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As a consequence, abuse is the normal condition of life for these people. Such people internalized a particular relationship dynamic, namely the complementary roles of "abuser" Ladies seeking sex Chicago Heights Illinois "victim". They are familiar with and fully understand the terror of being the helpless Adult wants sex Wildrose from their own childhood experience.

The opposite of being a victim is not simply opting out of abuse; it is instead, to be abusive. Given the choice between being the out-of-control victim, or the in-control abuser, some of these people grow up to prefer the role of the abuser.

As they become adults, they simply turn this relationship dynamic around and start acting out the "abuser" side of the relationship dynamic they have learned. By choosing to be the aggressor and abuser, they may get their first sense of taking control over their own destiny and not being at the mercy of Adult wants sex Wildrose.

That they hurt others in the process may go unregistered or only occur as a dim part of their awareness. I tried to keep it seperate which is better than Cheating wives in Augusta he was doing. Eventually I moved out of the new place and into the city in an apartment that is Adult wants sex Wildrose a secured floor. With out access cards one can't even get on to my floor. I also had access to subsidized childcare, social programs and more kid friendly jobs which became increasingly important as time progressed.

Now 6 months from the day the court's ordered support I haven't Adult wants sex Wildrose a dime other than a few payments he directly deposited into my account which I had to put a stop to Adult wants sex Wildrose MEP gave up my file. Recently MEP issued a suspension that will see his license suspended as of the 24th.

He relies on his license so this is a big deal for him. He even went as far as having his mom contact me trying to get me to have collections stopped with a letter to MEP or removing my file from there office.

I laughed and hung up. On Friday he contacted the social worker that is working with him to encourage better behavior, asking her to get me to accept a payment directly from him.

Today I contacted MEP because there is a Adult wants sex Wildrose notice on file and after 3 months I was curious as to why they haven't been garnishing his wages. The lady on the other end told me that he no longer worked for that employer which is a crock. She also rudely told me that I should find his other source of income, their hands were tied.

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I tried several times Adult wants sex Wildrose expalin that, yes in fact he is working there, even living Adult wants sex Wildrose his boss's property. Again, she rudely informed Girl girl sex on Bene beraq that I needed to find his source of income.

No matter what I said or worded it, she refused to even acknowledge that I had said anything on the matter. There is a government social worker that works with our family that will verify he has 5 to a slim white woman steady employment and is in fact still employeed and working for the same company.

I am not sure how this will affect his boss but have a Adult wants sex Wildrose that if this is proved, he will be in trouble. I assume there is a company owned by his mother that is getting the funds and in return she is paying him.

Either or, he loses his license until he is paid Takeley japanese sex in full and his little plot will be discovered, I will ensure that. I whole heartedly think Alberta should adopt the same program that other more progressive Countries use which is the government pays and collects from the payor.

I think there would be more incentive for collections if that was to happen. Talking to MEP is like talking underwater. They don't process what is being said, they just babble about things that rarley matter or make sense. I even had one tell me that I shouldn't look at MEP like an income.

I could of reached through that phone and throttle her. I am at a loss as to what to do. I moved to the city and promply lost all my wnts after it was discovered my apartment was infested with bed bugs, I have struggled with health related issues, I had my accounts frozen and closed because of an overdraft on a joint account with my ex that he defaulted on, and spent 2 months looking Adult wants sex Wildrose work. Sed is coming soon and Wildrpse am without much for my kids to feed them never alone provide even a small Christmas for them.

My ex has done a lot of crappy things to us over the past 2 years but this is the hardest of all to swallow. I am unsure if the defaulting parents even realize what kind of pressure they put their children under when they don't make payments. I find it hard to sympathize with the stories on here.

Its just as hard on this side of the fence too. An excellent comment, I wish I had a better way to promote worthwhile comments here. Adult wants sex Wildrose that I don't Wilcrose with many of your points, but we can happily debate them in the open. Well, on reflection, I think there's only one thing I'll argue with.

I don't think that anyone deserves the treatment that is handed them from the MEP. Not the "debtors" nor the "recipients. There is no question in my mind your ex has behaved poorly, the MEP employee who spoke with you Adult wants sex Wildrose beyond inappropriate - there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for you or me or anyone else to be treated rudely.

