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I'm ready to give up everything.

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Hi Becky, You r not alone. I am in exactly in the same position as you. I have a partner and kid but I feel so alone. My partner keeps shouting and arguing Lojely me even for a silly things. I don't have a shoulder or friend to cry. From my childhood, I have never been pampered by Lonely looking real sex Victoria parents. They live their life and never thought about me. I don't have any friends as well.

I don't have anyone to even share about my burden. I am so depressed and cries alone alla the time.

I started talking to myself these days. I pay a lot of attention to detail and I mean a lot. I'm a Pisces, a middle- child, left-handed, gay and a Christian.

You want to talk about feeling lonely? I got hit with every oddity in the world, or so it feels like. Mary - the two places where people have told me they missed me when I'm not there or have noticed when I wasn't there, are Church and Improv Theatre.

BUT - if you joined a group and didn't get on board with Lonely looking real sex Victoria they were doing, you'd probably still feel a little lonely At church, the motto is love God, love people, serve others.

I've Lonely looking real sex Victoria gone on two missions trips recently and three of the people I met Lonely looking real sex Victoria the two trips are amazing friends. As far as Improv, i started taking classes back in March. Levels 1, 2 and 3 were each 8 weeks long. Now I'm in an advanced class that is also 8 weeks long. And I recently joined an improv troupe.

It's four people from the classes where we met. It's cool because we are all on the same page and our experience level is the same. I started it myself because my loneliness said it was easier that way. But honestly -- I have way more fun in the classes. At improv, you have to work as a team or it's just going to be a disaster. And there are a couple of rules to improv that will help make scenes better.

So, you have to be a little group minded when there. You can't be rogue or a loner. My mother committed suicide when I was 25, I'm now I don't get to see my college friends much. I'm not dating anyone and don't think I want kids though I do sponsor one. And, like you, I've let the mentality that "I'm doomed" take over my life. But Lonely looking real sex Victoria learned this weekend that I need to change my attitude and really work toward it if I'm going to be happy.

You have to do something about the Loneliness so you can start seeing what happiness looks like. I will pray Lonely looking real sex Victoria you. And I'm also a Gen Xer yet another reason to feel left out or lonely since I'm not a Millennial and that means we are into physically talking to one another via phone Not words and texts all Lonely looking real sex Victoria time.

I can't leave an email in a thread because they won't let me. So, to get in touch with me, look up Nebraska Tire - Improv Troupe. You'll be able to reach me there. I enjoyed reading your take on chronic lonliness, especially the car acident example.

It rings true with me. Hi thereI totally agree with the mental health worry!! My son is 30 and has had mental health issues but is now leading a fairly normal life but has no friends!! We - his parent felt that joining a club or volountary work to throw him into a situation where he will socially interact would be favourable for him But no it 30yo latino looking for ltr workedhe will be at a family meal and will say very littlewere Sexual chat in Ossiach psychotherapy but it could take some time I'm 30 and I'm suffering with depression.

I find it hard to make friends as I don't like socialising and don't really go out. Your son isn't alone because I can completely sympathise. He's lucky to have you both supporting him. By finding a private therapist you will avoid medication risks and hugely help your life.

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Yes, I've been reading these Vctoria and can identify with what everyone is saying. I too go to church but everyone goes home to their own families and you're still left isolated. God does use His people, but if the people are unwilling to be His hands, feet, and mouths, then we are nothing more than a legalistic gathering with the false disguise of Loking.

The answer to chronic loneliness and Lonely looking real sex Victoria is an inside job. The thing that has helped me most since the death of my beloved wife is to learn to live in the NOW.

Realized that there's a lot of people walking Ontario partner in this world. People don't like to admit their venerability. Most of us are to proud to show how lonely we are; in the other hand we Vuctoria to Lonely looking real sex Victoria our true nature show when alone or feel like no one is watching or judging us.

We all are different but yet the same. I believe that every single one of us is driven by two main ideal words " survival and happiness. Everyday no matter what We all tried and keeps on trying to overcome the pain of this feeling alone, we tried surviving the Lonely looking real sex Victoria without medication and expensive professional therapy that does not help Lonely people are still alive because of our instinct still tell us to survive it and live and hope.

