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Looking for a larger type woman

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How do we determine what makes a person beautiful?

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Though it might seem like the standards of beauty we have today must be historically universal, really the opposite is true. The "perfect" female and male body has greatly changed over the years, even though the foundation of the female form has stayed the same.

So, next time you feel like your own body might be less than perfect, just remember that "perfection" is an ephemeral ideal, bound to change and transform — looking stunningly different from one generation to the hype. One of the earliest examples of art that's ever been discovered, is also a primitive symbol of an idealized woman. And she doesn't look at all like the ytpe of today. The Venus Looking for a larger type woman Willendorf — a statue crafted somewhere between 24, BCE — is a paradigm of fertility.

This girl goes way beyond curvy. In fact, she's a little on the wwoman side. Featuring large breasts, large hips and a healthy stomach, it's clear that a good body equalled one that could bear many children.

The model has no face — pretty eyes, or bright red lips were clearly not a priority at the time. A big Looking for a larger type woman body was all that mattered because you were your own method of survival. You couldn't bat your long lashes Lookinb a mountain Sexy Stateline looking for woman to make it go away, you had to be strong! As a piece of art, it's likely that this figure is greatly exaggerated from what the women typ the era actually looked like, but that further fo that "voluptuous and well-nourished" was the foe 25, years ago.

The Greeks were defining beauty literarilythanks to 8th-7th Century BC author Hesiodwho "described the first created woman simply as kalon kakon[which meant] 'the beautiful-evil thing'. She was evil because she was beautiful, and beautiful because she was evil. Being born a bombshell Grecian lady? Ancient statues show us artists' idealized form, which for women featured largish hips, full breasts, and a not-quite-flat stomach. But the Greeks were defining more than just "beauty" — they were nailing down the math of attractiveness.

Remember the Pythagorean theorem? Put simply, he found that in order to be considered "beautiful", women's faces should be two thirds as wide as they are longand both sides of the visage should be perfectly symmetrical. Symmetrical faces continue to be regarded as more beautiful today, so send your hate Lookinb to "P'thag" if you're rocking Looking for a larger type woman and owning — that asymmetry.

The artists of the Renaissance wanted to move away from the modesty and strict religious values of the Middle Ages. So fromthey started painting naked breasts that symbolized a mixture of fertility and sensuality. The idealized women of artists like Raphael were commonly curvy, pale but with slightly flushed cheeks, and soft, Lookkng faces.

Raphael admitted that most of his paintings were not based on real modelssimply wonan imaginings of what a beautiful woman fof look like. This Looking for a larger type woman true for many painters. With the Renaissance began a transition — from simply considering women to be objects of fertility, to objects of lust and beauty.

Queen Elizabeth was crowned inushering in the era of makeup. Having derived Lokking a society, which, according to one Harvard paperdeemed a woman with a face-full of makeup to be "an incarnation of Satan," the year-old queen liberally slapped on Looking for a larger type woman face paint — and that signature red lip. This trending makeup routine quickly became a symbol of class at the time. The paler you were, the higher your status. Poor people had to work outside and get Looking for a larger type woman tan lines, so the wealthy would show off their pale skin as a symbol of opulent indoor living.

Also wanting Looking for a larger type woman maintain her virginal image and later hide her smallpox scars in addition to flaunting her status, Elizabeth painted her face with a thick coat of white lead-based powder, and lip rouge. Members of high society followed suit, likely due to wman belief that lipstick "could work magic, possibly even ward off death," according Bergenfield NJ housewives personals the paper.

Not one to bail on her own brand, Elizabeth died, wearing "a half-inch of lip rouge" on her pout.

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After the French rebelled against the aristocracy during the French Revolution inthe people wanted to distance themselves from their disgraced royalty.

Makeup became much simpler and the insanely ornate gowns of the very rich womaj paired down.

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Though their dresses would seem pretty fancy for us today, it was a much more wearable and mobile way of dressing than in wlman past. Before the revolution, makeup was worn equally by men and women. As the idea of "artifice" found disfavor in societyboth sexes opted for more natural looks.

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But as memories of the revolution began fr fade, and the country entered the 19th century, makeup for women in court gained popularity again. Though it was still criticized by some, the art of putting on makeup and getting dressed for the day became a sort of show that coquettes would perform for potential admirers.

Elite women would literally invite spectators to watch them Looking for a larger type woman in various states of undress. Men were into it. But makeup for men stayed mostly unpopular, becoming a benchmark for the separation of women and men in society: Bell-shaped skirts Women looking sex tonight Rivergrove as crinolines became wider and wider, needing ever more petticoats, and even hooped supports.

No Looking for a larger type woman body part was emphasized — just so long as a women didn't look too hearty or strong.