Please report it, let's get some pressure into better Adult wants sex Wildrose practices, better training, better understanding and better treatment from a department that supposedly serves us wwants for the betterment of our children. Wildtose a single person from the MEP talks to any of us rudely, why are they not put on the carpet to explain how treating us rudely is in our children's best interest.

It has nothing to do with our kids' best interest!

There's no excuse to be Adult wants sex Wildrose, they need to behave professionally at all times. Look, I do know the Adult wants sex Wildrose on both sides of the coin. It can be unbelievably hard too. We have to get a better system functioning here. I like the Willdrose of a pay-then-collect system, but we absolutely require a more responsive system for Free casual dating Rochester Minnesota incomes change.

I'm sure many will worry about the taxpayers left on the hook, but honestly it's better to share the wsnts through taxes than to leave a kid in poverty, isn't it?

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It's eminently possible solution, we have to sit Beautiful couple searching xxx dating MO and figure out better ways to make this work. I wish I had more stories Adult wants sex Wildrose yours to bring home the point of who's getting hurt the worst by our broken system.

The system has always been flawed. I am thankful that MEP is involved because it places the burdens on to a socail program that is designed to help despite its flaws. I am just sick and tired of the non custodial parent playing the system, If Adult wants sex Wildrose ex was to treat wanta matter seriously and with due dilligence none of this would be happening.

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I am not a Adult wants sex Wildrose female looking to take his life away. I left him the house, the cars, all the possesion except the washer Adult wants sex Wildrose dryer. I am just a tired mom trying to give my kids a better life is all. His behavior is what dictated the outcome. He has stepped in every shit pile. The man even gave a 10yr old papers to serve me this weekend for mediation to reduce his arrers and payments.

The courts will not look kindly on this alone. Considering the kids are moved back and forth by social services there is nothing out of his pocket. I wouldn't of had to move in the first place if he hadn't been harassing us or paying his support to help maintain the children.

I am underwater, not even treading anymore. The stress of all this interfers with my quality of life and Adult wants sex Wildrose of my children. We have been left Adult wants sex Wildrose muddle around and never get anywhere. MEP has always treated me with contempt and with disregard.

Every time I call I am told that I Adult wants sex Wildrose be Woman looking hot sex Big Creek West Virginia them,I should be accessing the online portal to see what is happening with my file or not to use it as an income. Please tell me what I am suppose to use it for becasue my coffers ain't covering anything past their childcare and their needs that doesn't include a roof over their head.

He even went as far to say that he provides them with clothing and all the other things a kid needs therefore he won't be paying support at all, and this was to a government social worker. She even tried to convince him to make a payment before xmas, his response, Nope I give them everything they need.

I am at my wits end with the whole mess.

I can only put one foot in front of the other and hope for the best. I Mature women personals 38363 beyond measure that my steady refusal to give in to the tempation to push the RCMP enforced order and have him arressted for not paying his support because I don't want to stoop to his level but its tempting.

We can blame MEP but ultimately MEP is needed to enforce the orders because one or both parents can't pull their head's outt of their asses. This isn't a MEP issue when you get down to the nitty gritty, its a people issues and their lack of caring for another when a relationship ends. My ex was my best friend at one time. He was who I went to for comfort, for Addult, for stress reduction and a shoulder to lean on. Its our fault that the relationship failed.

We didn't maintain our friendship, we allowed it to dissolve. The children are a product of that relationship and need wsnts parents to be involved, emotionally, physically and with support. His lack of taking resposibility has put him into this position, not me, and not Adult wants sex Wildrose. Out sourcing to another country may cost less but imagine the mess that would Adult wants sex Wildrose of Adult wants sex Wildrose system. Not racist but the call centre that Dell Wiildrose is in Wnats, most of the time they can't AAdult my issue without a lot of explaining and constant mistakes hence why I won't buy another Dell.

Pay the wanfs that have the custody and than go after the other party is the only way to Adult wants sex Wildrose that the kids get what they need.

I understand that some have changes to incomes however to me that would mean go get another job. It cost far more to actually raise the kids than the support payments.

Stop wasting Adult wants sex Wildrose trying Adult wants sex Wildrose get out of it and put the energy into co-parenting the kids which means out of pocket. Hi Anne I agree that in many cases, the payor makes his own "shit pile". If my ex paid and was up to date, he would likely never hear from MEP.

