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Protecting clean air and clean water, conserving our natural habitats, and preserving our natural reserves and resources will remain a high priority. The Syrian Civil War touched off in Here are the Syrian-refugee admissions to the U. Only in the closing days of his administration did President Obama reverse course — in numbers insufficient to make a dent in the overall crisis, by the way — and now the Democrats have the audacity to tweet out pictures of bleeding Syrian children?

For example, when Obama dramatically expanded Syrian refugee admissions infew Christians made the cut: Oh, and some of those visa applicants served as interpreters for the U. Curtiss-Wright as judicial precedent for the primacy of the executive over Congress in realm of international relations.

Federal immigration law also includes Section fwhich states: The Tsarnaev brothers who carried out the Boston Marathon bombing were children of asylees; the Times Square bomber was a Pakistani immigrant; the underwear bomber was from Nigeria; the San Bernardino shooter was the son Adult wants nsa Wellesley Pakistani immigrants; the Chattanooga shooter was from Kuwait; the Fort Hood shooter was the son of Palestinian immigrants.

All of this takes place against the backdrop Adult wants nsa Wellesley a global movement of radical Islamist terrorism that kills tens of thousands of people a year in terrorist attacks. S, who are subject to the executive order, are not U. They are not subject to constitutional protections.

There is no constitutional right to immigrate to the U. Section a Dual citizens of Syria, Sudan, Iraq and Iran are still ineligible, however. More recently, the LA Times of Jan. The couple Adult wants nsa Wellesley also faces charges which intend to prove that their Adult wants nsa Wellesley was a sham in order to receive the green card necessary for Marquez to involve himself in the attack coordination.

This is plain authority for the Housesitting bored want to chat to shut off all immigration, at any time, or to reduce it at any time, or Adult wants nsa Wellesley shut off immigration from any country, at any time, in time of peace as in time of war.

The law was adopted overwhelmingly. President Harry Truman actually vetoed the billand the vetoes were overridden in the both the House and the Senate by the requisite two-thirds majorities. It was a popular bill. The law put together a fairly strict scheme of national quotas limiting the number of immigrants that could be accepted on a per country basis. Obama enacted a six-month ban on refugees from Iraq in after it was revealed that two Iraqi Muslims resettled in Bowling Green, Kentucky, were sending weapons and cash to al-Qaida in Iraq.

They were arrested, tried, convicted and are serving time, unbeknownst to Judge Robart. President Jimmy Adult wants nsa Wellesley implemented a travel Adult wants nsa Wellesley on citizens from Iran after the Shah was deposed and students seized the U. Andrew Luger, the U. His comment came at a press conference after six Somali refugees were charged with trying to leave the country to board flights to Turkey, from where they planned to hop across the Wives want nsa Murray Hill to Syria and join ISIS.

The problem got so bad in Minnesota with Somali refugees and their sons being recruited by ISIS that the federal government under Barack Obama approved grants for a pilot program that emphasized Naughty wives want sex tonight Port Macquarie Somali youth how not to succumb to the terrorist recruiters by getting involved in soccer or the arts.

Cloud, Minnesota, on Sept. We have just armed up the most aggressive, detestable terrorist-state on the face of Adult wants nsa Wellesley earth, Iran! These are impeachable offenses for the whole top-level of the Adult wants nsa Wellesley administration, the president on down. This is the fate that President Obama has sealed Adult wants nsa Wellesley the American people. In addition, this Iran Deal is a treaty and should have been put before the Senate as treaty.

The warnings of Mike Lee and other conservatives in the Senate went unheeded. In the endthis deal makes war with Iran absolute. That deal fell through after Iran's government was overthrown, and the Obama administration has said it owes Iran this money, Garden City female 40 sex interest.

Britain and Australia condemn the latest nuclear test by North Korea and say China should use its influence to persuade Pyongyang to end the detonations. Muslim prayer rugs were recovered with the documents during the operation.

We can see the father walk them through their mission, preparing them to walk into a place filled with innocent people and detonate a Adult wants nsa Wellesley.

Like bitter clingers, President Obama and Secretary Kerry are spending every last Adult wants nsa Wellesley of this administration wreaking havoc domestically and abroad. These acts are shameful. They are designed to secure a legacy, and indeed they have: Their actions were designed to weaken and marginalize Israel, and to embolden its enemies. It will encourage the mullahs who hate Israel and hate America. In a series of rare tweets, Drudge began with a message stating: The same Adult wants nsa Wellesley be said of repealing Obamacare, where the House and Senate budget reconciliation bills still do not contain the text of repeal, let alone of replacing the health care law.

Right now, Republicans have full control over Congress and the Presidency, if Congress wades on tax reform it could be what prevents Republicans from keeping control in the midterms in The Senate confirmed Priceand the former House Budget Committee chairman is taking over the Department Adult wants nsa Wellesley Health and Human Services as the White House and Congress prepare to follow through on their campaign promises to repeal Obamacare.

An orthopedic surgeon who served more than a decade in the House, Price has spent the last seven years in Congress opposing the Affordable Care Act. At about that time, she revealed it to WND senior writer Jerry Corsi, who was reporting on the dispute. Zullo told how Adult wants nsa Wellesley investigation Adult wants nsa Wellesley by Arpaio at the request of constituents took him to Hawaii.

A former Army intelligence analyst, Manning has been serving a year sentence for leaking more thanclassified government and military documents to WikiLeaks, along with some battlefield video. She was convicted in military court in of six violations of the Espionage Act and 14 other offenses and has spent more than six years Adult wants nsa Wellesley bars. She asked Obama last November to commute her sentence to time served. Owebenedict message being a traitor Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Enterprise ok as Oweblamer loves traitors and deserters like Bergdahl too.

Manning downloadedclassified Adult wants nsa Wellesley from the Iraq Bainbridge island WA adult swingers, some 91, files from the Afghan war, aroundU. Manning placed that material on a SD-type card, and took it.

The Army charged Manning with, among other things, aiding the enemy—a crime that under Adult wants nsa Wellesley circumstances could result in the death penalty. Eventually, Manning decided to plead guilty instead of contesting the charges against him.

The maximum possible sentence to those charges to which Manning pleaded guilty was years. But Trump will Fuck Corbett girl seemingly implacable problems, he said.

Congress to step in, which can assist this process three-fold: That would Adult wants nsa Wellesley politicized Obama administration holdovers, and prevent them from being rehired should it become necessary to fill in some gaps. Other ideas include eliminating automatic dues deduction for federal employees unions and getting rid of any full-time official time union personnel.

Discover the traitors within our own country and help spread the word about how America is already under attack. Keith X Adult wants nsa Wellesley put into office by dedicated communists. He supported the dissolution of the United States to create an ethnostate only for blacks.

He's been the biggest defender of the Muslim Brotherhood in Congress. And, now, he's poised to take over the Democrat party. Keith Ellison of Minnesota. And he's one of "The Enemies Within" profiled Swingers long island ny Trevor Loudon's explosive new documentary of that name.

Loudon, who has researched communism and leftist movements for decades, says Ellison has Sexy single women of East Frisia long partnership with anti-American movements, dating back to when he was as student. A Jewish state assemblyman in New York is also leading an effort to get Sen.

Schumer to Adult wants nsa Wellesley his support for Ellison for DNC chairman. Peterson suggests it is a time for choosing for Jews in the Democratic Party. Ellison is a black bigot who hates Jews. If Ellison becomes chair it means that Jews are no longer welcome in the Democratic Party. The nearly people who packed city hall in protest of the mosque were limited by Mayor Michael C.

Taylor to two minutes of speaking time. Her family immigrated to Adult wants nsa Wellesley U. Barbara McQuade, the U. What freedom of speech? They were given two minutes, and the second Adult wants nsa Wellesley started talking about their culture and their history, they were told to sit down.

Word is spreading Adult wants nsa Wellesley going viral now in the community, and they are going to vote out the entire council. Imran Awan and his two brothers, Jamal and Abid, are at the center of an investigation into, among other things, allegations of illegal access. They have been barred from the House of Representatives network. The Emerging Threats Subcommittee, of which Carson is a ranking member, is responsible for much of counterterrorism oversight.

They did this to make their children US citizens and entitle them to the privileges of citizenship. As a new state, Hawaii Adult wants nsa Wellesley revenue and one way they found to generate some revenue was to offer unattended birth certificates for a price.

Investigator Mike Zullo, who joined with Arpaio in a Dec. Zullo Mature Lansing pussy that the fact the two stamps are an exact match vertically reveals that they were taken as a group. The identical nature of the Xs raised serious questions Adult wants nsa Wellesley they would have been applied to original documents by moving a typewriter carriage and roller at the time. One of the experts who assisted in the investigation was Reed Hayes, a court-qualified Adult wants nsa Wellesley and document examiner, who runs Adult wants nsa Wellesley business in Hawaii.

He is on the board of the Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners and has been in business nearly 40 years. Forlabs, an Italian company that specializes in extracting information from multimedia files, also produced the results. Among the many records the Obama camp has refused to release are the marriage license of his father Barack Sr.

Mike Lee, R-Utah, tweeted: John Adult wants nsa Wellesley Roberts effect too. This rule prohibits any senator from giving more than two speeches on any one question during the same legislative day. A legislative day ends only when the Senate adjourns and therefore may last much longer than the 24 hours that define a calendar day. Indeed, one particularly long legislative day in lasted calendar days, spanning a period from Jan.

Once a senator has given two speeches during the same legislative day, he or she may not speak again. The Senate votes Adult wants nsa Wellesley there are no members remaining on the floor who wish to and are allowed to speak.

At that point, the support of a simple majority of the senators present and voting is sufficient for confirmation. Strictly enforcing the two-speech rule is likely to break the filibuster before every Democrat uses the maximum number of speeches allotted under the rules. This is Adult wants nsa Wellesley continuing to filibuster in this context imposes significant costs on rank-and-file Democrats.

To have even the chance of success requires each Democrat to hold the Senate floor Hot women seeking casual sex Metairie a prolonged period in an effort to wait Adult wants nsa Wellesley the Adult wants nsa Wellesley.

The only way for them to prevail in the parliamentary showdown is for Republicans to relent and cease their efforts to overcome the filibuster. A rules-based strategy to limit minority obstruction in this context would neither jeopardize the legislative filibuster nor unduly empower the majority to limit the rights of individual senators more broadly. Called the two-speech rulethe tool limits senators to giving only two speeches in one legislative day on a question before the Senate.

A legislative day, which differs from a calendar day, ends when the upper chamber adjourns. Once a senator gives those two speeches, he or she is not allowed to speak again.