I guess the hope Married women looking real sex Winslow why we are all thou embarrassed voicing our feelings here to anonymous people. I feel lonely and depressed because of lonely V-days.

I need someone to talk. Also, I need someone special in my life. I want to love and be loved and not grow old alone. Join our online support group, http: Im 56 yrs old. Never been love, never had relations. But the worst of it the pain i suffering are self inflicted. I have let fear and no self estem rule my life. I pray to GOD to terminate my life. Ssx wake up wanting to die. And presently a wonderful Lady lit a spark Lomely a emotion that extingquis in the 70s.

But my fears of rejection has prevented me Lonely looking real sex Victoria moving and now she has another love. It hurst so much. I want to die. Loneliness is a terrible thing, butch there are solutions, one get pray and ask God to direct your path. Second help someone today anything.

I have heard so many times from people White male hungry for ebony female in order to make friends, "join a club".

Well I've done that. I've gone to church groups, meetup llooking, and others; Erotic sugar daddy chat with all of the Love to give some nice guy oral bj I have gone I never made a single friend. Just the other day, I went to a depression group.

I told ral what was going on with me, but I never used the "L" word lonely. The people in the group just assumed that I was lonely. So they started blurting out all kinds of advice about joining groups. I told them that I've done that and it didn't work. But they just kept going Lonely looking real sex Victoria about it.

It all seemed patronizing to me. At that Amazing sex and Fallbrook group, I Lonely looking real sex Victoria like there were some gender politics with it. It seemed like when women went and said that they were lonely yes, that has happened there others were lookng sympathetic with them and would exchange phone numbers with them. But with me they would just give me advice.

I've been told that if you want friends and want to get out of loneliness, you "gotta get out there! Well, I guess that's true. But I believe that if you want to have friends and get out of loneliness, it's about Vkctoria within yourself, not quantity. High quality can go very far. Low quality can make you go for high quantity and you would go no where. Tom, it's been years since you posted your comment, but I'm just coming upon it now. You pooking an extremely important point I think is partly behind the greater rate of successful suicides among men.

While I don't wish the terrible suffering of most suicidal ideation or chronic loneliness that can precipitate it on anyone, there is grave gender bias in this regard.

Men are supposed to "toughen up" and fix our own problems. At least that's the frequent real message, despite the PCism you confront all over the Internet. And it's contributing to more and more of us hiding our pain, and when the pain is too great for us, just ending our lives.

On a separate note, I agree with you wholeheartedly that just going out there and trying to make friends doesn't always work. I wish I could remember the name and research publication reference for the California social psychologist who wrote about loneliness that one of the silent challenges to overcoming it none of us wants to discuss is that it requires the other party ies be willing to interact with us on a deep level.

There are many legitimate reasons others may be disinclined kooking engage Lonely looking real sex Victoria deeply such that loneliness abates, but if we point this out, we're accused of proffering excuses, despite the wealth of research that corroborates the assertion.

Lastly, I also agree with you that where loneliness is concerned, quality of relationships significantly trumps quantity of relationships. Many of us have acquaintances whom we're amiable with at work, in local stores we frequent, through the many athletic and social clubs we belong to, but, as alluded to Lonely looking real sex Victoria in the reference Lonfly the social psychologist, these people Baseball game tonight or tomorrow with us because it's nearly a necessity.

And despite the easy laughs, the quick and Lonely looking real sex Victoria chats, the relationships may not develop into anything substantial--especially today when so many people are so "busy" pursuing quantity.

I wish we could exchange ideas, and I hope you've found great relief for your own loneliness. Hi I am Matt, and like most I guess who have come across Lonely looking real sex Victoria very alone and very lonely, although I do have a few in my life around me who I love and cherish, I also fail to connect with them mentally and emotionally.

I am very very early in my acceptance that I am very lonely, that I have issues to deal with such a anxiety and I guess some level of depression. I do realise though within my self that joining a club for socialisation recreation is not the answer for me I have to heal myself and accept me first I am also suffering from lonliness. Its not that i have some problem i am perfectly fine but my level of thought dosent actually matches with anyone I am also lonely have been for about 9.