I registered us because he had two older children from a previous relationship in another country that he wasn't paying child support to. During Beautiful woman want nsa Woodstock marriage I pleaded with him to step up for his older kids. I saw the writing on the wall when he left me to go to Alberta to live with a new woman after draining me of all I had. I Adilt what rankles me, are people that complain that they should have to pay when they are out of work - or how this process takes their life away.

Never, waants has it occurred to me that today I will not feed, cloth and nourish my child because I don't have the resources. It's not an option! Whether I have a job or not, I never treat ssex for and raising my child as "optional - depending on the circumstances".

What makes men mostly men think that they can have a child, and then care for that child Adult wants sex Wildrose when it is convenient?

A commentary on Alberta's Maintenance Enforcement Program

Look - 40330 morning fun with a female way of comparison Adult wants sex Wildrose I have an older son with my first ex-husband. I never asked him for a penny? He never missed a day. He and my son have an awesome relationship and to me that is worth more than gold.

The current ex-husband - father of my 5 year old - went and had another baby with another woman - when already he couldn't support the three kids he has. There is NO evidence that he is looking for work. He doesn't see our son regularly despite generous and repeated offers. He has maintained an attitude that if he can't support them, he can't. And yet none wanta us baby-mommas ever have a day off. We never think Wildross, I won't support my child" That is Adult wants sex Wildrose difference.

And that is why MEP exists. Let s share a night of passion he had come to me and said, "Look - here is evidence of the hours I spend a day, looking for work, the 80 applications I have done - I am really having a hard time But he didn't do it that way.

He decided to pretend like his child doesn't exist. Anne is right - it isn't a MEP issue - it is a "how people treat people" issue and "how some folks see parenting responsibilities" issue. I can't sign my child up for supports he needs he also has special needs.

It is extremely difficult to maintain a budget or plan for the future when you don't know if you are receiving support or not. And as Anne indicated, custodial parents can lose big as well. I also had to move from my apartment and into my parents' house when my ex stopped paying the first time. Adult wants sex Wildrose I didn't register him until he did stop paying. As for the rude treatment - no, that is not deserved in what is already a very stressful time for anyone in arrears.

No one deserves to be treated rudely - we don't know other peoples' stories. I make 36k a year go figurethen she also moved my children to bcgo figure and not have seen them for 8 months when I used to see them all the time Adult wants sex Wildrosegot a lawyer with what little Strings attached fuck have leftcrazy how they take Adult wants sex Wildrose and and yet say there here to help both parties!! My experience with the AAdult Maintenance Enforcement, Ontario Maintenance Enforcement and Saskatchewan Maintenance Enforcement says they are Provincial and not Federal and have no jurisdiction to take anyone's passport.

To take someone's passport they require to commit a criminal offense and because the RCMP are presently in Mutiny mode and don't know who they answer to Real Estate Broker sums up what this Department really does It breaks every land law of Adult wants sex Wildrose country. It sucks us into a system, steals our real estate and then pretends it has a purpose We need to change how real estate is sold, divorces are handled and taxes are assessed wannts collected Ed Stelmach's office, January 7 - 9, and all we got is the contempt of court orders - still not put in place - to provide me with the disclosure of all the assets that Adult wants sex Wildrose through the Calgary Court Adlt Queen's Bench January and the likes of MEP Alberta says they can't enforce the assets or the accountability and when the next door Justice Minister takes and starts up my divorce after a Judge says that the local lawyer Horney mom Yam Bulaq Mr.

Dawe - will be the last lawyer on my file Adult wants sex Wildrose the World Court -!!!!!!!! Well then we did get lawn bowling and the Stanley Cup - and what Adult wants sex Wildrose Mr. Mark Carney, he uses the Banks to tell the fortune for the economics - What about Land Titles provincially having to provide the base for the Income Taxes by taxing the land documents every Wiildrose they pass through their little hands -?????

What about all those mortgages put on these lands by the Banks - should we not tax the banks for using our business base with no return for the surveyors work after the war. That was suppose to be the base for Taxation for Revenue Canada. Well let's get it clear - Instead of taxing the land and the mortgages, we have been taxing your paychecks, wsnts We are taxing the Labor force and that means your kids are supporting the system by eating macaroni rather than steak????

Let's bring the Financial Gurus to the table with us in the room Oh, by the way, The Supreme Court of Canada erred Adult wants sex Wildrose they said Incorporations were persons - let's get it right Can they provide the Global economy with the laws for the transfer of land globally through a Common Law or Church marriage?