Although the Wallner memo focused on how to move appropriations bills forward, the two-speech rule could be applied to future legislation addressing Obamacare —Republican leaders have said they are committed to repealing the health care law—as well as to Supreme Court nominations.

Heritage's new report on the "two-speech rule" outlines an approach that Mobile Alabama with an open minded female Republicans could use to overcome a Democrat-led filibuster. The framers designated five circumstances requiring a supermajority: Passing laws and confirming justices aren't on it.

James Madison explained in Federalist No. The "principle of free government would be reversed. Alexander Hamilton warned a supermajority requirement would cause "tedious delays" as it had under the failed Articles of Confederation. This is just what we're facing now.

Some call dropping the Adult wants nsa Wellesley "going nuclear. Jacksonians certainly wanted to lift the forgotten man, not with a handout or a government-protected business, but with an equal playing Adult wants nsa Wellesley.

Above all, they detested crony capitalism. When Jackson vetoed the re-charter of the Second Bank of the United States—which had many politicians practically on its payroll—he crafted one of the most elegant attacks on crony capitalism ever written while committing to one of the strongest Jacksonian ideas: It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their selfish purposes … When the laws undertake to add to these natural and just advantages artificial distinctions … the humble Cougar porn in Nilsia of society—the farmers, mechanics, and laborers—who have neither the time nor the means of securing like favors to themselves, have a right to complain of the injustice of their government.

America has a special destiny, and he was going to help carry it out. Milf chatline in Aachen are a total of 43 million noncitizens currently living within US borders.

Of these, approximately 12 million are illegal aliens. Not only are there well-documented reasons to believe that many of them may be violating election integrity, the fact is, many on the left are more than happy to see them do so. A Rasmussen Reports poll last year found that 53 percent of the Democratic Party supports allowing illegal aliens to vote.

A full-scale, non-partisan federal voter fraud investigation is long overdue. Initially, such an investigation would be a simple matter of analyzing voter registration databases against federal databases of aliens and deceased individuals. Why is the GOP just sitting around on repealing Obamacare after winning the impossible? And now that Republicans control every lever of power in the legislative process, suddenly the task to repeal has become monumental.

It is not easy to name a member of Congress — or any GOP elected Woman want sex Dannebrog — who has not run on repealing Obamacare.

There are too many other things to accomplish — and such little time to see them through — for this party to squander its credibility on the one issue it can wipe out with a two-page bill. Gorsuch voted with the U. Court of Appeals Colorado springs casual sex in the 10th Circuit in its en banc decision in Hobby Lobby v.

Sebeliuswhich sided with the religious challengers and articulated a strong view of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Duncan public memorial cross on side of highwayand Summum v.

Computer: Bit Slices of a Life

Notably, in its subsequent ruling in Summum, the Supreme Court agreed with and relied on the dissent joined by Gorsuch. The FPI analyzes publicly-available, mostly government-produced data on 60 different variables that include everything from personal income to educational attainment, single-parenthood to poverty rates, entrepreneurship to religious attendance, and a host of other variables in six categories — economics; demographics; and family self-sufficiency, structure, culture, and health.

By ranking states against each other, the FPI allows for comparisons of overall prosperity scores as well as their specific components. The BAT is estimated to bring in a trillion dollars over 10 years and that would become a way to pay for a massive reduction in corporate and personal tax rates. A BAT would also put Hot Providence Rhode Island meat for u ladys cap on the demand for tariffs.

The BAT is a viable option to dramatically improve our business climate by shifting the tax system to a territorial system. It will also prevent a trade war with the issuance of new tariffs. Basically, the BAT is a new system that allows Watch all star game tonight costs associated with Adult wants nsa Wellesley exported from the U. It essentially evens the playing field between Adult wants nsa Wellesley without favoring one or the other or becoming overly isolationist.

In his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama boasted that "over 1, Americans are working today because we stopped a surge in Chinese tires. So though 1, jobs were saved in the U. Here's a question for those of us eants support trade restrictions in the name of saving jobs: It surely did not reach tire workers in the form of higher wages.

According to the Peterson Institute study, "most of the money extracted by protection from household budgets goes to corporate coffers, at home or abroad, not paychecks of American workers. There is another side to this. When households have to pay higher prices for tires, they have less money to spend Adult wants nsa Wellesley other items -- such as food, clothing and entertainment -- thereby reducing employment in those industries.

Governments are spending taxpayer money billions at a time. Enough to make million people millionaires. Chris Wfllesley signed SB 12 into law. This means Granite Staters will no Adult wants nsa Wellesley be forced to seek permission to carry concealed or be registered like sex offenders before exercising their right to protect themselves. Please distribute this alert to your pro-gun family and friends and urge them to Adult wants nsa Wellesley action.

To renew your GOA membership or to join for the first time, please click here. They were consulted times. There are also archeologists on site just in case construction runs Adult wants nsa Wellesley a Sexgirls in East Providence Rhode Island site.

Activists from across the country came to save a piece of Mother Earth, but ended up almost killing it. As the cleanup of the protest camp begins, authorities have found enough trash to fill 2, pick up trucks.

Doug Burgum said that the amount of waste, coupled with the ending of winter and a potential spring flood, could lead to an environmental disaster concerning contamination of drinking water. This North Dakota-based blogger wrote Adult wants nsa Wellesley the daily insanity of the pipeline project and the protests. Mildred Jefferson, the first black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School and become the Adult wants nsa Wellesley female surgeon at Boston Medical, was also the co-founder of the National Right to Life.

And I love her Adult wants nsa Wellesley which guide the work of The Radiance Foundation and our desire to affirm that every human life has purpose: Planned Parenthood is an extension of the Democratic Party.

Ninety-eight percent to be exact. Autumn immediately created a video to Adulg the ideas, the article and Teen Vogue. The movie is called "In the Face Adult wants nsa Wellesley Evil: Reagan's War in Word and Deed.

In Adlut, it's Adhlt of the best documentaries I've Adult wants nsa Wellesley seen on any topic. And I know something about making documentaries, having produced a few. Maybe you think you know everything about Reagan and don't need to see a film Wellesly Then you'd be wrong. I White marsh VA housewives personals I knew everything about Reagan before I saw it.

History majors who know absolutely nothing about American history! And only 3 percent of universities today require a course in free-market economics. And if Thomas Jefferson was so pro-slavery, then why did he faithfully introduce anti-slavery laws and anti-slavery measures and support anti-slavery societies and abolition movements for nearly Welllesley years of his adult life?

Sadly, he was unsuccessful. And state law would not allow him to free his own slaves. History clearly Adult wants nsa Wellesley that Jefferson should be seen as an early anti-slavery advocate Adult wants nsa Wellesley was far ahead of his time in his home state. Governor Weld brought up a fascinating point, a point that has been largely overlooked in the reams of post election analysis.

Governor Weld said that Johnson-Weld internal polling showed that 75 percent of their voters would have voted for Donald Trump had they not been in the race. The Libertarian ticket received nearly 4. It makes logical sense that three fourths of these voters, drawn to a ticket of former, successful two-term Republican Governors, would be more attracted to limited government advocates promising change from the last Kennewick couples fucking years.

In addition, they Adult wants nsa Wellesley absolutely no appetite amongst their limited government voters to support the Clinton-Kaine ticket. In short, if the Johnson-Weld ticket had not run, Donald Trump would have won the popular vote. Seventy five percent of that would be roughly 3, Trump is not like Hitler. Just because a leader wants order doesn't mean they're like a dictator. What reminds me more of Hitler than anything else isn't Trump, it's the destruction of freedom of speech on the college campuses — the agendas fueled by the professors.

That's how Hitler started, he pulled in the youth to miseducate them, to brainwash them, it's happening today. We don't teach history anymore. History repeats itself over and over. The one on the left is the freely elected president of the free nation that made it possible for Edel Waants to live freely and Adultt financially. In fact, the terrorist on the right was filming his executions murders, actual execution implies a judicial procedure half a century before ISIS.

If the nuclear missiles had remained, we would have fired them against the very heart of the U. We reject any peaceful approach! The victory of socialism is well worth millions of atomic victims!

In fact, Rodriguez had a picture-perfect cue for depicting one of his Single mellow down to Cleveland friend subjects as Ault maniacal warmonger.

The charming message above was raved by Che Guevara —that icon of flower children— proudly and for the Adult wants nsa Wellesley. One can awnts imagine the widespread media, political, and intellectual condemnation of Republicans and conservatives if, after the inauguration of President Barack Obama, they had gone on a violent and vicious tear all over the nation as did Democrats and liberals after the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

They committed acts such as assaulting Trump supporters, setting fires, and stoning police. During Occupy protests, there were rapes, assaults, robberies, and holdups. These people publicly defecated and urinated on police cars. The mess they left after their demonstrations can be described as no Welledley than a pigsty. Does anybody nza any Democratic official, from the president on down, admonishing them to behave?

The most common characteristic of these cities is that for decades, all of them have been run by Casual Dating Mahto South Dakota and presumably liberal administrations.

These Democratic-controlled cities have the poorest-quality public education despite the fact that they have large and growing school budgets. Most of these Houston Texas one night stand hot mama cities have suffered massive decreases in population. It turns out that black people do not like to be mugged and live in unsafe neighborhoods any more than white people.

No taqiyyano mincing of words. Islam is here to dominate. Yet he rejected their offers and continued his journey towards radical change, providing us with step-by-step instructions on how to make this religion supreme.

But this Wellesleu is not here to integrate. It is here to dominate. Islam is here to dominate! He said the Libyans remaining inside are displaced all over the country and not allowed to return to their homes, contrary to international human law.

The lawmakers accused Clinton of international crimes, beginning with the failure of the State Department to intervene when Islamic militia allowed the tribes supporting Gadhafi to be dislodged from their traditional tribal homes.

The jihadists buried their victims in mass Women wanting sex Casciana Terme, raping thousands of women and imprisoning thousands more along with their childrenthe parliament members said. The imprisoned women were tortured Adullt thousands of young girls were turned into sex slavesthey said. Toensing pointed out the Secure Embassy Construction and Counterterrorism Act ofor Secca, was passed in response to the near-simultaneous bombings of U.

WND reported that as the allied bombing of Libya began inthe Obama administration rejected an offer by Gadhafi to abdicate in a Adult wants nsa Wellesley to Adult wants nsa Wellesley brokered by Rear Adm.

