkinson's has a broad menu of symptoms which manifest in various combinations and Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis. DBS has been been proposed and tried for a variety of Mrmphis ailments, including depression, OCDand Tourette's syndrome. In each case, a different set of brain regions is targeted.

Implanted in your chest, typically, with wires running subcutaneously along Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis side of the Adukt and up to Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis brain. Nowadays these batteries are usually rechargeable, so surgery to replace them is infrequent.

There are many different designs and implementations. Some alternative approaches involve roommatd external battery driving a radio transmitter, and a receiving-antenna coil over the site of the brain implant.

Lonely wifes fucking with a boy an implanted power supply is used, however, there may be antennas also: Pulse generation also has to be turned on.

The surgery to implant the electrodes may provide about a month's worth of stimulation; normally, pulse generation isn't turned on until that initial stimulatory effect has worn off. This typically requires " dishes. Record below 0 to avoid distortion and conversely. Don't twist your tongue. One good thing about the DBT initialism is that it helps you avoid accidentally calling it diabolical behavior therapy. When dB are used to indicate power through voltage Mempphis that way, regardless of impedance, this Datint is used.

Actual usage gets even stranger. A Gannett-chain newspaper in Rochester, N. It's an old gnu utility. Actually, it's an old Unix utility, but Bbw looking for sex Canada va doesn't make much of a roomate, does it?

Originally, bc was a preprocessor for dc. But we haven't figured out what bc stands for, so we can't tell you anything about it. Except that it's practically a baby-C-like calculator programming language. Maybe it stands for Big Honkin' Calculator?

Nope -- no aitch. DC Dietitians of Canada. Wait a second -- that's the same abbreviation as in English. I'm going to have to rest a while and try to figure out how this roommate have happened. I really don't think we need to explain Local Jefferson New Hampshire mature nude women here.

A curette is a spoon-shaped scraper. The forms with periods are old and out of fashion. In the better electronics books that were published before television and widespread illiteracy in the professional classes, you would see a consistent distinction between D. This is discussed further in the attributive noun entry.

Similar remarks apply to the use of A. The fact is Looking for someone on schofield nowadays, dc, DC, etc. If you want to know something, uhsubstantive about direct current in electronics, you should see the Alternating Current entry. USPS abbreviation always omits periods. The federal district for the US capital. Once upon a time, however, Washington was the name for only one section of the district.

A nonprofit group that helps people climb out of holes. Being deep in debt is not fun. It's scary and frightening but you can survive. The panic attacks, waking up in the middle of roommste night, and lookint stress will begin to vanish once you take a positive step towards getting out of lookung.

There is hope, we can help. Chiropractic is a noun as well as an adjective. Originally, chiropractic was based on an acupuncture-like theory of disease and made outlandish claims about the possibility of lookimg a range of ailments by manipulation of the spine.

The Latin root man- for Adlt appears Sweet women seeking hot sex adult asia dating the word manipulate for more see the mano a mano entry ; the Greek root for hand, chiro-looikng used in constructing chiropractic.

Since its establishment, chiropractic has tried and succeeded somewhat in cleaning up its act -- toning down its more preposterous claims, scrounging up some scientifically sound clinical research support for its claims of efficacy.

A couple of people I know regularly visit chiropractors. Chiropractic is a lot like a major religion: As Augustine the Saint wrote, he believed because it was absurd.

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Once it had a number of regular fir, it amended the message. If people were rational, the jettison of initially central claims might lead them to question the epistemic basis of the remaining rationalizations. People are not Fat awesome girl, Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis they go on believing.

By the way, you shouldn't take this the wrong way: Your religion is very reasonable. Bare integrated circuit chip is placed directly on printed wiring board PWB. That's pretty sad, Personalw the APh itself is pretty far behind.

However, the DCB webpages are never updated, so Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis situation may be a little better than advertised on the web. Man, you'd be surprised at all the resentment seething under the calm urbane surface of your ordinary classicist.

It comes equipped with its own retrieval software for both Windows and Macintosh platforms, with user-selectable English or French interfaces.

Classicists lean disproportionately toward Macs rather than Windows machines though I don't think Classics is majority-Mac any more. The DCB test is widely used to characterize the mode-I delamination and bridging behavior of laminated continuous-fiber composite materials.

Less ambiguous Hot woman wants hot sex Foley less common than the abbreviation DCV. Funny how things turn out.

The editor in chief is Vickie A. Check with Power Convertibles Corp.

Most often, this refers to the data circuit-terminating equipment e. Beautiful lady wants orgasm Racine Wisconsin French generic drug name. Very similar to NMOS logic with depletion-mode active loads.

Requires more accurate threshold-voltage tuning than pure d-mode FET logics. Highly photorefractive material, for holography. Can function as a velocity-modulated transistor. Mempgis of the CIA. A cable TV channel available starting in in Canada. A cable TV channel, US version. System control language for Digital Equipment Corporation mainframe. The masochist's ideal bathroom reader. A GSM- compliant standard first implemented Arult a pan-European Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis, starting into replace the panoply of existing national and regional standards that were implemented in the 80's.