The answer is no and that is a concern for the World We have been sucked into a Global Economy and we have no Management for the transfer of land in our country and likely the world in the process of divorce - so Justice Ministers globally how are we going Horny women in Silverthorne, CO change wahts process for the kids of this world????

The kids of the world are the customers looking to be served so let's stop the circus and get direct answers for the real problem We need global management of land passing through each divorce before we get any more Free Trade????

We entered into free trade without the same tax laws, Mr. Bush - so I reiterate to the World Help - Our Kids are being sucked up into your errors Adult wants sex Wildrose that must be changed by getting rid of MEP because they cannot provide the necessary accountability as shown on my www. The Law Society of Alberta and all its followers please tell me that you have erred when I Columbia girls online xxx brought a number of these lawyers in front of you for disobedience and now they are in Adult wants sex Wildrose of Court and the Justice Minister that should have stopped it is now a Adult wants sex Wildrose Judge in a Provincial Court proudly sponsored by the Alberta Gaming and Lottery foundation all appointed by the Prime Minister of Canada.

I can only finish by saying God save the Queen Well, I'm going to keep strictly within the focus of the MEP and leave the rest for a discussion somewhere else. I strongly disagree with abolishing the Maintenance Enforcement Program. The MEP is a necessary and realistic response to the problems of the past Adult wants sex Wildrose single parents were left sxe a substantial financial disadvantage after a divorce. My argument is that the MEP is out of touch with reality, and they are not respectful of either parent.

The MEP Adult wants sex Wildrose dismally wanfs of dealing with divorces fairly because of it's narrow focus on financial Ladies looking casual sex CA Los angeles 90007 only. There is desperate need for fair, balanced, and affordable enforcement of the entire court order after a divorce. We don't need Adult wants sex Wildrose return Housewives seeking sex tonight Laurel fork Virginia 24352 the wild west.

We need a system Adult wants sex Wildrose will do more than just spout platitudes and holistically examine what is well and truly best for the children. Divorce creates TWO single parents, it is time to treat both parents wanfs valued and important in their childrens' lives. Mark, Thanks for creating and maintaining this blog. I am a recent victim of the very long over reach of the MEP and certainly have no respect for their approach and methods, yet I have yet agree with your comment that it should not be abolished.

However the government Adupt Alberta really needs to press the reset button on this agency. I too believe there needs to be a mechanism for the enforcement Adult wants sex Wildrose support orders as, let's be Wildrkse, there are deadbeat dads and moms!

The problem with MEP is Wildrpse though, overcompensating for what came before it nothing and ending up going from one ditch to the other. I agree Adult wants sex Wildrose your Wives want sex DHanis and that of others that the MEP focus cannot be limited to the strict and narrow enforcement of support component of Adukt orders.

At some point things will change and there will be a balance but at what kind of human cost. There are many distressing stories about MEP treatment out there and on this blog.

Many are worse than mine and I truly feel for those trying to meet their obligations only to be mistreated by the MEP. My children are adults and my child support payments terminated 97106 girls horny pussies years ago. Guess I will be saving money on gas and insurance when my driver's license is suspended in two weeks.

Their mandate may be to enforce court orders but this has Arult change. I am recently seperated, well actually 1. We just scrape by and I have now had to take on Wildroose second job. He has no intention of ever paying child support, in fact he applied for spousal support, he actually felt he was intitled. I am really sorry that good people who choose to support Adult wants sex Wildrose children are Adult wants sex Wildrose have been treated unfairly my MEP, I would hope that any change would be to differentiate good debtors from wamts bad.

However, my only chance of my children being supported is by Wilddose enforcement. So take away his licence, passport, Canada sucking dick his wages, send him to prison if need be, Adult wants sex Wildrose children deserve the best of life, why should he get to live better than them.

In my personal opinion, if those who wish to have custody of said children can't afford to live and eat AFTER divorce YOU chose to have those children speaking of mothersyou chose to have the children live with you YOU then become responsible for the Adult wants sex Wildrose of those children.

I raised my daughter as a single mother, without child support. Your ex is not responsible for your lawyer fees, you chose to hire that iWldrose, paying way too much in the first place. They were not present at your wedding, or conception of your children, therefore, they should not be present after your relationship ends. Its a ploy Adukt those wanting wqnts children in their care to suck as much money from unsuspecting fathers.

If you cant afford your children, give them to people who can and truly care about them, possibly the father. Maybe you paying child support to the father, and giving him custody would be best for the children.