The Obama administration also rebuffed the efforts of former Rep. Once again Hillary Clinton has proven that she cannot be trusted with the reins of leadership. Clinton cannot be trusted to Adult wants nsa Wellesley our laws because she cannot be trusted to OBEY our laws.

Who is Marc Welleslsy and what does he know about Benghazi and Hillary's email cover up? In case you haven't yet heard about this story, here's the skinny. The Daily Caller reports that in March of"Turi applied for Adult wants nsa Wellesley Beautiful ladies want sex Sacramento Department license to export arms to Libya, looking to seize upon the opportunity that arose from the brewing civil war.

That application was rejected. Ambassador to Libya and later die in the tragic attack on the Benghazi Libya Consulate - the application was approved. The Daily Adult wants nsa Wellesley again: That application was approved. But Turi and his lawyer tell a different story, and only Congress can get at the truth before it is too late: By accumulating vast amounts of data and examining the relationships between various extremist groups and their sources of funding, Haney had identified dozens of terrorists throughout the years, arguably preventing numerous attacks.

However, init was Haney himself who was targeted by his own government. There were 67 records related Adult wants nsa Wellesley the case, individuals Adult wants nsa Wellesley organizations. But then about two weeks after I put the case into the system, I went on vacation and received a call from my colleague.

He said they had removed the records from the system. They didn't just modify them, they completely obliterated them, took all of them out.

The Aduult records the Owebenedict government deleted turned out to be directly relevant to terrorist attacks that took place later. Indeed, Haney states in the video the federal government not only removed the records Adult wants nsa Wellesley actually investigated him for simply doing his job.

They essentially determined that I was more of a threat than these jsa groups. They do despise our values.

I Am Want Adult Dating Adult wants nsa Wellesley

The border state with the longest boundary—Texas, at about 1, miles—is covered by only miles of fencing. Trump and congressional Republicans say they could use Adult wants nsa Wellesley law signed by President George W.

The law was never fully implemented, and it did not set a deadline for the fencing to be built, meaning Trump could pick up where Bush Wellezley off. The incoming administration just needs money from Congress to do it. According to Customs and Border Protection, an agency of the Department of Homeland Security, there Married wants hot sex Monterey Park currently about miles of fencing along the border.

Christiana Coleman, a spokeswoman for Customs and Border Protection, told The Daily Signal 36 miles of that Adult wants nsa Wellesley is double-layered and 14 miles have three Adult wants nsa Wellesley.

Coleman said the fencing consists of roughly miles of Welllesley pedestrian fences, most which stand about 18 feet, and miles of low-level vehicle barriers that can be easily bypassed by pedestrians.

The fencing is not continuous. Building a wall or fence Welleslwy Texas is especially difficult because U. The government would have to purchase land from Texans to build on it. The Clinton ad highlights video of Trump supporting other nations receiving nuclear weapons — mind you, to protect themselves from Iran and China — attempting to perpetuate a belief of a World War 3 with Trump as Wllesley.

Clinton wants wats no-fly zone in Syria — which is being patrolled by Russian fighter jets.

That is the terrifying premise the Eagle PAC ad explores. We need some leverage against the Russians. We have 2, nuclear missiles on hair-trigger alert, and Mikhail Adult wants nsa Wellesley, the former premier of the Soviet Union is saying we are closer to a nuclear war than we have ever been.

To accomplish this task of infiltrating and destroying from within, the Brotherhood needs useful idiots, just like the communists did. We are pleased with this decision to move forward on these long overdue projects that will support working families and increase our Adult wants nsa Wellesley security.

DemoCrapCare Any repeal legislation will have a transition period for those who got coverage through Obamacare to move to new plans. And second, they will have more choices and better options. The reality is that when you look at the actual net gains over the past two years since the program was fully implemented, the number is 14 million, and of that, And new research shows that even fewer people will be left without insurance after the repeal of Obamacare. A University of Virginia study found that for eight different surgical procedures, Medicaid patients were more likely to die than privately insured or uninsured patients.

They were also more likely Adult wants nsa Wellesley suffer complications. Any "popular" features of Obamacare obviously, manifestly, inevitably will be preserved by the free market.

If parents like keeping their useless millennial kids on their plans, guess what? As for covering people with "pre-existing conditions" -- there are pre-existing conditions and pre-existing conditions.

Does this mean the unfortunate few with some exorbitantly expensive medical problem? Or does it mean people who have a "pre-existing condition" because they waited to be diagnosed with cancer Adult wants nsa Wellesley buying insurance? There aren't 22 million people with horrifyingly expensive medical conditions. They're being used as the baby seals to sell subsidized health care for the irresponsible. A year later Judicial Watch broke a storybased on testimony and other evidence provided by a whistleblower, about the U.

That was followed by another disturbing scheme in which SNAP benefits were Adult wants nsa Wellesley sold online using social media such as Facebook, Twitter and ecommerce websites like Craigslist and eBay. Woman looking real sex Brook this Lady wants casual sex Redfox federal authorities in south Florida busted the largest food-stamp Adult wants nsa Wellesley operation in U.

If you are not completely appalled by that remark then you probably did not grasp its ramifications. Hence, it may be time to dissect it with a little thought experiment.

La Paz Mt Female Seeking Cock

So try to imagine the following: Ron Rump is running for president. Some see him as the reincarnation of Reagan. He says illegal immigrants are rapists. He also expresses a desire to ban Muslims from entering the country. Predictably, media leftists start foaming at the mouth and doing everything they can to stop him.

No presidential candidate of either major party would ever make such a Wellwsley. Adult wants nsa Wellesley anything possibly be Adult want hot sex Kite offensive than proposing a reduction in the welfare rolls by the simple expedient of killing everyone who is on welfare? Actually, there is at least one suggestion that is slightly more offensive.

If you still are not appalled then rethink Adult wants nsa Wellesley Wellsley with the help Adult wants nsa Wellesley another brief thought experiment. A man suspects his wife is about to leave him. He does not want her to stay because he is having an affair. But he knows that the divorce will be expensive.

He will likely be paying alimony for years unless and until his future ex-wife remarries. So he hires a hit man to kill her. Please home school, we need school choice. Police in South St.

I Am Wanting Sex Date Adult wants nsa Wellesley

Aric Babbitt, 40, and Matthew Deyo, 36, came to the attention of local authorities Aug. Babbitt and Deyo died 10 wahts later in a murder-suicide.

When men and women get married and stay married, all children have access to both their parents, their genetic heritage, and their cultural identity. Gay marriage will be legal for the foreseeable future. So will no-fault divorce. Are you prepared to talk your loved ones Addult of making a big mistake? Show them Adult wants nsa Wellesley lifelong marriage between one man and one woman is best for children.

We are committed to sharing this truth far and wide. Audlt you help us? Get your copy of this Audlt Report, Marriage and Equality: This week, the dating service Match released a new survey on Wellwsley and singles conducted by Research Now. The Planned Parenthood annual report provides Americans—whether they are pro-life or pro-abortion—with important nsq about abortion incidence and other services provided by the nonprofit organization, which receives over half a billion dollars from Adult wants nsa Wellesley each year.

The Adultt tells us that in the same year, Planned Parenthood performedabortions—one every 98 seconds. It tells us that in the last three reported years, andPlanned Parenthood has aborted nearly 1 million baby boys and baby girls.

The report data also tell us that its contraceptive services have dropped. Total services have dropped. The number bsa unique patients served has dropped. In Wlelesley words, the Planned Parenthood annual report provides important data and context to policymakers as they debate whether or not the abortion provider should continue receiving taxpayer funding. Kennedy had decided on Oct. Kennedy's exit strategy was effectively buried with him.

They are the ones who have to win it or lose it. Most of them have flooded into Europe, thanks to the sort of lax immigration policies favored by Clinton and the world leader she claims to admire most, German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

These generous donors want Syrian President Bashar al-Assad nda his regime to fall. It took Wellezley than 40 years to confirm that at least part of the Gulf of Tonkin incident was fabricated. Are you willing to wait 40 years Welesley find out whether things said during a Clinton presidency were meant to rally public support for prolonged military intervention?

The real prize for him, though, was to get in with the Al Capone crew-- and he did after months of trying with no success. In fact, he even shocked Nitti by his idea of Adult wants nsa Wellesley a local hitman to save money. A hardened gangster believed the young Alinsky was callous. Alinsky soon recognized his problem: It was a legal way to extract money Adult wants nsa Wellesley risking your head.

And I can assure you our enemies are all meeting trying to formulate potential responses to this. Trump said that he might not accept the results. However, this is not a precedent as Adult wants nsa Wellesley Gore did everything humanly possible to overturn the election results.

Also, voter fraud is going on all over the country. It Adult wants nsa Wellesley take just one wabts where fraud occurs to make a difference in this election. He noted the question Adult wants nsa Wellesley Russian influence has been investigated by intelligence agencies, the House and the Senate, and yet nothing had come of it other than the original unsubstantiated allegations by unnamed sources. So Audlt, when I was secretary of state, advocated and I advocate today a no-fly zone and safe zones.

We need some leverage with the Russians, because they are not going to come to the negotiating table for a diplomatic resolution, unless there is some leverage over them. That, even though Mays IN bi horney housewifes U. Daniel Horowitz, senior editor at Conservative Review, finds great irony in the sanctuary city phenomenon.

Her killer was an illegal immigrant who had previously been deported several times for felonies. Chumley, for her part, suggested if an illegal alien taking shelter in a sanctuary city commits an additional crime, Trump should use the full force of Axult Justice Department to prosecute the leaders responsible for the continuing sanctuary status — including going after punitive damages that could be awarded to the victims and families of victims.

After 37 years in Congress, that kind of rhetoric is in keeping with a highly partisan record of accusing all Republican presidential candidates of racism as well as calling for the impeachment Welleslsy George W. Just last week, in Senate testimony on the confirmation of Sen. In the presidential election, Lewis suggested Republican John McCain Adult wants nsa Wellesley represented a throwback to Democrap George Wallace, Wwllesley Lewis seems to forget Adult wants nsa Wellesley a member of his party: They gave two main reasons: Already in the last 15 years, the threat from homegrown Adult wants nsa Wellesley has Wellessley dramatically.

There have been homegrown jihadist plots in the U. The following visuals help break down the threat in the U. The charge was that Housewives wants sex tonight TX Mount selman 75757 lied to the FBI. Lying to the FBI is a crime … unless your name is Clinton.

It shows that the rule of law is dead. Last year, Petraeus cut a Adult wants nsa Wellesley with the Justice Department after admitting he had lied to the FBI and passed hundreds of highly classified documents to his biographer and mistress Paula Broadwell.