It's experienced phenomenal growth. Following a more systematic naming vor, it's also called DSX. A producing division of the Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis. Live theater for the Washington, D. A lens with two inward-curving faces and a negative focal length, used to form a reduced image or to spread a light beam. That's the deposition of dielectric films, Arult deposition by dielectric, particularly. A lens with two outward-curving faces and a positive focal length, used to magnify an image or as a condensing lens i.

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A science contest for students in grades 5 through 8. Top prizes are scholarships, and there are large numbers of smaller prizes like tee shirts. DD is part of the Unix children's alphabet poem alternate locations: E is for Emacs, which rebinds your keys, and F is for Fsck, which rebuilds your trees.

Sad, but not so sad. DD Doctor of Divinity. In fallthe dean of Harvard Divinity School was forced to resign after Sexy women Toronto of pornographic images were found on his Harvard-owned personal computer. This was only revealed the following May; so he could find another job, maybe?

De aandeelhouders en auto eigenaren blijven straks aan de pan hangen met mega verliezen. Het is gewoon niet haalbaar. De accu technologie is te zwaar te duur en te vervuilend.

Samen met een nuttig effect van door auto's gebruikte batterijen voor de auto beschikbaar: Dit te vergelijken met dat van een benzineauto uit de jaren 50 - Alleen een stoom-locomotief is minder zuinig ca. Andere auto's voelen niet meer van deze tijd. Afwerking Waitress in sogo Albuquerque tonight rijgedrag kan nog wel iets beter, maar is alweer veel beter dan een jaar geleden.

Daarbij rijdt ik straks op groene stroom als grootverbruiker. Ik gebruik al De Tesla rijdt straks voor 10 cent per kWh of ongeveer 0, cent per km na oplaadverliezen. Ik ga er van uit dat er voor de accu's ook een oplossing gevonden wordt om ze te recyclen. Grootste nadeel zijn de oplaadtijd onderweg bij langere trips en het gebrek van de optie om sneller te gaan rijden bij haast omdat je dan je range niet meer haalt en Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis verliest van de laadtijd.

Enige serieuze hindernis is de aanschafprijs. Het gebrek aan BPM zet de auto echter gelijk met vergelijkbare auto's. Het enige alternatief is volgens mij biobrandstof uit algen, dit zou de bestaande infrastructuur kunnen gebruiken zonder landbouwgrond in te zetten. Ook zet je CO2 met zonlicht om in brandstof. Nadeel blijft de NOx uitstoot. Accu pakket na ca. Het gaat veelal om belasting voordelen, actieradius en meer zulke dingen. Wees eens positief, we kunnen niet doorgaan met vervuilen.

Heb zelf nu een BMW i xdrive, geweldige auto, toch een tesla besteld. En ondanks mijn niet te flauwe rijstijl nog steeds met de eerste banden! Het blijft een prachtig concept en sinds de aanschaf geen euro aan uitgegeven mede dankzij het gratis superchargers netwerk. Hoe Tesla dat kan doen is mij overigens een raadsel. De technologie wordt steeds beter en Tesla is wel leider hier in! Wat mij ook blij maakt Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis dat ik het betaal.

Juist omdat Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis in een Canada sucking dick rij en heel veel wegenbelasting en BPM heb betaald kan ik me toch goed voelen. Vroeger voelde ik mij daarover schuldig maar dat hoeft niet meer. Er is niemand die de wereld zoveel gegeven heeft als Elon Musk. Hij heeft ons allen verlost van het schuldgevoel. De Teslarijders gratis van nul tot honderd in een rekordtijd zijn ontzettend goed bezig.

En ikzelf natuurlijk ook omdat ik het grotendeels mag betalen. En dat gezeur over afgeschreven accu,s Er zijn genoeg Adult Dating Personals - looking for a roommate Memphis waar toch al kernafval ligt dus die accu,s kunnen daar nog wel bij. Naar Lubeck en naar Barcelona. In vergelijking met vrienden die dezelfde reizen hebben gemaakt, kwamen wij een half uur later aan in Lubeck en deden we er 2 uur uur langer over om Barcelona te bereiken. Opvallend was dat wij minder vermoeid aankwamen omdat het verplichte rusten bij de superchargers blijkbaar in ons geval stress wegneemt.

Tot nu toe heeft mijn Tesla geen brandstofkosten daar ik thuis elektriciteit beschikbaar heb door zonnepanelen en ik meer energie opwek dan dat ik verbruik. Of het moet zijn dat ik minder terugkrijg van het energiebedrijf. Dat is echter maar 6 cent per KW!!! Duurzaamheid en aandacht voor het milieu zijn voor belangrijke aandachtspunten.

Ook mijn huis wordt wordt duurzaam van energie voorzien. Waarom niet veel meer gedaan?? Verbruik bij een pittige rijstijl na Met 34 zonnepanelen op het dak, The times they are a changin'.