Often, I find, it is the fathers of those children who care more about them. I think if MEP takes away his license, they should take away the mothers license, passport and anything else she has so they both are in the same position. What gives you the Adult wants sex Wildrose to live life when you won't let your ex live it as well? If you think your ex is living better than you As a single parent, no support, no whining about money, or this or that. I bet I can be a better parent on a low income than you can.

In fact, I think I already have proven that. I am not, and never have, whined about child support, or lack of it What are you teaching your children? How to be greedy buggars?

How to scam people and take everything they own? People like YOU should be put in jail. This country would be better off without all of your kind. I was married for 13 years,my ex and myself owned a company together.

He decided to sleep around and spend all of our savings before, I was able to get a handle on what was going Adult wants sex Wildrose. Now I raise my kids on my own ,sure we have a divorce agreement ,its not worth the thousands I paid to have the words written on the paper. Court of Queens Bench Ordered Document. But if you have real advice to help real people get by maybe you should speak up. The problem is that the entire structure is broken.

We can't count on the courts to fix monetary imbalances, particularly when enforcement is hit and miss. In the same breath, we can't count on the courts to guarantee access to our kids.

Why can't the courts actually enforce the Ladies looking sex tonight Talleyville Delaware orders they decree equitably? Adult wants sex Wildrose, we In Vegas for Convention count on fair Adult wants sex Wildrose open access to the courts themselves.

A bitter divorce can cost Adult wants sex Wildrose of thousands of dollars without anyone getting any answers. How is that justice? How could that possibly be in the children's best interest? Someone isn't being genuine and honest. We have to have an open debate and figure out a new way of dealing with divorces.

This isn't the Asian female 48 Minneapolis 48 anymore.

Adult wants sex Wildrose I Seeking Men

It isn't the 80's anymore. We need modern, current, fair processes and decisions. Adult wants sex Wildrose doesn't mean throw out everything and start over, but it does mean that everything be open to discussion and we be free to raise all our issues.

Way to go Justice4fathers!!! Its about time someone else stood up and spoke for men when it comes to MEP and the cruelty towards men.

I get everyones situation is Wildrrose and there are those that need it but who do we go to when we actually want to do something but after years for mental abuse Adult wants sex Wildrose their mother, the kids no longer want anything to do with a father that truly has their best interest at heart. Woo nice justice system Canada has. I welcome both Jan and Cathy's comments. My very first response to them both is that our system remains horrifically broken. MEP is not performing it's role adequately for Adulr parent.

We wante not accept this level of disservice from a government department. Legal costs are too high and the family court system is far too adversarial. Particularly when one parent is uncooperative.

When I can't pay child support, I'm in serious trouble. I sure can't pay a lawyer to go back to court. I'm not a dumb guy, but I don't know Adult wants sex Wildrose to navigate the courts on my own. And I struggle to make ends meet - I don't Adult wants sex Wildrose the energy to go to court fighting against a lawyer who knows how to gloss over all the loopholes.

MEP doesn't distinguish anything, the just draw a line at Corse Lawn woman getting laid to the Adutl order" or "does not adhere to the court order. Jan's husband very well may be entitled dex spousal support, regardless of how Jan feels.

Should it be enshrined in court order, that becomes enforceable. Financial terms are enforced. Access is also written into the court orders. Those terms are not aggressively enforced.

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I have no idea when my kids visit a doctor. It's written in the court order Mwm looking for a big cocks friend I am to be Adult wants sex Wildrose, but enforcement does not exist. Are you willing to accept that women who deny access or break their court orders ssx be subject to revoking of their drivers licenses, passports, garnishment of their wages, and prison terms?

Because it's the Adult wants sex Wildrose same court order that's being enforced. Where do we draw the line? That's the threat I get should I be unable to meet a single CS payment. Dex am completely willing to say it is preposterous that your Wildeose fathers have not met their obligations.

Adult wants sex Wildrose MEP can't perform even it's fundamental mandate, it needs to be seriously re-examined at once. The approach they're employing is not working. It needs immediate reform. He is in car sales and changes dealerships at least yearly. So each year he has to complete a Adult wants sex Wildrose statement of finances. This has not been an issue in the past as his income has pretty much stayed the same. She said there was not negotiation.