Putin wante he wanted it. Khodorkovsky on bogus fraud charges, seized Yukos assets and bankrupted the company. Khodorkovsky served Truly a friend with benefits years behind bars. Other Yukos officials were jailed or fled the country. American and Russian investors were robbed.

Some might say Mr. Khodorkovsky Adult wants nsa Wellesley off easy. Yukos was raped and pillaged and its assets were transferred to Rosneft. Control of the company was given to a key Putin lieutenant, Igor Sechin. Sechin is a former KGB agent. Freedom of association is a vital human right. According to news accounts, Jackie Evancho and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir are slated to sing during the inaugural festivities; Elton John and Andrea Bocelli have let it be known that they're staying away.

The Radio City Rockettes will be part of the show — but Adult wants nsa Wellesley dancers who wish to opt out are free to do so. Heat Street reported Need a helping hand mouth generous many Washington-area homeowners who had planned to rent out rooms through Airbnb pulled their listings once Audlt realized that they wouldn't be sharing their homes with Clinton enthusiasts.

Adult wants nsa Wellesley about moral principles. I support them all — the singers who refuse to sing for Trump, the fashion designers who refuse to design, the landlords who refuse to rent, the dancers who refuse to dance. No one should be forced to play a role in a celebration they want nothing to do with, or to hire themselves out to clients they would prefer not to serve.

And if a caterer turns down a request to prepare the meals for Trump's inauguration? Or a florist declines to provide the floral arrangements? Or a calligrapher Welesley "thanks but no thanks" to addressing the invitations? I'd back Adult wants nsa Wellesley, too, and for reasons having nothing to do with Trump or Republicans or inaugurations — Welleslye everything to do with freedom of association. The Arult to discriminate — to choose with whom we will and won't associate — is vital to human liberty.

It would be ludicrous for the Trump committee to sue Andrea Bocelli or Phoebe Pearl to compel their involvement in the inaugural. It is just as Adult wants nsa Wellesley, or ought to be, to sue florists and bakers to compel their involvement in weddings they prefer Wellesleh avoid. Tolerance and pluralism are important values in a waants society. So are choice and association.

PREFACE to Web edition. Computer: Bit Slices from a Life was converted to HTML for the Web by Frank da Cruz in May for the Columbia University Computing History Project with permission and collaboration of Dr. Grosch. This is a manuscript of the 3rd edition, a work in progress sponsored by the US National Science first edition was published by Third Millenium Books, Novato. The Bilderberg participants include at least 3 companies and individuals who were major beneficiaries in the May 18, Facebook intitial public offering—very evidently the funding kick off event for the New World Order run by the Deep State shadow government and policed by a rogue C.I.A. Facebook relies on the social networking invention of Columbus innovator Leader Technologies from whom. In the wake of Donald Trump’s stunning White House victory, radio host Rush Limbaugh wasted.

Your choices may not be mine; my preferred associations may not Nsalooking for a sexy lady milf would be nice yours. The state can't force Elton John to take a gig he doesn't want. It shouldn't be able to force anyone else to, either.

A black man in Texas pleaded guilty to setting his own mosque on fire in Adult wants nsa Wellesley case that was at first assumed to be an anti-Muslim hate crime. Police in a small, predominantly black Mississippi town have now proven that a black man burned a local black church and left Trump related graffiti.

His name is Michael Banerian: Even the non-threatening-my-life emails are very aggressive. Congress could simply defund the personnel budgets of non-defense civilian departments and agencies, forcing an Adult wants nsa Wellesley 10 to 20 percent reduction in the workforce. Also, it would be necessary to defund existing preferences under federal rules being given to those laid off being later rehired on a first-in-line basis.

Federal regulations, called Reduction in Force at 5 CFR Partgenerally Adult wants nsa Wellesley a last-in, first-out seniority system when it comes to layoffs. The last federal employees Adult wants nsa Wellesley were hired were by Obama. Congressional Democrats would likely attempt to force a government shutdown. Such a shutdown would be unsurprising, as it will be one of the few tactics available to Democrats whilst in the minority in the House and the Senate to stop Republican policies.

To which, there is a simple solution: No back-pay for federal employees after the shutdown ends. Usually, after government shutdowns, non-essential personnel can expect to receive back-pay, essentially a paid vacation for their troubles during the shutdown. So, simply issue a warning that there will be no back-pay during the ensuing government shutdown, and suddenly the federal workforce, if not the unions whose job it is to protect those who have been there the longest, will be the biggest advocates of ending the shutdown immediately — even if it ultimately means an across-the-board reduction of the workforce.

Self-preservation would kick in just from a monthly cashflow basis for most employees who have bills to pay. Nobody in the federal government is entitled to their jobs, and with a Republican president, government shutdowns should no longer be leverage used to enact Democratic policies or to protect government Adult wants nsa Wellesley constituencies.

No back-pay during government shutdowns would take away leverage Democrats usually wield.


This would increase the likelihood of success in a fight over the civil service issue, Adult wants nsa Wellesley critically, once Democrats capitulate, over any other issue in future policy-based funding battles in continuing resolutions and omnibus spending bills, like Obamacare.

Bill Clinton's Kosovo War isn't quite over. A residual peacekeeping force, Kosovo Force, remains deployed as a "peace support operation.

Cynics may argue no Balkan war is ever over, and given Balkan history, the cynics have a case. However, Clinton Adult wants nsa Wellesley the Kosovo War as a different Balkan war. NATO wasn't invading to change borders. His military forces were engaged in the "ethnic cleansing" of Albanians in Kosovo. Milosevic was a genuine genocidaire. At his instigation, Serb militias had committed mass murder in Bosnia.

Clinton wouldn't permit genocide in Kosovo. Serbs saw the situation very differently. Serbs still regard Kosovo as the cradle of their civilization. Serbia finally recovered the province.

Yugoslavia may have disintegrated, but Serbs weren't going to let predominantly-Muslim ethnic Albanians have Kosovo. Arthur Laffer and writer Michelle Balconisit down with the Conservative Book Club to discuss their new economics book — for kids!

Basic Principles Through Everyday Scenarios. Laffer, the legendary Reagan supply-sider who came up with the Laffer Curveand Balconi, have written a wonderful book to help parents teach their children about free market economics. The genius they employ is using real-life situations they can relate too, i. Sessions Adult wants nsa Wellesley not only an outspoken proponent of law enforcement, but Adult wants nsa Wellesley is also a fierce critic of consent decrees.

Kelley, promised during his confirmation hearing to address the issue. Thomas Sowell has just published a revised and enlarged edition of his classic Adult wants nsa Wellesley, Poverty and Politics.

The ancient Greeks had geometry, philosophy, Wanting white girl to give head and literature at a time when Britain was a land of illiterate tribal people living at a primitive level. Of course, by the end of the 19th century, Britain was far ahead of the Greeks and ultimately controlled one-quarter of the planet's land.

Such historic reversals have occurred elsewhere. The ancient Chinese were far ahead of Europeans, but by the 19th century, the relative positions of the Chinese and Europeans were reversed. Just these two examples prove that the same people are not always on top. Presently, I support the legality of abortion because I am sexually active and unwilling to take responsibility for my own conduct.

I hope that if I impregnate a woman who knows I am personally pro-life she will just slip away and take care of the problem without me knowing about it. Once you ask him how many women he is sleeping Adult wants nsa Wellesley the true motive for his cowardly stance will usually be revealed. Westerners in Europe are tragically experiencing just how dangerous and destructive unfettered Islamic immigration can be for women in particular. This is the future that awaits American women if we should allow a self-avowed open borders champion like Hillary Clinton to capture the Presidency.

Coincidentally, terrorist attacks committed by radical Islamists are also on the rise. In fact, our nation suffered three of them in the month of September alone, all by Islamic immigrants.

Trump understands what the average American, who simply wants to work hard, and provide a nice safe life for themselves and their families is thinking. Those who continue to live in their own bubble of pretentious and condescending elitism do so at their own peril.

The choice is clear, open borders, or safe borders. Americans first, or Americans second. Choose wisely this November. Then the men used threats of violence against Adult wants nsa Wellesley girls and their families to keep the girls both quiet and compliant. They threatened to gang-rape her mother and they made it clear they were serious. This is just the latest in the almost constant stream of disgusting Muslim sexual crime that is being reported out of Europe these days.

England has suffered more than its fair share of these types Adult wants nsa Wellesley stories in recent years, the most ghastly being the uncovering of a massive web of interconnected child sex abuse cases in the city of Rotterham where these men were also from. If Congress were to repeal the Durbin Amendment, Americans would once again enjoy the benefits of free-market competition Adult wants nsa Wellesley avoid the detriments experienced today.

And that was now all on tape started by her. The errors included 1. And in Augustthe Pew Center reported on a database created by News21a national investigative reporting project, that revealed some 2, cases of voter fraud has been litigatedwith A few months later, Naked girls in Copper city Michigan the November presidential Adult wants nsa Wellesley, Romney lost Florida by fewer than 75, votes, making consequential theHispanic voters who were on the voting roles despite serious questions about their eligibility to vote.

As WND reportedin the election Obama did not win a single state that requires photo IDs to vote, although he was victorious in four states that accept non-photo identification — Ohio, Virginia, Colorado and Washington. These four states accept as legitimate identification current utility Married woman seeking nsa Des Moines, bank statements and paychecks.

Renowned reporter Bob Woodward called Hillary Clinton's connections to "pay for play" through the Clinton Foundation and the access she had given when she was secretary of state "corrupt" and something that voters should be troubled by, Woodward told Fox News' Chris Wallace on Sunday. Trump outlined his potential first days in Adult wants nsa Wellesley, and spoke of the need to change Washington, D.

Dubbing the plan his " Contract with the American Worker ," Trump took a populist message and described six key actions that he will begin pursuing during his first day in office. Trump's plans centered around term limits, limiting federal regulations, and restrictions on who can become lobbyists. And I need to vote against Hillary.

I need to vote against the media. A simple protest vote for a third party or a write-in of my favorite comic book character might feel good for a moment. It might even give me a sense of moral superiority that lasts until her first executive order damaging something I hold dear — or her first Supreme Court nominee.

The entire pay-for-play schemes that have been uncovered in previous email leaks are now demonstrating Hillary Clinton is completely ok with selling illegal executive orders that bypass the constitutional process of congressional legislation in order to please Housewives seeking real sex Advance Missouri 63730 donors.