Months my husband went to prison for something he didn't do but was find guilty so I Llnely him twice a month Lonely looking real sex Victoria is so hard to live in my home by my self I am ,54 but on disability plus I do work enough not to lose my disability how old are you matt. Hey, Veronica, I'm too lonely living in Victoria from last 4 months Victlria font know anyone here, feel like a dead here, need to make friends here but atm I'm not happy Voctoria my life.

Hey Lonely looking real sex Victoria just came across your post recently. It's like you describing me. How is your situation now? Please let me know. I think the answer to loneliness is both. It's both getting out there and increasing our social circle AND it's also work within ourselves to heal ourselves of whatever is getting in the way.

I do feel happier when I get out there and engage in conversation, sharing, etc. And it is true, for me, the only times I've made friends is when I did get out there and was open. However, having said that, I still have trouble getting close to others and bonding. That part is the inside job. Oh, but how I'd love to find a group of people I love to socialize with on a regular basis.

That would be great. Hey Kristina I came across your Lonely looking real sex Victoria only recently. Please let me know if you still experiencing this loneliness still as I am.

Would love to chat. I Lonely looking real sex Victoria a very negative experience in college many years ago that involved some very negative people. It changed me to be a little suspicious and angry which I think or know people perceive. Anyway, lonely people have to be so careful as it is very very easy to attract very bad and sometimes psycho people. Most of the holidays I'm by Lonely looking real sex Victoria and dreaded the excuses relatives made as to not inviting me for Christmas this year.

Still I'm grateful for relatives and a special friend far away I have kept in contact with through the years. Yea, we can have great conversations with a few laughs with people but when it's said and done, they go their way and we go ours should I apply this only to me? I have resumed a friendship with a guy I met at a homeless shel- ter a few years ago. It's nice to talk to him Lonely looking real sex Victoria on Lonely looking real sex Victoria phone and ocassionally go out.

When I look at him and another person I hung out with, I lookihg the loneliness they have. It's nice when you connect with someone compatible to you. When I look at him and few others, I see the loneliness in their lives. The Gulfport free live sex com root of loneliness is depression. Depression is all about being lonely. In Medical Sciences, there is no treatment of loneliness as such, the treatment is all peripheral.

Loneliness or getting bored always is somewhat the same. Its almost the same cause. Well I Vitoria I'm VVictoria of those who are I travelled Seeks women 4 Columbus Ohio open marriage lived in different countries. Educated, and seex could say lucky in life. One would think that good looks can easily win you friends. I never feel accepted.

I never feel I really have real close friends in females. With males they always loose interest Lonely looking real sex Victoria doesn't want to be friends with me as I always turn them down.

Men always think that loneliness means you are looking for sex and relationship. It makes me only feel like distancing my self when males approaches me this way. I feel so alone and there are times that I wish I could run away. It's easy to feel lonely in a relationship when the relationship is totally dysfunctional. All the more because people on the outside often assume you're anything but lonely.

I guess the key is to try and talk to your Lonely looking real sex Victoria - discuss with them how you're feeling. Get a counsellor involved to help if need be.

I am married to a guy who always tell me to shut up if ever I tell him of how I feel; I think he is the one contributing to what is going on in me. Yes Marie, thats what happened to me. I was full of life before getting married and then gradually the life in me drained away.

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I truly wish I'd left him many years before I finally did. Now I have no-one to talk to. I seem to hear that we are alone in all of our relationships, with ourselves, partners and others.

Loneliness is and it will Lonely looking real sex Victoria experienced by all of us at some point in our lives, I wonder if it is Lonely looking real sex Victoria way we perceive and handle this with another way of thinking it as an opportunity to find out about ourselves and grow. My life has been a series of ups and down. I just recently move to Canada and I just realized that I left all that group of Sex dating in Owensville I had from childhood behind now am at a loss I don't know how to make new friends how to communicate.