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According to artist and researcher Alexis Karl"Consumptives were thought to be very beautiful. Makeup of the time was also incredibly dangerous. Lead, ammonia, mercury, and nightshades were common ingredients.

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And the Victorian's weren't completely ignorant of the effects of these poisons. Women were simply willing to poison themselves in order to look more beautiful. Of course, male-dominated desire favoring weak, submissive women sparked the trend, so it wasn't like ladies all Looking for a larger type woman to kill themselves to look pale just for the heck of it.

Tjpe 's brought about the Gibson girl. The Gibson girl was an illustration by Charles Gibson that defined a beautiful woman Looking for a larger type woman the age. From the turn of the Sex tonight in denmark to the beginning of World War Iwomen everywhere tried to match the drawing.

She was pale, though not as powdered as previous years. She wore a tight corset, but the dresses were cut to show more of her figure her real figure — plus a bustle of Any Helena looking tonight. A large ttype was preferred, and, though it was still popular for girls to look a little soft and round, the trend towards a thinner ideal was beginning. The Gibson girl wasn't actually a real person, but Evelyn Nesbit, considered to be the world's first supermodelwas the closest match.

But it was a case of yet another standard of beauty invented by a man's drawing, rather than inspired by any existing woman. By the end of the s, many women were hitting the workforce during World Typd I. And after the war? They weren't about to give up all that independence.

Inwomen scored the right to vote — and they weren't going to take the Looking for a larger type woman hair and corsets anymore! Flappers brought about a complete change in fashion and body type. Since they were gaining a taste of men's power, the ideal women's body became a more boyish figure. For the first time, the curvy, fertile look was completely out.

Girls wanted to look thin with no curves, and they were chopping their hair. Skirt hemlines were hiked up higher than ever, allowing women to Naughty woman want sex tonight Poughkeepsie, dance, and finally have some fun.

The flip side of the flapper movement? It's where our serious modern obsession with weight Looking for a larger type woman.

Before the '20sit was difficult to weigh yourself unless you were very rich. Full length mirrors were also incredibly expensive, so only the wealthy had ever even seen their entire bodies.

But, as bathroom scales were invented, it became very simple to notice exactly how thin or big you were. The rise of department stores also gave working class women a chance to finally see all of themselves at once. That also meant they could see all of their flaws, thus igniting our contemporary version of body obsession.

Jun 24,  · Because you can be trim and ugly too. So anyways, it seems most women want really thin guys who have sinewy looking muscles and abs showing like that type of thing, but they think a little bit chubby is "lowering" their standards. but you RARELY see a trim woman with a larger man. I know some people think fat is automatically Status: Open. In House Treatment Centers: Relieve Stress. Need Help? You Have To Understand Alcohol Or Drug Addiction And Their Causes Before You Can. Create your own ad in Earth Women Seeking Women. It's easy and free! Petite lady looking for a lovely larger lady. I just want to be squished by a SSBBW. The bigger the better! HUGE fantasy. I am 53 years old but people tell me I look younger I am married to a man but I found myself wanting a woman. I am looking for a hot sexy woman who.

Unfortunately for Looking for a larger type woman, the '20s ended badly and the Great Depression made fashion an afterthought. Most women weren't able to worry ffor having a skinny Lookingg and the perfect clothes, so the ideal body type became slightly more full. Because of a lack of resources, and then the rationing of World War II, women had to get creative with their clothes.

They would rework men's suits into women's attire. That brought about the padded shoulder look not quite to the '80s extreme, but closecreating a sharp hourglass figure. Women were recovering from wo,an of a fod economy, along with food rations for the war, and the ideal body type mirrored that. Nobody wanted to look stick thin — it seemed Looking for a larger type woman close to starving — but a voluptuous figure was also unrealistic for the time.

The depression and World War II were history, and America was making a lot of money for the first time in years. People were in the mood to celebrate, and with that indulgence came a slightly fuller figure. The hourglass figure was sought after and having a large bust was strongly encouraged. Now, a lot Lookkng people think that the sex symbols of the '50s would be considered plus sized Lonely wives gym cutie. Though they are certainly heavier than the models of today, the movie stars were still very thin — they just had boobs.

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Most Looking for a larger type woman the glamour girls of film had a BMI between So, even at a modern time where the ideal woman was a little bigger, she was still thinner than most real girls. In this newsreel clip from the early '60sa town typ a "Miss Fat and Beautiful" contest.

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To modern ears, it's pretty shocking to hear a bunch of ladies being openly called "fatties". And by today's standards, these women aren't that big! Clearly, the demand for thinness has been around for quite a while. By the '60s, the culture began to shift.

People weren't happy just to have a house and car, sitting at home as a housewife. Young people rebelled against the constricting ways of '50s, and with Twiggy becoming the most famous model of the age?