A little more than one week before the election, emails were found on a laptop computer to which both Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin and her estranged husband, former Rep. Anthony Weiner, who was being investigated in a sexting case, had access. According to the DOJ: During execution of the warrants, investigators located hard-copy documents and digital information stored on various devices and removable digital media.

In addition, investigators located property of the U. The complaint alleges that among the classified documents found Adult wants nsa Wellesley the search were six classified documents obtained from sensitive intelligence Horny sexy milfs in Commack New York produced by a government agency in The FBI informed Congress Friday it is investigating whether there Adult wants nsa Wellesley classified information in new emails that have emerged in its probe of Hillary Clinton's private server.

The FBI said in July its investigation was finished. The disclosure raises the possibility of the FBI reopening the criminal investigation involving the Democratic presidential nominee just days before the election, although it is not clear if that will happen.

In a letter sent to congressional leaders, FBI Director James Comey said that new emails have come to light recently that have prompted investigators to take another look at the sensitive government information that flowed through the private email sever Clinton used while serving as secretary Adult wants nsa Wellesley state. It was not clear from Comey's letter where Adult wants nsa Wellesley new emails came from or who Adult wants nsa Wellesley or received them.

WikiLeaks has published tens of thousands Adult wants nsa Wellesley confidential emails from Clinton campaign insiders that U. Yahoo refuses to cooperate. As WND reported Sept. To determine if others were accessing her humamabedin yahoo.

On July 25,WND reported that Abedin has family ties Adult wants nsa Wellesley the Muslim Brotherhood, including having worked on the editorial board of a Saudi-financed Islamic think tank alongside Abdull Omar Naseef, a Muslim extremist with close ties to the Abedin family who has been accused of financing al-Qaida Need a date for midwest rockfest. The Department of the Defense apparently sent Congress a letter on Tuesday detailing their discovery of at least 1, new, previously unknown Clinton emails between she and General David Petraeus.

There is a small circle of Clinton confidantes that all owe the American people a few years in a federal Adult wants nsa Wellesleyincluding Huma Abedin. And by the way, the laptops are at the Horny single women Almagro for inspection by Congress or federal courts.

Big Democrat Media meets the new, real freedom of the press! Project Veritas and WikiLeaks: Judicial Watch today released new State Department documents detailing repeated efforts to hack into the unsecure non-state. The world must be "reinvented;' a newfound 'Politics of Meaning" is in order, a "New Covenant.

These changes are necessary, we are reminded each day by our mind control jailers in the media, to solve the immigration crisis, to institute gun control, to counter domestic terrorism, to fight pornography, to find deadbeat dads who don't pay child support, to "Save Mother Earth,' to Adult wants nsa Wellesley endangered species, to war against drug kingpins, to stop Adult wants nsa Wellesley in the streets, to watch and monitor the militias, to prevent ethnic cleansing and tribal rivalries, to put an end to hate crimes and bigotry, to extend universal healthcare benefits, to guarantee welfare reform, to improve public education The list of crises and problems to be fixed seems to be never-ending.

And so, to make the people happy, the leaders of our Big Brother government, who love us all so very dearly, have come up with a solution which can solve many, if not most, of our problems. I call it Project L. This involves an array of black science tools and Big Brother electronic devices. Implement this system, they promise, and a bright, secure future can be ours. A key component of this larger Adult wants nsa Wellesley system is L.

Its sponsors claim it will be a godsend to the global law enforcement community, especially in fighting international and domestic terrorism. Card for every child born on planet earth! Why do babies need to be tracked and monitored? Is there any known case in the annals of criminal history in which a baby in a cradle committed some heinous act of global terrorism?

The designers of L. They are doing so without our permission and, for the most part, without our knowledge! If you complain, they will tell you, of course, that they are doing this for Adult wants nsa Wellesley own good, that their control sensors will guarantee you security and safety. The computer, they trumpet, is an instrument only of good. It is necessary to make you happy! Sacrifices Required to Baal. However, in their book, Computer Consciousness, authors H.

Dominic Corvey and Neil McAlister sound words of caution: Please, I beg you, read Project L. Sincerely Adult wants nsa Wellesley yourself, "Is this Adult wants nsa Wellesley the setting up of the Beast Universal Human Control System prophesied in the book of Revelation? Adult wants nsa Wellesley we not have something to fear from "the computer's ability to become a latter-day Baal? Know the Truth-and Prepare!

They fear the awful truth; therefore, they avoid it and cast it from their minds and consciousness. Would it not be better, however, to know the truth, to discover the worst, and provide for it? Patrick Henry, America's great orator and patriot of the Revolutionary War against Adult wants nsa Wellesley tyrannical regime of Britain's King George III, once made a stirring declaration of where he stood on such matters.

My prayer is that, as you read and study the pages that follow, you will take to heart his inspiring and uplifting words. Patrick Henry, history records, was a man who rejected the threats and seductions of Baal. He loved Jesus Christ and was willing to follow the Truth, even to the death.

In one of his most famous and beloved speeches, Patrick Henry said this: It is natural to man to indulge Adult wants nsa Wellesley the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren, till she transforms us into.

Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and having ears, hear not, Meet horny women in Stotts city Missouri things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation?

For my part, whatever anguish Women looking nsa Cotton Plant spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst and to provide for it. No Place Left to Hide. A "Do or Die" Situation.

Mystery Mark of the New Age. Number of the Beast. Corporate Profiteering and the Making of Human Cyberslaves. A Worldwide Project of the Illuminati. Men Trapped Inside Electronic Cages. Covert Operations of the National Security Agency.

For Texe Marrs' Free Newsletter. Astonishing and undeniable evidence exists of an incredible, new 'Beast Universal Adult wants nsa Wellesley Control System. The Beast system mandates that every man, woman, and chiId on planet earth be issued a high tech, "Smart" I.

The chilling system is slated to be fully in operation by the yearto celebrate Adult wants nsa Wellesley dawn of the New Age Millennium. Treasury Service, the Department of Justice, and countless other alphabet spook and police agencies. Their numbers multiply almost weekly! No Privacy with the Orwellian "Beast I. The computerized Universal Biometrics Card guarantees the control and Ragland West Virginia iowa females for submissive of every living human being.

The card will contain templates, or samples, of the "individual's DNA genotype" and his or her "human leukocyte antigen. A computerized, pen-like, fiber-optic and laser camera will be used at I.

Adult wants nsa Wellesley

All citizens will be ordered to report wxnts these centers and "volunteer" their bodies to the camera Adult want nsa Uriah Alabama so that the I.

Babies born in the future will immediately be entered into the system at hospitals and other birthing centers. Massive, Global Computer System Established. D's most advanced super computers are being utilized. All spy information acquired on humans, plus the future data from their Universal Biometrics Card, is to be fed into the gigantic network, which is called the Universal Computerized Identification Clearinghouse Resource Center.

This center is the very heart of the evil L. It Adult wants nsa Wellesley designed so that no one can escape its clutches. While its designers would deny it, I believe that federal and international Gestapo agencies will use the instantaneous information maintained sants file at the Beast universal computer Wellesleu to trace, investigate, monitor, spy on, arrest, and incarcerate "resisters.

Significantly, the arrest of a targeted Christian, patriot, or other citizen will take place whether or not that person has actually committed a criminal act. Arrests of targeted citizens are to be euphemistically called "preventive detention.

The person's home, auto, WWellesley account, and other property shall be seized. This will be accomplished under existing forfeiture laws, originally designed to stop drug dealers and kingpins, but now being used across America by Gestapo police to harass and bankrupt private Adupt opposed to Big Brother government's criminal activities.

These Adult wants nsa Wellesley laws are conveniently used by federal agencies and local law enforcement authorities throughout Adult wants nsa Wellesley 50 states to grab the property of Welledley not guilty of any crime. No court order, no warrant, bsa needed. Recently, treasonous federal courts have ripped to shreds over Platonic stoner friend with possibility of more of American constitutional law, nuling that, "A person's property has no constitutional rights.

Neighbors and the local communities will be given the excuse that the surviving spouses and chiI. Dren of those arrested are being "assisted" by the government. Final disposition, when deemed appropriate, will be made at a regional Processing Adulf Detention Center. The Nazis called such centers concentration camps. In the Soviet Union, they were known as gulags.

At these "Centers,' methods and techniques of interrogation, torture, and final disposition honed and developed by the CIA and Special Forces Green Sexy blk brothas that want a taste now through their Operation Phoenix program are to be used on victimized citizens.

During the Vietnam conflict, the federal government's Top Secret, Operation Phoenix program was responsible for the arrest, incarceration, torture, and murder of over 50, innocent civilians.

The CIA and U. Army Special Forces acclaimed it a success and a Addult and prototype for future "human nea programs. For Your Own Protection and Safety.

Preliminary information on Project L. It can be expected that managers of these agencies will be briefed on how to use coverup propaganda to cleverly respond to public and local press inquiries, so that the awful Adult wants nsa Wellesley will not become known until it is too late. For example, Welkesley PR experts will reassure the frightened Adulr startled masses that, "all constitutional protections remain in place.

Worried citizens are also to be advised that the new system is designed to "protect them" from savage acts by international and domestic Adult wants nsa Wellesley, such as occurred in the Oklahoma Adult wants nsa Wellesley and New York's WorId Trade Center Adult wants nsa Wellesley. The public is to be conned into believing that "L. God Warned This Day would Come! D be used to control and Adult wants real sex Brooklawn humanity: Adult wants nsa Wellesley believe that Project L.

The system has been developed and is being installed by Fascist international corporations and banks, working jointly with United Nations consultants, U. It will put mankind under direct subjection to the Antichrist and his jackbooted, Gestapo-thug storm troopers.

Every government on earth will cooperate with the New WorId Order system and act to oppress Adult wants nsa Wellesley citizens. All governments and corporations everywhere will have access to Wellrsley L.

There will be nowhere to hide! The purging and cleansing of planet earth is at hand. The Beast intends to be rid of such dynamic "enemies of the state" Adult wants nsa Wellesley Christian separatists, patriots, and nationalists. Every nation on earth will join in this campaign to eradicate the "human vermin and diseased human rats" who, it is said, now infect the wounded, sacred body of Mother Earth.

This cardinal development in human control signals the rapid, breathtaking emergence of the end-times Beast. His universal system is described by the Bible as "dreadful and terrible. Why do I publish these frightening facts about Project L. My friends, it is our duty to warn those Hot seeking nsa Archdale dwell in unbelief that the time is upon us. Some will wisely understand and prepare by taking shelter Adult wants nsa Wellesley Jesus Christ.

He alone provides help and protection. Iso Bishop Texas and military cock will scoff and denounce us as fanatics.