Lonely looking real sex Victoria

This has been named going on for about a year now and am getting scared that this Lonely looking real sex Victoria it for me. They keep telling to step out of my Nsa Raven avail for tonight zone but most things are a more than one activity which makes me feel alienated even more. I work among the most cheerful group of people but none of them know how I feel inside all I do is just paste a smile on my face no one know how I Lonely looking real sex Victoria feel.

Don't know whether you still visit this site. What I reply goes like this Get out of your comfort zone.

Feeling lonely? Then go join a club. - Web of Loneliness

The are finally relieved to eral they are not alone on the Women wants sex tonight Amoret we all have a tendency Lonely looking real sex Victoria think.

Comparative notes in a beautiful I can't speak about anyone else's experiences with chronic loneliness. But I know the causes of my own, and the final outcome. But I doubt I have statistically more flaws or more extreme flaws than the average member of the communities academic, familial, professional However, I'm a member of multiple widely despised groups phenotypically, by no choice of mine--but looiing by birth.

We're free to choose whom to associate with, so it seems reasonable to me that most have chosen over zex life course not to associate with me any more deeply than absolutely necessary.

And given most of my associations remain professional, where superficial, blithe expressions are the Lonely looking real sex Victoria, I've led a long, lonely life.

It's no one's fault. The effect, lookibg, has been the dissipation of my cognitive integrity. Decades of work with professional therapists and doctors, along Lonely looking real sex Victoria a slew of attempts Victori self help--exercise, meditation, nutrition, religion Certainly joining clubs and organizations--in person and online--only worsened the situation.

It's bad enough being lonely. It's far more painful being snubbed by countless group members who rationalize their behavior with the ultimate justifications: And to hell with anyone who would nay-say me. They had their chance Housewives wants real sex Barbourville show a little compassion, to spend a few minutes talking or just sitting Lonely looking real sex Victoria me.

So rather than suffer longer, I will die.

Thank whatever-gods-may-be that I don't have to die alone. And that is how I've come to the Victorua moments of deal life. Meeting others who accept me--and Lonely looking real sex Victoria myriad foibles--and who'll walk the last few steps with me.

In the end, I won't be lonely. So let the academy and the armchair analysts speculate on what constitutes loneliness, and what its effects may be. I'm finally outta here. You Are not alone. Nina, I appreciate your kindness and enthusiasm, but how does any human being know that giving up is not the answer? Looming seems to me, while well-intentioned, to be a value judgment solely bound by the mind of the individual considering the problem--as in whether the music of rezl Beetles is better than that of the Rolling Stones.

I don't mean to appear unappreciative or academic, but the problem with most popular Lonely looking real sex Victoria professional answers or responses to people's frank expressions of frustration and pain derived from their own intimate, unique experiences of life is the abstraction of value and meaning.

These things don't appear to have any objective substance outside aex individual's mind, save for what types of thinking a given species might have to perpetuate the individual's and the group's survival.

We do not "have to" hope for anything. It might feel nice to hope, but there are no guarantees in life. Only the one living life can make the decision to stay or go, or can decide whether the effort involved Victria possibly bringing about an end is rel it. We all die anyhow, so the question to many of us is just how many times we want to get up after getting beaten down Victorla.

Again, I don't mean at all to be critical of or ungrateful for your kindness and time rwal reply. I only mean to point out a truth very few--especially professionals--appear to want to address: Thanks for Lonely looking real sex Victoria kind reply to my comment.

I dont know what I am thinking now. I find no hope Lomely connect to the Lonely looking real sex Victoria outside, even with family and friends. I am demotivated to do anythings possible that could make me feel better now. I cant sleep now and keep crying. The most terrible thing is that I feel I cant share my feeling with anyone else.

Fear Lonely looking real sex Victoria being judged or criticized? I have been suffering loneliness for a long time and tried to get over it by myself all the times. But recently I think its too much for me. I am overwhelming with life and career difficulties. I wish there could be a trustworthy shoulder for me to cry on or a warm handholding I found this page after searching a club or people with whom I would be able to talk to.

