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This web page provides genealogy information for 29 generations nine centuries of Border Clan Scott, whose members include poet and novelist Sir Walter Scott Generation Uchtred, son of Scot, lived in the first half of the 12th century, and from his two sons the numerous Scott branches began.

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From chathwm marriage comes the line of the later Dukes of Buccleuch and Queensberry. From the line of Harden originating in the 14th century, sprang one of Scotland's greatest men: Sir Walter Scott of Married but wanting sex East chatham New York.

Like their neighbours, the Scotts were turbulent, cunning, courageous and filled with energy. The gathering place of the Families in time of war was Bellendean, on Borthwick Water. When the fierce cry of 'A Bellendaine! Much of the following information is taken from Anderson's book, Vol. Kenneth MacAlpin, king of Scotland came Adult personal adds summerville sc after to hunt in the royal forest, and pursued a buck from Ettrickheuch to the glen now called Buckleuch, about two miles Ezst the junction of Rankelburn with the river Ettrick.

Here the stag stood Thick hot and ready bay; and the king and his attendants, who followed on horseback, were thrown out by the steepness of the hill and the morass. They dropped the sirname sic Scott and kept the clan name, changing the spelling to Bucklew. A blog about the history of the Border Reivers from the 13th to the 17th centuries web site is at http: The Clan Scott badge is shown at http: The tartan is shown at http: Married but wanting sex East chatham New York see a detailed border clan mapclick here.

There are also border maps available online from commercial sites.

Married but wanting sex East chatham New York

Eastt A timeline of Scottish history is at http: A Scottish history and genealogy resource website is at www.

NOTE on Scott succession: An unusual distinction of the Scott pedigree is that the succession has passed wwnting from father to son for some 30 generations from the 11th century, with Married but wanting sex East chatham New York one exception of Adult Dating Personals - Chamberlain ME sex daughter in Anne, Duchess of Buccleuch and Monmouthwhose marriage to the son of King Charles II introduced the family trees of the earliest Kings and Queens of England.

First Generation 1.

Uchtred Fitz-Scott, 2, M. I, pp ff; A. Much of the information in these genealogical tables is taken from Anderson's book, Vol. Uchtred Fitz-Scott or Filius Scott.

It's believed, however, that from the days of Kenneth III the barony of Scotstoun in Peeples-shire had been possessed by the ancestors of this Uchtred, who, being Horney mothers Le Mans from Galwegian forefathers, were called Scots, Galloway being then inhabited by the clan to whom that name properly belonged.

Originally Scot, a surname conjectured Married But Looking Real Sex Gypsy West Virginia have been at first assumed by, or conferred on, a native of Scotland, and afterwards adopted as a surname, when surnames became in use. He was called Uchtredus filius Scoti, to distinguish from others of the Married but wanting sex East chatham New York Christian name, probably Saxons or Normans.

Assumed the additional surname of Hepburne, in consequence of the estates of the Hepburnes of Humbie having descended to him through Helen Hepburne, countess of Tarras, his great-great-grandmother. By failure of the male heirs of Sir Robert Scott of Murdochstone, from whom derives the Married but wanting sex East chatham New York house of Buccleuch, the chieftainship of all the Scotts of Scotland, devolved on Lord Polwarth, both families being descended from sons of Sir Michael Scott, who was killed in Uchtredus filius Scoti witnessed charters between andand from him were descended the Scotts of Buccleuch and the Scotts of Balwearie.

Richard Scott, 3, M. Andrews to the abbey of Holyroodhouse about Third Generation Family of Richard Scott 2 3. Richard Scott II, 4, M.

With Alicia, he received lands in Roxburg in the reign of Alexander II; he was succeeded in that property by his son, William. Michael Scott, 40, M.

Possessed considerable estate in Fifeshire in reign of William, the Lion. William Scott, 6, M.

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Duncan Scott, 42, M. Fifth Generation Family of William Scott 5 7.

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Richard le Scott of Murdiestoun Baron, 7, M. Richard le Scott died in ; he was Swore fealty to King Edward I of England First ancestor of Scotts of Buccleuch family of whom there is definite record, Murthoxton or Murthockstoun, later Murdiestoun, in county of Lanark.

Also had lands in Selkirkshire, which were restored to him in Sep. But of this last there is no evidence, while Michael Scot was then the laird of Balwearie in Fife. Richard Scott may have lived beyondand his successor may have died some years before chathan He is therein styled "Richard le Scot de Murthoston, in county of Selkirk.

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If the assumption is right, the Scotts must quite recently have come into possession of Rankilburn, for in it belonged to Nigel de Heris, the king's forester. Married daughter and heiress of Murthockstone, "of that ilk," in the county of Lanark, by which marriage he wanging the property of Cheating wives fort Columbus, later called Murdieston.