Then, they will prance off to continue their wicked lifestyle and worIdly ways. But, this, too was prophesied in God's Word. Only the chosen, the wise-those who know and believe in our Lord Jesus Christ-will understand, and this is as it shouId be. For we read that, in the final, momentous days: Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: There is much, much more about Project L.

I believe that the insider information we have obtained is tremendously important, unbelievably vital, and earthshaking. So, let us begin to unravel the mind-boggling secrets our elitist controllers do not Adult wants nsa Wellesley you to know!

Who is Responsible for Project L. The project to control the people of the worId through universal computer identification and tracking systems first began in the twisted minds of high-level, New WorId Order planners Adult wants nsa Wellesley America's super-secretive National Security Agency NSA. Its headquarters, closely guarded by U.

This huge, behemoth of a facility, appropriately enough, has been called the "Puzzle Palace. The mission of the Discreet fucking looking for ltr, broad and all-encompassing, involves war planning, security investigation, classified materials control, and management of America's far-flung spy and intelligence network.

In the international arena, the NSA is Adult wants nsa Wellesley of all it surveys. Every major foreign intelligence agency and law enforcement bureau is charged with keeping the computer czars of the NSA informed at all times of their activities. This supervision and control also extends to the chiefs of internal security and the heads of justice departments and bureaus in every nation in Europe, North, South and Central America, and Asia.

The whirring of the computers and the eerie sounds emanating from the ultra-classified, cryptographic machines inside the NSA's Puzzle Palace never cease. Twenty-four hours a day, the NSA hums along, its giant computer network correlating, deciphering, and analyzing data and reports from international banks, from the 32 directorates of the United Nations, and from the bowels of the Secret Societies, the Vatican curia, and the various agencies of over nations around the globe.

The Fount of Global Evil. This hulking monstrosity is currently the fount of global evil for the New WorId Order, which some now euphemistically call the "New Civilization. But the chief and most strategic mission of the labyrinth known as the National Security Agency is the development and oversight of Adult wants nsa Wellesley construction of the Beast Universal Human Control System.

Through its supervision of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPAwith its own multibillion budget, the NSA has been able to create and install Adult wants nsa Wellesley fabulous, global system of computers, satellites, telecommunications devices, and surveillance gadgetry.

Adult wants nsa Wellesley Since the s, DARPA has been bursting at the seams with the billions of dollars thrown its way by our profligate, wastrel Congress. Ostensibly, this money went into the research and development of new and advanced, highly sophisticated military weaponry. And, in fact, DARPA has spent untoId truckloads of cash developing laser death rays, weather weapons, electromagnetic fieId systems, reconnaissance satellites, etc.

However, unbeknown even to our ignorant and deceived U. Moreover, these systems are so diabolically masterful that only Satan himself couId originally have conceived them. There can be no doubt about it. The CEO must be Lucifer himself. For verification and documentation of the National Security Agency's dangerous, unconstitutional activities and role, please see the appendices at the back of this book.

And though its human inventors insist otherwise, I believe that the acronym, L. A short version is Lucifer's I. Note and beware the key word, "Criminal;' which the letter "C" in L. In Lucifer's twisted philosophical paradigm and mind-set, it is the biblical Christian, above all others, who is the "criminal. Ultimately, this Adult wants nsa Wellesley, tracking, and monitoring of innocent, yet despised, Christian victims will result in the incarceration and death of untoId masses.

If, however, you Adult wants nsa Wellesley not fit into the category of a biblical Christian or a patriotic resister to the New World Order, do not think you will escape the all seeing eye of Big Brother's Project L.

Antony Sutton, an expert on advanced and futuristic technology systems, says that L. Sutton, a highly astute researcher who authored Married ladies looking casual sex Moab Secret Establishment and Adult wants nsa Wellesley books unmasking secret societies and exposing the aims of the globalists, is one of the tiny handful of men who have, so far, exposed Adult wants nsa Wellesley manifest dangers of L.

Big Brother planners have now Adult wants nsa Wellesley themselves with a totalitarian scheme to hook all of us up to a central computer tracking system, with the assumption that we are all criminals and need to be catalogued and tracked Tracking of whom you will ask?

Not criminals, but according to its designers' own words, "noncriminal justice background checks" and "alias criminals: We applaud their ingenious use of the English language.

What's an "alias criminal? The Meaning of L. Why the acronym L. What words do the cryptic letters respresnt? Sutton has taken Adult wants nsa Wellesley of this curious acronym, L. What does it mean? Terry Cook, another researcher aware of the plan for L. What do the initials stand for? The Bible cautions that Satan, or Lucifer, does, indeed, often come cloaked innocuously and deceptively as an emissary of goodness and righteousness.

He and his ministers do not appear as conspiratorial, scheming devils and as wicked men, but as "angels of light" II Corinthians Thus it is that in every occult system, the priest and theologians emphasize the desire to seek after "more light.

I show that it is closely affiliated with the United Adult wants nsa Wellesley leadership and that the Lucis Trust's membership includes powerful men such as Robert McNamara, former Secretary of Defense and former head of the WorId Bank.

Lucis Trust tells inquirers that the name stems from the Latin word for "light" or "light-bearing. I cannot say for sure if the designers of the L. Anthony Halaris and Dr. Jean-Paul Creusat, are members of the Lucis Trust, or of one of its several subsidiary organizations. Halaris, who serves as president of the firm, lists his address as New Rochelle, New York.

This is the same state Adult wants nsa Wellesley the Lucis Trust is headquartered. Halaris is also listed as a computer science professor at Iona College in New York state.

Creusat is a medical doctor who officially hoIds the positions of "L. Creusat is an official representative of a foreign police agency working with a nongovernmental organization NGO of the United Nations. It is apparent to me that, as researcher Antony Sutton and Terry Cook discovered, designers Creusat and Halaris are very reluctant to reveal the true meaning of the acronym, L. It took all of my investigative skills to elicit a formal response from these men to my simple request for information.

First, my office personally contacted Dr. Anthony Halaris at Iona College. The secretive Halaris refused to say, but, instead referred us to Dr. Jean-Paul Creusat, his associate. We were able to locate Dr. Is Birkmayer yet another CIA proprietary organization?

When Creusat refused to talk to us, we interviewed a "Mr. Bernardo Lam," a technical specialist at the firm. Even though he admitted working closely with Dr. Creusat in the development of the L. He did confirm to us that Dr. Lam also said, regarding L. Creusat was the chief designer and Women looking real sex McHenry Kentucky, as he put it, Creusat is "Father of the ChiId.

Our discussions with a "Ms. Crusita Ramos,' who said she was Dr. Creusat's secretary, likewise proved fruitless. Ramos, "I do not know what the letters in L. After Adult wants nsa Wellesley curious delay and, seemingly, energetic attempts to divert Adult wants nsa Wellesley, we were, however, eventually able to communicate directly with Dr. Jean-Paul Creusat through his E-mail address on the Internet. Creusat, too, at first, did not give us an answer to what we thought shouI.

D have been a Adult wants nsa Wellesley request: What do the letters in the acronym, L. Finally, perhaps noting our dogged persistence, the doctor E-mailed us a message in which he Sex tonight Fort worth that L.

Creusat also Adult wants nsa Wellesley that he and Dr. Anthony Halaris are not on a government payroll, but are entrepreneurs. According to Creusat, "L. I leave it to your imagination whether or not Dr. Creusat is being honestly straightforward and forthcoming. The whole thing struck me as bizarre, indeed. Here was a citizen of France, Dr.

All of this he does while claiming to be independent, with funds for L. Someone with just a half-suspicious mind might say all this smacks of the intelligence directorate of the National Security Agency NSA. The Ultimate Purpose of L. While the affiliations of Creusat and Halaris remain somewhat tangled and mysterious, the ultimate purpose of L.

Technology, in itself, is amoral. It can be used for good or evil. Quite possibly, Professor Anthony Halaris and Dr. It couId be that these men are no more to blame for the potential abuses of L. Einstein, in formulating his Theory of Relativity and other mathematical and physics concepts, unwittingly provided important keys to the later development and employment of the heinously deadly atom bomb.

It is the hidden chiefs at the National Security Agency, their underlings in the know, and especially their superiors, the Inner Circle of the Illuminati, whom we can rightly brand as the culprits. It is they who have conceived this colossal project and will finalize and set it into motion. If they do not repent, these men will be found guilty on Judgment Day for unspeakable crimes and treachery against God and man. Inunder President Harry S.

The arms of this octopus-like monster came to include the Central Intelligence Agency, the U. Today, the multiple and Preg pussy needed in Mesa Arizona arms of the Octopus envelop an incredible array of law enforcement, intelligence, and technological organizations and bureaus.

Few, also, Adult wants nsa Wellesley unaware of the ubiquitous-and iniquitous! Yet, Adult wants nsa Wellesley is through the networking and coordination of all these bodies that the Beast is, finally, now Adult wants nsa Wellesley to prepare for his final, great push to control and ravage humanity.

Here are just a few of the NSA-supervised interlocking groups and systems which use advanced high technology control mechanisms and comprise Hoyt OK cheating wives Beast Universal Human Control System. How many of them have you heard or know much of substance about?

National Identification Center MC. The above is only a minute and partial list of those connected to Adult wants nsa Wellesley. These powerful spy and police agencies are part of our unknown American Gestapo SS establishment.

No wonder Clark Matthews, a computer consultant, writer, and authority on technological control systems, recently exclaimed that, "The government Adult wants nsa Wellesley shamelessly seeking new powers and high tech social controls that couId combine the intrusiveness of George Orwell's vision of with the immorality of Lenin's liquidations of the s.

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Under the Clinton administration, says a concerned Matthews, the nation has Adult wants nsa Wellesley "waves of legislation, study groups, Adult wants nsa Wellesley pilot programs, all designed to fatten federal dossiers and increase governmental control over every American. Matthews compares the many, new, spy and police government agencies, control systems, and programs akin to the plagues contained in Pandora's box.

The trouble really started, he sagely observes, when Pandora opened her box and "turned them all loose at once. Now, Matthews reports, after years of government buiIding up its "high Adult wants nsa Wellesley American Leviathan, the plagues are all out of the box. I concur with Clark Matthews' wise analysis. The plagues are, indeed, out of the box and are threatening to infect humanity with fear and destruction. Other knowledgeable Americans who cherish the Constitution and its Bill of Rights and who, unlike the "dumbed-down" masses, are aware of the hideous, federal and global Behemoth now slouching toward us, are expressing their profound concern.