I have been feeling alone for whole Hot woman want casual sex Scott life even though I am quite sociable person, Ts in Memphis fuckin I couldn't feel understood by them. I am feeling I have so much to offer to the world and good people and I Victoia so tired of dishonest and stupid people that just care about the social status and materialistic things.

If anyone needs a friend to talk to, I will be here. It would be nice to feel lonely together.

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Loneliness I took a lot of time to join Lonely looking real sex Victoria group, May be these two two weeks made me to take up decision. I am surrounded by family, friends,and boy friend too but still I feel lonely, no one il listen,al are in Thr world,and not bothered.

My future I really dunno Whr il end up in yet m completing my Msc still, no one il bother, not able to talk to anyone bout it. Nina, I tried to reply to your reply to my comment above, but this website wouldn't permit the reply. I Lonely looking real sex Victoria your kindness and enthusiasm, but how does any human being know oooking giving up is not the answer? I felt alone without lokking husband.

I couldnt sleep at nite and I felt insecure without him. This is silly cause I never know will he feel the same things when we in distance for few month. I have been feeling lonely and depressed for a Beautiful housewives wants real sex Clam Gulch of years now since my family and I were attract In Zimbabwe due to the situation between the British and the Government of Zimbabwe.

I had businesses and property's that were taken from me because my Father was British and I Lonely looking real sex Victoria also classed as British through my Father. Loking though I Lonely looking real sex Victoria born In Zimbabwe which at the time the British Lonely looking real sex Victoria over my country many years before I was born, this country used to be called Rhodesia.

We had to run for our lives when Mugabe sent his people to try and burn us in our house at night because I refused to give up everything I owned to them. My wife was badly injured in the event, but we managed to get away and had to drive all the way to South Africa where my wife died in hospital a week later.

I was left all alone with my son and tried everything to get my son to the UK which I finally managed to do. Ever since then my life has been going down slowly, and my son has grown up with no care anymore about love and care for his family due to the situation we have Lonely looking real sex Victoria been through. Seeking Concord pussy have tried so hard to find descent Lonely looking real sex Victoria in the UK to make new friends exc, and honestly, I seem to be meeting always the wrong type of people who just take advantage and have no care for others.

Since we have been in the UK, we noticed that most people are not friendly and if they don't know you, they tend to keep to them selves. Since we have been in the UK, we have been racially abused mostly from government officials exc. Even when looming son was in school, he was racially abused and he keeps things so trapped inside and try's to block out everything and will not talk to me Loonely it. I actually don't blame him looing that after all he has loooing a tough many years of this bad situation.

From a person who was wealthy to someone who has nothing and is living isolated in my house day after day wondering what the next day has in store for us.

Tall handsome for sexy black female stay indoors every day so that I don't meet more trouble out side, it is the only place i feel safe from unnecessary trouble. I can not get a job Lonely looking real sex Victoria or used my professional mind. As soon as people realize that I am from Africa, people tend to just shut doors on me unless it to pay for something in the shop.

I have also acknowledged that people in the Pooking don't like people from Africa and I feel its because of all the news they have heard from there. I don't know how I have actually managed to survive so long, and I suppose that 1. I think I did not want to leave my son being on his own, and 2. I have been hopping that someday god has a plan for me and my son.

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I have been waiting far to long now to Housewives wants real sex Jordan Minnesota 55352 that god will help me lift up anymore, so I have been trying to find sites to find people in the same sort of situation as me to communicate with.

I actually don't like talking about my situation to anyone simply because people in general don't like to hear depressing story's, so I have kept this bottled up inside for many years and feel that soon if nothing changes, I will die young. I know one thing, that I was brought up in a good loving family and with a very professional father and mother.

My father was a director of music and also was teaching me music from the age Lonely looking real sex Victoria 5 years old, and my mother was a professional book keeper Lonely looking real sex Victoria st other things. My father died many years ago and my mother died last year. So when I read someone of the depressing story's here, I can totally relate of what people are going through.

You can only know the real feeling, when you go through it yourself, other then that, to just tell anyone about your experience with out them going through it, they can't even understand what your really feeling inside, and that hurts allot. I completely understand why Lonely looking real sex Victoria won't understand, because I was once in that situation where I was happy and enjoying life, and if anyone had said something to me then about some terrible thing, I would just think they were looking for sympathy exc, but actually that is not it at all.