Married but wanting sex East chatham New York

He then assumed into his arms "the bend of Murdiestoun," and disposed thereon his own paternal crescents and star. He swore fealty Nee Edward I inand died in Richard le Scott and Inglis of Murthockstone had one child: Knighted by Alexander II and was one of the group assigned to inspect and control the borders between the monastery of Dunfermline and the lands of Dundaff in By his wife, Margaret Balwearie, 48, F, daughter and sole heiress of Sir Richard Balwearie of Balwearie, he got that estate in the parish of Abbotshall.

Michael Scott and Margaret Balwearie had one child: Michael Scott Sir, 9, M. Michael died in Battle of Durham on 17 October ; he was Sir Michael Scott of Murthockstone, son of Sir Richard and the heiress of Murthockstone, was a gallant warrior, distinguishing himself at the battle of Married ladies seeking sex flirting in Waltham hill, 19 July Slain in battle of Durham thirteen years later, 17 October Nothing else is known of him, his relation to Richard of Murthockston being assumed.

Michael Scott Sir, Married but looking in Moffat CO, M. Children of Sir Michael Scott: Duncan was proprietor of lands in Forfarshire, and progenitor of the Scotts in the North. Robert Scott Sir, 10, M. Robert died before 7 December ; he was Robert Scott of Murthockstone and Rankilburn. Fraser's tree [from Source 5] Wantng, styled Sir Michael's son, but there is no proof whatever of the connection.

He Married but wanting sex East chatham New York first of the family of whom there is charter evidence, his name occurring in a deed whereby Nw Robert Chafham conveyed and confirmed to Walter Scott, son of the deceased Robert, the superiority of Kirkurd Kirk-Eward in Peeblesshire.

The deed does not say that Robert the father had possessed Kirkurd, but he may have been the representative of a family which had long held lands in the same county.

Aboutan Adam le Scot is mentioned in connection with the lands of Ingliston, near Kirkurd; and ina Walter le Scot swore fealty to King Edward I for lands in the shire of Peebles.

There were thus two families of Scott, one holding lands in Peeblesshire and another at the same time holding lands in Lanarkshire, both of which lands are later Married but wanting sex East chatham New York in possession of one family of the name.

By way of accounting for their amalgamation, Mr.

Fraser [from Source 5] suggests that Walter le Scot in Peeblesshire and Richard in Murthoston were brothers; and that Walter's line having failed, his property fell to this Robert, third of Ssx. Should not the suggestion be the other way?

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The non-recurrence of Richard or of Michael's name in the Buccleuch pedigree suggests rather the disappearance of the Murthoston branch; and as strongly does Marriec constant repetition of Walter and Adam confirm the survival of the Peeblesshire family. In absence of documentary proof, it is instructive to find this view supported by tradition.

Captain Scott of Satchels, no infallible authority indeed, but none the less a faithful mirror of the common belief, says in his doggerel history of the Clan Scott, written in The barony of Eward Married but wanting sex East chatham New York Lonely housewives seeking hot sex San Bernardino share It was called Scotstoun Hall when Buccleuch in it did dwell When Buckcleugh at Scots-hall bjt his house.

Then Peebles church was his burial-place, In the Cross-Kirk there has buried been Of the Lairds of Buckcleugh either six or seven; There can none say but it's two hundred year, Since any of them was buried chathzm.

Two hundred years back from is near enough towhen David Scott, dying at Rankilburn, left instructions in his will that he should be buried in Peebles. If Satchels is as trustworthy about the five or six lairds previously buried there as he evidently is concerning the date of the last interment, the Buccleuch family must Married but wanting sex East chatham New York traced to the Peebles Scott, Water, rather than to Lanarkshire Richard.

This would bring the connection with Selkirkshire a generation or two later, but would detract nothing from the antiquity of the family, Walter and Richard having been contemporaries. Before leaving Robert Scott it is proper to remark that but for the casual mention of his name in the charter above mentioned, he would never have been heard of. Henry Scott Sir, Adult wants sex personals CO, M. Child of Sir Henry Scott: Walter Scott of Buccleuch, Yok, M.

He was one of the principal persons on the borders who were bound to keep the peace of the marches in Also mentioned as owner of a large tract of country between Rankilburn and Tima--really the first reliable notice of the Scotts' connection with their titular lands of Buccleuch. Was one of the brave Border barons who fell in the disastrous battle of Homildon in It is quite as likely that the Lanarkshire, Selkirkshire, and Peeblesshire lands were united in his time as in his father's, but in Married but wanting sex East chatham New York cases it is matter of conjecture, the identity of Walter of Kirkurd and Walter of Rankilburn being by Woman wants hot sex Price Utah means certain.

Andrew Scott Sir, 49, M.

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Child of Sir Andrew Scott: Ninth Generation Family of Walter Scott of Buccleuch 13