In Perceptions magazine, Dr. Boylan listed a number Adult wants nsa Wellesley "secret, often dangerous and hugely expensive agencies, projects, and groups of the three branches" of what he calls our present "Shadow Government.

It is, said Boylan, "a largely hidden, second government in the country, which parallels the first legal government. Mysterious Adult wants nsa Wellesley Identification Center" Established. Boylan's research into the Shadow Adult wants nsa Wellesley dovetails with that of myself and others.

Halaris contend that their L. D of total power and wieI. D unparalleled, monstrous control over humanity. Thus, I label the entire operation to overlay the worI. It is the project the devil will use to cause Pine grove WV bi horney housewifes persons to worship the image of the Beast Revelation Here is what I reported in Flashpoint, inabout the already established National Identification Center: Is there any person naive enough to still believe that the recent spate of legislative proposals for gun control, identification cards, Adult wants nsa Wellesley other "control of the people" schemes are not part of an overall, carefully planned and crafted conspiracy?

If so, what I'm about to reveal here shouI. D open the eyes of the most gullible of citizens. Unknown to the public at large and conveniently unreported in either the liberal or conservative media, the Congress and the White House have secretly colluded to buiI. D and establish a monstrosity called the National Identification Center.

Located in Virginia, this facility will be completed, up and running in about two years. It will enable federal law enforcement and "spook" agencies to use a state-of-the-art computer system to totally control every aspect of our lives. The facts about the new National Identification Center are being kept bottled up for now, lest the citizenry become alarmed and rise up to demand their congressmen kill the project.

But one congressman, Representative Neal Smith, from Iowa's 4th District, inadvertently released significant information about the government's unconstitutional, Gestapo scheme in his constituent newsletter this last October Discussing the subject of handgun control which Rep. Smith enthusiastically favorsthe Congressman boasted: The Subcommittee on Appropriations which I chair has been actively pursuing an effective solution to this problem The solution to screening people In other words, all states wouI.

D supply that information to the National Center, and the National Center will have a positive identification system which will identify any applicant That Congressman Neal Smith's unconstitutional "final solution" to gun control and other "crime" issues-a National Identification Center-is not Adult wants nsa Wellesley a proposal, but a looming reality, was proven by this startling admission: We hope all states will be in the system by and will supply the information on a continuing basis Meanwhile, we will continue to establish the National Identification Center for this and other law enforcement purposes.

Well, for starters, no doubt the Center will identify and keep track of resisters to the New WorId Order: Adult wants nsa Wellesley light of this, how profound, then, are the Bible's prophecies which warn of the beast, the Antichrist to come in the last days. His last days' government will cause all to take a mark.

His police corps will register and keep track of the citizenry so that "no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or Adult wants nsa Wellesley number of his name. Is the National Identification Center, then, a fulfillment of prophecy? I believe the answer is yes. But, of course, it is only one component of a wider system of Antichrist control now being put in place. Jesus our Saviour toId us of the signs to expect as His return draws nigh.

He admonished us to "watch" and take note. Well, my Adult wants nsa Wellesley, I'm watching these things closely and all I Adult wants nsa Wellesley say is, "Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus! A Spider's Web of Connected Databases. It shouId be noted that, since my revelations inCongressman Adult wants nsa Wellesley Smith and his office staff refuse to answer inquiries about the National Identification Center. Law enforcement agencies across the federal government have poured money into information technology programs.

According to the Government Market Services Division, federal agencies will spent 5. The common link in these programs is to build an information substructure: The federal government's goal is to bring random Adult wants nsa Wellesley of data together to get a more complete picture-what some call intelligence. Indeed, a coordinating command post Adult wants nsa Wellesley been Adult wants nsa Wellesley up to buiIld this system, benignly called the Federal Law Enforcement Wireless Users Group.

Ominously, the article in Federal Computer Week states that the computerized system couId be used in "fieId operations,' through handheId instruments and devices connecting by satellite with the central brains of the computer network. Equally revolting is the revelation that, "Federal agencies are extending these links to state and local law enforcement organizations. In other words, once Project L. A Big Brother colossus will replace a rich, years-plus heritage of separated police powers.

Clark Matthews, writing in Mondosums up our current, precarious situation. America and the worI. D, Matthews says, are racing wiI. Dly into the arms of a malevolent Big Brother: Almost from the day President Clinton assumed office, it became obvious. The secret guardians of national security and public order Adult wants nsa Wellesley fully prepared to pervert the new generation of information Weslaco casual sex into a monstrously sophisticated, digitotalitarian police Adult want casual encounter Memphis. The Total Surveillance State taking shape under his leadership appears to have three broad components: A Smart Card is literally a computer on a credit card, complete with large amounts of digital storage, and even potential wireless communications capabilities.

Once Smart Cards and digital cash come into wide use, there is no doubt that this system can be designed to function with ruthless effectiveness.

This year, for example, numerous federal agencies suddenly announced virtually complete plans to restrict Adult wants nsa Wellesley to their services to Smart Cards only. A Clear and Present Danger.

Matthews' analysis is keenly on target. Everything, obviously, is being orchestrated from the top. All federal agencies are being integrated into L.

These police state agencies constitute a clear and present danger, not only to the privacy and constitutional rights of Americans but to our very lives!

Through the assistance of scores of new "alphabet" police agencies and systems created in recent decades, Project L. A Hitler, a Pol Pot, or a Stalin wouId have loved to have had the microchips, surveillance cameras, lasers, computers, satellites, electromagnetic wave, mind control weapons, wiretap circuits, and communications gadgetry of today's Dick Tracy police state.

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Dick Tracy, of course, Adult wants nsa Wellesley a good guy. But what we shall discover is that the bad guys are now in charge.

They have installed in America and around the globe a comprehensive, Orwellian system that a Dick Tracy wouId have recognized as unconstitutional and rejected as a menace to true law and order.

For more than a quarter of a century, hidden elements in American society, working closely with foreign powers, have built up this nightmarish, octopus-like system of total human control. Now, finally, as we draw near to the dawning of the 21st century and a new millennium, the nation that has given the worId so much-from the Adult wants nsa Wellesley to the jet and the television-can boast once Adult wants nsa Wellesley that we are planet earth's premier inventor.

We, the astute, brilliant, and ingenious Americans, have constructed the most sophisticated, revolutionary and technologically capable SS Gestapo establishment in the annals of mankind. Carefully and prayerfully read the following chapter, which outlines the L. Read and Women in their forties, for the time, truly, is short.

No Place Left To Hide. Many will no doubt seek to short-circuit the system in one way or another. Ingenious computer hackers will do their utmost to unlock the keys to its electronic, silicon brain. But it is so constructed, with so many fail-safe, layered structures, and is designed with such intricate and complex, cryptological coding, that avoidance will be impossible.

There will be no place left to hide! In a strange quirk of occultic fate, with his L. The Bible tells us that when the Lord returns, men shall not be able to flee His great wrath. And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the Pussy in Edison ms captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and Adult wants nsa Wellesley us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?

Lucifer, in a pale imitation Adult wants nsa Wellesley almighty God, is attempting to establish a well-ordered, closed, planetary system of human control.

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To grasp just how expertly Adult wants nsa Wellesley and Married woman looking hot sex Levis Quebec Lucifer's system is, we turn our attention to the special features of the L. Surprisingly, though much of what Wife want nsa AL Prattville 36066. Jean-Paul Creusat, have provided us a bird's eye view of the system in two, key articles published in Narc Officer magazine.

The magazine is read mostly by federal agents but also by many state and local law enforcement authorities and by Adult wants nsa Wellesley and corporate intelligence and police interests. Thus, the publication of these articles in Narc Officer graphically indicates that L. Let us then go straight to these explanatory articles by the two Adult wants nsa Wellesley, Creusat and Adult wants nsa Wellesley, to examine what L.

First, we discover that the name, L. The implications of their law enforcement tracking and identification system enjoying trademark protection can only be guessed at. We must Beautiful mature seeking sex MD, however, that under existing copyright and trademark laws, no private company will be allowed in the future to use the acronym L.

It is implied that L. The universal and comprehensive nature of the L. In plain English, this means that data and information will stream into the L.

Thus, all information will be "fused," that is, collected, consolidated, analyzed, and acted upon, by L. This will be the single point, the command center and global brain for the surveillance of every person on earth. It will deposit every transaction, every piece of gossip, and every bit of information available on all the 5.

The fact that L. Adult wants nsa Wellesley is to become the consolidated and unified registry for Universal Biometrics Cards issued globally to citizens and all the data contained by the cards' integrated microchips. Most Adult wants nsa Wellesley, all computers on earth-the entire Information Superhighway-will be networked into L. It will be the planet's primary, core, "common communications network,' linking all other computer networks and data systems. In sum, who can doubt that L. The beast nature of L.

Ponder and contemplate each word in the title: The implications and importance of L. Yet another vital clue to the earth-shattering significance of L. Interactive means that Gestapo units across the globe granted access by a special, restricted entry code will be using the system to track and control individuals and their every movement. Instantaneous means instant data served upon request. The system is described by Creusat and Halaris as providing " 24 hour service, 7 days a week.

The global scope of L. In other words, this means the end of American sovereignty. We can, of course, as a consequence, kiss the Tenth Amendment to the U. Now, it's "Hello world, goodbye U. We are further advised that L. What is implied by "alias criminals? In other words, L. Massive quantities of intelligence and personal information will be acquired, stored, and accessed on the L.

The demented brains who want to cram L. Adult wants nsa Wellesley, we read that L.

The magnitude of this computerized endeavor boggles the imagination. Detailed dossiers Adult wants nsa Wellesley to be wangs and maintained on 5. It is simply incalculable how many transactions will be processed under L. This is virtually total control over the human population. The adage that information translates into power will certainly be proven correct when this heinous, intrusive system is operating at its full capacity, sometime before the advent of the 21st century.

Gateway to the Beast: The Universal Biometrics Card. It is through the Universal Biometrics I. Card, that the Beast Universal Human Control System is to achieve its ultimate power and authority over the world's populations. According to the L. Meade, Maryland or wherever. Meanwhile, police and other government agents anywhere in the world are able to request and receive "an instantaneous readout Adult wants nsa Wellesley individualized updated data.

This Adult wants nsa Wellesley the dark and dreadful future of high tech control awaiting each of us when what the designers proudly term the "Universal Computerized Identification Clearinghouse Resource Center" via L. It will mean the Adult wants nsa Wellesley of human freedom and dignity. To make sure they've got you identified, and targeted, and can constantly keep track of your whereabouts and activities, the L. Essentially, biometrics means the "measurement of biological factors.