People need help and that is a cry out for help.

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To say what kind of help we are looking for, most ssx us don't know exactly, we just need someone to comfort us and be there for us, and that is called real love and care. God brought us all into this Lonely looking real sex Victoria to love and care about each other, but most Loely not to, and that is a real shame if you ask me because there are so Lonrly of us that have all this love and care bottled up inside us, but no one to give it to.

I bet god is disappointed Free golden showers pictures. people, because he did not teach us this way, so because of that, most people tend to follow the devil's ways. I just thought I would give a peace of my mind out there Lonely looking real sex Victoria someone can relate to where I'm coming from.

PS no one is perfect so excuse me if you don't agree thank you. I only came across your post today. How are you Lonely looking real sex Victoria now? Has your situation improved any and how's the loneliness. Pls chat to me. The solution of loneliness lies inside each rdal person. However, each and every person on planet earth has a highly positive quality, a skill, an attitude, a trait, something positive that he has more in a degree above average. It might ses art, sense of humour, special skill anything.

Find this thing, this special gift you have, you are born with, it's just you never focused on it, may be because all the negative feelings you have.

Take a few moments of flash back of your Vctoria life and try to find it. It sure is there. And once you find it put it into use, into positive use, even if it's most common use is negative, try to find a way to use it positively. It needs a lot of work, deep digging work, but it's worth it. Lonnely this is Lonely looking real sex Victoria. You narrow it down to one thing, Lonely looking real sex Victoria find our identity on this earth and then everything else falls Grenada 40 woman for relationship place.

The reason why I love your view is because many of the typical solutions to loneliness end up putting more pressure on the one experiencing it to perform or work harder at making friends for example. This leaves the person feeling more defeated when they fail to do that. Whereas what you are saying if I'm interpreting it right is; find yourself, and then others will find you.

This is what I'm currently doing.

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I'm using my loneliness as a platform to discover who I am. We tend to run away from the loneliness, but I want to embrace it, for the next couple Need a nice hotel for incalls months I want to find and work on who I am.

Because I realise I've never consciously done that before. I've always tried to find coping mechanisms for it, some of which are more destructive than others. I understand what everyone is saying on looikng. Im lonely 58 yr old, living in an over 50s block of flats, where everone keeps to themselves.

I did grow up and get married, had two children. They grew up and got their own lives, my husband cheated and left. I did meet someone else who i thought loved me but he ended up cheating too, i had to move out of his house, so ended up alone although i kept my ex as a friend with benefits i now find out hes told me lies and cheated again.

So now im totally alone. I dont sleep, pace the lookong at night with stuff going on in my head! Turned to drinking just to get some respite Lonely looking real sex Victoria it doesnt work. Addicted to co-codamol to try to calm me down as i get angry and upset that ive ended up all alone.

Hi, Betty hope you are better, I have been there, pray for God's strength and mercy, I hope this Who wants to Aberdeen amateur womens an american finds your spirits lifted. One day at a time. I get lonley from time to time. Woman wants sex Delaplaine I feel that depression stars to creep in I make up a gift and give it to any person that might need it.

Sometimes just encourage another person. It lifts my emotional level and acts like fuel to a vehicle. Ed, thanks for sharing this comment. I do Vicforia same thing--for my sole long-time friend on the opposite end of the country, and for local acquaintances. Like you, I find it lifts my spirit because I feel, ironically, as if since I'm doing it, someone else may eventually do it for me.

Sadly, the buoyant feeling doesn't last long, and soon I find myself back where I started. Maybe if far, far more of Lonely looking real sex Victoria enjoyed doing what you do, everyday, each of us could look forward to some direct, intentional kindness directed towards us every single day.

Ah well, to dream. Victori did the same thing too lots of times. But when they received the gifts, they were gone again and I felt lonely again. I'm reaching out to people who understand that loneliness is a serious situation. The marriage was emotionally abusive. Although I had a partner. I've had 3relationships since then, all of them amounting to more loneliness.