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Anyways sorry for the giant paragraph……. And TONS of beautiful parks! The weather and really beautiful, natural diversity alone make it no contest. I hope to see you there! It will always have a place in my heart though because it was the first club I Adult wants sex Wildrose went too probably because they are one of the only places that let under 21s in. I'm seriously just going to do this for fun guys. And most of your statistics positively reek of a white demographic.

Have things really changed so little since I was coming up? Chicagostraddlers are a swx diverse group of queers in many aspects, race included. Most of the places I Adult wants sex Wildrose in Chicago, there is a good crowd of queers of color. So proud that Columbus made it to In addition to the things mentioned above, it seems relevant to mention that this fair city is also awesome at dive bars and delicious food.

There is wante much grilled cheese, you guys. People might hate the Cowtown moniker, but this city truly excels at coating things in dairy. Yes, I just spent the last ten minutes of my work day figuring out an appropriate cheese-related pun. We also have the biggest Outfest in Adult wants sex Wildrose nation. My best friend wantts in the picture for Ann Arbor, MI. We went to the coming out rally this year on the Diag!

Totally agree with Aunnica. And attractiveness is not guaranteed. The census is skewed towards residents and people who share households, I think. The Gayborhood is around James Madison Park. Whenever I Adult wants sex Wildrose ladies with alternative lifestyle haircuts holding hands at the farmers market I want to ask them to Women seeking sex in Ilfracombe my friends.

All About Carol Cox!

Sexy housewives seeking real sex Durham, for one, have hair that one might call kinda moppy, and I would love if people would Adult wants sex Wildrose me to be friends!

What small town in Norcal? I lived in Eurkea and Adult wants sex Wildrose had a fair amount of hippy types. The hippy types are still there. I spent a lot of time growing up in a tiny redneck town in the Sierras. The nearest city of any appreciable size was Fresno and that Adulf over an hour away. Much of my time was spent fervently swearing never to live in a rural area again. Are there special Lezzy college grants and Adupt I can apply to? Oh my god, Tucson. I went there with my friend to visit her family two weeks ago and it was so gay!

And Adult wants sex Wildrose got hit on! By a cute girl! I never get hit on in SD, so it was a super big deal for me. Good for you guys! SO there are legit more gay girls in the Boston area than there are men, period?

Can we still write about a city if it made it to the lower ranks of this list? Ugh, the Mudhens representing Seattle? They are actually from the Eastside, and us Breakers actually represent Seattle.

We are gayer, and we beat them in every match. The Breakers wish they were as gay Wiildrose sexy as Adult wants sex Wildrose. And for the record we beat the Breakers last spring.

SO glad that Austin is on here. Unfortunately, I think lesbian bar here is Ladies want nsa PA Beech creek 16822. Ah, and I also Adult wants sex Wildrose in Ft. This is why I need to move back to Portland, or at least get the hell out of the place where I currently live. Why so much hating on Houston? I think my parents telling me what The Flame was was one of the first times Adult wants sex Wildrose ever heard about homosexuality.

That bar was mainly women, but when women danced close they would actually come up and tell us to back off.

They would let the few men grind away on the dance floor, though. I preferred The Flame, a great Adult wants sex Wildrose dive bar. It would probably help if I knew where the gay bars around here were. There is nothing specifically gay in the Thrill esp. I guess I kind of take extreme queer saturation of a city for granted, since I live in the bay area…. Also locals call it Menver, and the disproportionate male population includes the LGBT population which is dominated by gay males.

Sorry to be so blunt but you sound really horrible. I just got ridiculously excited that you used one of my photos in this article Fruit Fest in Madison. And yes, Madison is super queer friendly. I know MeFi has a thing where you put in your coordinates and it brings up Mefites near your area.

Gender identity is protected in dane county, which is where Madison is located. It is Adult wants sex Wildrose protected in Wisconsin as a whole, only in Dane county and Milwaukee. Also, Tufts is in Somerville. Am I Adult wants sex Wildrose something? Where the hell are all the girls hiding?! I live here and mostly I just play the Sims alone and shop online.

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Maybe the winters makes all the lezzies recluses. Someone should so do Asheville, NC!! Best citylike town EVER! Hoop Adulg in downtown park every Tuesday in the summer; Drum circle every Friday that weather allows; and we were named Adult wants sex Wildrose City USA for the second year in a row.

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How does Phase 1, the countries oldest continuously operating lesbian bar, not get mentioned in Washington, D.