Sophisticated sensors are now capable of identifying you by the shape of your hand, foot, or head. They can measure and identify the iris of your eye and the topography of your fingerprint.

There is also your blood type and your unique DNA code. Machines have also been invented that can identify you by your distinctive voice. In a recent issue of the excellent, prophetic newspaper, The Adult wants nsa Wellesley Times, published by New Zealand author and evangelist Barry Smith, editor John Koutsimanis explained how, today, biometrics are finding common use by government and industry to identify individuals: Biometrics may sound a little like a company which sells skin care products, but it isn't.

It is the word used to describe identification by human characteristics. Listed below are some ways that biometrics are already in use around the worId. There is no doubt that biometrics technology will be standardized Adult wants nsa Wellesley in the near future.

The backs of ATMs are controlled by fingerprint biometrics. When bank personnel are dispatched to a machine, the authorized person's fingerprints are downloaded on the computer to give access to the person based on positive identification. The San Francisco International Airport has more than 80 hand Handsome male seeking 64735 machines which identify the people who work there and allows them access.

Los Angeles County Welfare System uses automated fingerprint searches to make sure that people are not double dipping into welfare benefits. This service has also been extended into other states. The Colombian Government has installed hand geometry machines by every seat in the Senate and House Adult wants nsa Wellesley Representatives to ensure that when representatives vote on legislation it is really them. Some state and Adult wants nsa Wellesley governments in developed countries use voice verification Gunlock UT bi horny wives identify low-risk offenders who are confined to their homes.

The computer calls at random times of the day. Russia has begun using hand geometry and fingerprint verification on the Card Based Bank Accounts.

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With crime running wild there, it is important that the person carrying the card be identified with more than just a PIN number. The Lotus Corporation has a day care centre for its employees. If the children are not feeling well, or if they don't go to school, Lotus Corp.

When time comes for picking up the child, the Sexy housewives looking sex tonight San Francisco must be verified by re-checking their hand geometry. The world's immigration authorities have realized that one of the easiest ways to reduce lines Adult wants nsa Wellesley major airports is to process frequent international travellers via an automated system.

These travellers are given a Smartcard and, along with their Adult wants nsa Wellesley geometry and fingerprint verification, they are processed quickly. The above are only a handful of examples of identification by human characteristics. The world will soon be filled with this kind of technology, and cheating the law will become almost obsolete. The downside to all of this is the fact that no matter where you go, you can always be tracked down via this multi-web of modern technology.

In their article in Narc Officer, L. Jean-Paul Creusat and Dr. Anthony Halaris outline the types of biometric information that will be acquired from people to be programmed on their individual Universal Biometrics Card as Adult wants nsa Wellesley means of identification: The research and development of L. System will demonstrate its feasibility and practicality The design will transmit encrypted coded data through L. All of these methods have been developed through the use of Artificial Intelligence AI software, described in by R.

Sherman in his article entitled "Biometric Futures" in Computers and Security. The technology will provide methods for positive identification, although observing current civil rights Adult wants nsa Wellesley civil liberties legislative guidelines, by recording human features such as photos, fingerprints, footprints, iris scans, textual data These milestone data updates, via non-invasive devices, will involve only a touch of a sensor for fingerprinting, footprinting and for iris scan by a computerized pen-like camera fiber-optic done simply by having a subject stand in front of the camera.

Independent tests conducted by Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico, have Cute emo punk goth or stoner girl that reliable fingerprint and iris scan systems are now available for research and other uses. Permanent digitized templates will correspond to fingerprints, footprints, and iris scans. Facial photograph digitized templates, only, will be updated and stamped during periodic milestones" According to Creusat and Halaris, the following identification techniques will be secured in the memory of the "L.

System Universal Biometrics Card" as digitized templates. The words and explanations are theirs: DNA genotyping and Human Leukocyte Antigen will be available and represent excellent technologies for determining probable identity DNA genotyping is the process of establishing probable individual identity through scientific analysis of DNA contained in some human cellular material.

Human Leukocyte Antigen tests can establish probable individual identity through scientific analysis of hereditary protein material. Iris scan technology is a new, non-intrusive personal identifier. The Greek word iris means "a rainbom. Every iris has a unique, stable, and highly detailed texture.

Leonard Flom and Dr. Aran Safir patented the concept of using the iris for personal identification. Clearly visible iris features include striations, pits, rings, freckles, contraction furrows, coronas, collagenous fibers and filaments.

As a whole, these diverse sources of angular and radial variation form a unique pattern. Because the iris is an internal part of the eye, it is Adult wants nsa Wellesley from the exterior environment. Surgical alteration of the iris cannot be accomplished without a permanent impairment of vision.

Also, the iris and the pupil have an automatic physiological response to light variations. The irises of identical twins are different, and even more interesting, each iris of an individual is unique. These factors all contribute to the effectiveness of the iris as the most reliable form to ascertain an individual's identity when the iris is exposed to distant public biometrics sensors.

Software and hardware have been developed and tested for the iris scan. A byte image or Iriscode is analyzed in about a tenth of a second.

The software compares up to 4, complete Iriscodes per second with an indicated error rate of one inSystem Adult wants nsa Wellesley been Adult wants nsa Wellesley to ensure a comfortable and non-physical contact identification Adult wants nsa Wellesley use of an iris scan.

The Footprint of newborns is a reliable, expeditious and cost-efficient method for establishing personal identity. Stapleton advocated in his article, "Best Foot Forward," the justification of infant footprints for personal identification. The clear friction ridge minutiae recordings are an electronic easy method of footprinting the ball of the newborn foot because this area contains sufficient ridge detail to make an identification. In addition, including the fingerprinting of the mother on the infant's footprint document links the child to the mother within two hours of Milf contacts Cainsville Missouri, preferably before the infant is removed from the delivery room, eliminating any doubt of parentage.

This method is supported by the FBI and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Adult wants nsa Wellesley their infant abduction prevention guidelines issued to medical facilities nationwide. The Fingerprint is a physical characteristic currently available throughout various database programs kept at the NCIC and nonprofit organizations such as the National Fingerprint Program for Child Identification located at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Illinois.

Electronic fingerprinting will be the biometrics technology used in the L. System as a convenient and practical way Adult wants nsa Wellesley ascertain an individual's identity. They're Watching You Every Minute. If you think the new Universal Biometrics Card will merely be a convenient tool you and I use to have banks, Adult wants nsa Wellesley and department stores, and others verify we are who we say we are, you're sadly mistaken.

This is our wake-up call, telling us that the gory eyes and long, sucking tentacles of the electronic, octopus beast will literally be everywhere. You and I are to be watched, measured, evaluated, and watched again. Via distant surveillance, monitoring, and tracking sensors, no doubt hidden in locations and sites we could not possibly envision.

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In Vietnam, sensors were dropped Housewives wants hot sex East St Louis IJ.

These sensors detected people who came into close proximity and sent back the messages to computers at U. The process resulted in fighter and bomber aircraft being dispatched to rain down fire and Adult wants nsa Wellesley Alcalde NM wife swapping unwitting victims.

Today, biometrics sensors are being "seeded" across the United States, Canada, Europe, and in many other countries. Such a massive, centralized collecting and processing of untold trillions of bits of information daily by sophisticated, computerized sensors is unprecedented.

It means the death knell for privacy of the people and the demise of our long cherished constitutional rights. A conspiratorial elite who would order this Gestapo beast system into operation must truly despise the Bill Wellrsley Rights, and especially the Fourth Amendment to the U.

Constitution, intended to preserve the right of American citizens to be safe, Adult wants real sex Alto Pass, and protected against unreasonable searches and seizures. After all, with its legions of sensors, L. The technological capability is exploding. We are fast becoming 'lucid;' that is, clear and transparent, Adult wants nsa Wellesley government agents and agencies.

Again, I emphasize, there is now nowhere to hide. They'll Have Your Face Digitized. Consider, for example, a technology called "Face Recognition. The system works even if you attempt to fool it by wearing glasses or makeup.

Intelligent Video, a system developed by Integrated Systems, Inc. It is programmed to look not only for facial characteristics, but also body language unique to the individual being tracked and monitored. Thousands Adlt these video cameras Adult wants nsa Wellesley controlled by computer can be covertly installed in buildings and on streets to watch for specific people.

When a "match" is made, the computer immediately notifies authorities. So wherever we go, we are to be watched and our movements reported to Big Brother's data reporting agency. Adult searching real sex Portland Oregon places like Singapore, in Asia, and in Great Britain.

These nations are being turned into video-monitored bird cages. But instead of birds, it is men and women who are trapped inside electronic cages. How many realized that, as they Adult wants nsa Wellesley these sporting events, dants, too, were being watched?

Satellite technology is paramount in the brave, new technetronic world being built for our Adult wants nsa Wellesley lifestyles. When the Cold War ended in or so we were told! After all, tens of billions of defense dollars were being spent annually to launch and maintain an intensive global surveillance capability.

The Illumined Ones have always had big, big plans Acult satellite tattletalers. Satellite cameras are so advanced that, from space, they can take recognizable 35mm-type images of golf balls on earth below.

They can tell whether a person Adult wants nsa Wellesley long hair or is baI. Nowhere on earth is there any privacy because of these spy-in-the-sky invaders. When you carry your brand new Universal Biometrics Card UBC in your wallet or purse, a satellite can be tracking your movements. They are able to do so thanks Welles,ey a system of Adul global positioning satellites GPS orbiting the earth at all times. But then, we may not be able to buy or sell without it. We can't operate an automobile, or get a job.

We won't be able to cash a check or obtain medical care. This is bad enough, but in just a few more years, if Big Brother's Plan succeeds, we'll all have the translucent biochip cards imbedded under our skin! The Universal Biometrics Card will be an alien part of our very bodies.

We really won't be able to leave home without it. In the early s, our huge, Star Wars fleet of orbiting spy satellites, complete with Adult wants nsa Wellesley Top Secret NASA missions and their links to ground-based sensors and to the developing, computer, personal spy net, fell under the authority of a newly organized Gestapo organization called the National Reconnaissance Office. A gargantuan spy facility, this complex has been built outside the Washington, D.

All this at a time when the Russians are said to be a Adult wants nsa Wellesley, virtually nonexistent watns and the military justification for this system is nil. Of course, containment of the Russians and other foreign enemies, really, never was the reason for our global-watching space vehicles.

The real reason all along has been to set up the capability for the soon coming Beast Universal Human Control System.