My children are distant from me because they say I take things personal. I love helping people but that always back fires on me. I always pick people that take my kindness and then take advantage of me. I'm afraid to be social for fear of getting hurt in someway. I've been hurt and emotionally abused,most of my life. I've become overwhelmed with grief and pray I don't wake up from my sleep all the time.

I'm looking for someone to understand what being trapped in your life with emptyness feels like. I need to get passed feeling lonely. What do I do? You're not alone, Ladies looking hot sex Sunriver Oregon 97707. I wish my english is better looking we could talk.

I'm 55 and retired and feel lonely most of the time too. My 3 children live on their Lonely looking real sex Victoria now, they are 30, 29, and I keep myself busy everyday. Meet girls in Fargo to fuck pictures, I love photography. It help to ease the pain and loneliness.

Hi Terry, ask God for strength to get you thru the day, and give thanks for another day, it's really hard I know, but we have to find meaning somehow to our lives, I know your pain, I am distanced from my family, never felt part of them, but you matter, don't ever forget, if you want to talk I'm here. I already joining a club is not the answer for my loneliness problem, all I have to say is I tried joining a club with one of my favorite hobbies and only got myself humiliated, my problem is I'm just way too damn different sorry will not and can not explain my problem any further, don't care if this is published or not.

J, I hope you saw that your comment was published. I got an alert in my email account, and came over to let you know I empathize with you.

And I Victogia agree with you, too, that some of us are just, using your words, "way too damn different. I bet we'd have many similar stories to share. My brother when I was growing Lonely looking real sex Victoria was sick with two diffrent diseases my parents favored him because they probablly knew he was going to die and he eventually did still it hurt to hear my father constantly praising him when he became ill all their focus was on him i learned early not to trust anyone Viictoria tried to make freinds with the people i work with but their not Lonely looking real sex Victoria and i just cant sxe past a certain level of trying to hard because it brings up the pain from my past so if someone even seems to reall rejecting me im done and i dont try again and i know thats a crummy Lonely looking real sex Victoria but yes iv learned not to trust people and i agree that joining clubs is Free bbw Carson Virginia sex dating the answer although there is nothing wrong Lonely looking real sex Victoria doing that.

My reason for being lonely is money and chronic pain I don't like to drink so bars are not my thing. I also never felt love as a child and couldn't trust people, because either it was all about sex or me being used financially.

I am an introvert, shy, low self esteem, almost to the point of being antisocial. I like Lonely looking real sex Victoria and I do try to be friendly, but there is just something about me that makes me unlikable. I just lost my best friend, my support system, my co driver and my husband of 15 years.

It's been almost a month since he pulled up in a Uhaul, packed Lonely looking real sex Victoria a little rael his belongings, and drove away without so much as a "goodbye". He left behind all the things that were either gifts from us or stuff he aquired Lonely looking real sex Victoria we were together. No forwarding address, changed his phone number, Lonely looking real sex Victoria his FB set to private, and got another email acccount.

To say I'm devaststed is an understatement, but I'm also extremely lonely. Lookign have no friends, my kids are grown, and as Lonely looking real sex Victoria as joining a club, not happening.

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I am self conscious around strangers, never seem to say the right thing, and as it has been most of my life, I can be in a room full of people and still be lonely. It's like I'm invisible or something.

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Right now though, I would be especially bad company. I am not in a good place in my head or my heart. This depression is Lonely looking real sex Victoria me up inside and I've just gotten to where I hate what my life has become. It's just not right to lose so. Lonely,yes, soul tired,if your familiar with the expression. Taken large knockdown hits this year. But I continue to endure. Alone most of my lifeprobably caused by my actions. Losses and moving around as a child ,gave me a I don't want to know you because I might love you,then I will Lonely looking real sex Victoria hurt.

Carried on into my adult life with the assistance of chemicals. You always have friends when you've got chems. But all that is in the past now as are the friends. I look around today and wonder is there still hope and love for me. Now at 53 no wife,ex or otherwise,no kids,and no friends. Great pride is taken to keep only real users on our Naked women having sexual intercourse everyday.

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