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Eerie occurrence but again I am not surprised. Wolter has the profile of the average ssex intellectual hooligan. If Wolter was only half as smart as he pretends, I would ask him to do my nails.

Married housewives seeking real sex Tucson Arizona

Tara, I'd be happy to do your nails, but stupid me would probably break them You're right about one thing, Married housewives seeking real sex Tucson Arizona probably not as smart as they make out to be on the show.

However, I can found things on the Kensington Rune Stone scholars missed Ticson over a hundred years that proved its medieval origin. In the arena of investigating archaeological mysteries, how smart do you need to be? Personally my humble opinion I think Geologists should stick to geology, not attempting to rewrite history.

As for the History Channel, I see them as a nest of unrepentant bag men dealing in cheap commercial sensationalism. The genius of marketing jousewives mediocrity.

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Ever notice the freemason symbol is an "X" separated and moved around. Wolter -- you can "found things"?

Married housewives seeking real sex Tucson Arizona

I guess you didn't get an honorary degree in English grammar. That show is pretty much a steaming load. What a drama queen: The ruthlessness that academic researchers use to critique others research far exceeds the criticism Scott is receiving, as it should. For the most part the criticism of researchers is accepted by those being criticized as part of the scientific process to move closer to the truth.

If a researcher's theory is wrong, the researcher wants to know as they do not want to spend their life, as they plan to do, studying something they know is not accurate.

A person does not have to be a PhD to conduct competent and accepted research. Just in the martial arts where a black belt represents a goal reached not necessarily retained in the present the PhD represents the recognition of a goal reached documenting the person holding the PhD has reached a knowledge base and understanding worthy of recognition of being awarded a PhD.

I encourage anyone who wants to conduct research, degree or not, to do so. If you have access to learning the scientific process out of academia, I would encourage it to increase acceptance of your work and decrease the chance that you will promote theories that may effect the well being of society.

Study what is known about the topic you are researching; state your theory; identify criteria that support and reject your theory; create research that will have outcome that will either support or reject your theory; describe procedure that Married housewives seeking real sex Tucson Arizona researchers Old milfs looking for phone sex Marshalltown rimming women Barke duplicate to support or reject your theory; conduct the research: Scott Wolter's illustrious doctor, I was reading your story about the Maya and Georgia, and regarding some of your comments I would like to mention that: I apologize for the mistakes but I used an electronic translator because I am not fluent in your language.

Thank you for your attention. Jason, The series Unearthed America, is currently lodged in my country by Channel Beautiful lady seeking sex encounters Kailua1 Hawaii Channel, and from the Married housewives seeking real sex Tucson Arizona episode that talks about the Mayans in Georgia, had serious doubts about the seriousness of Scott Wolter, who never gave me any credibility, looking more an adventurer or a reporter sensationalized, rather than an expert worthy of credibility.

I wonder if other people who appear in the series, are in fact who they say they are about people or suspicious.

His investigation into the alleged credentials that could not be confirmed, only further reinforces my impression that it is all a sham and mounted. Although there may be some truth in the investigations made by Mr.

Cool decent lady friend wanted, this is lost altogether, since the honesty of the person making the submission is totally put in doubt, thus damaging, serious work that could bring the light of Indeed many mysteries still present in human history.

I am very surprised too that a TV channel as the History Channel, will give way to a person without first investigating it to avoid any problems in the future that would tarnish the reputation of the issuer.

The story of Married housewives seeking real sex Tucson Arizona tomb of an Englishman of the twelfth century would have been found in a cave in Arizona outback is so unbelievable as to say that Jesus was an alien. How is it possible to believe that someone at that time, were able to cross over the United Kingdom, in addition to cross one of the most inhospitable deserts there and then die and be buried in a cave?

Assuming that they had crossed the Atlantic, it would be unbelievable, Married woman looking sex Tallahassee Florida even more so if we consider the distance traveled from the east coast, assuming that had landed there.

You are right that there is much evidence of the arrival of European man in America before Columbus, especially the Vikings, but I think this time they went too far. Married housewives seeking real sex Tucson Arizona think they should do an urgent examination of Married housewives seeking real sex Tucson Arizona, and a drug test in Mr.

Wolter, before he can get more space for a program doubtful. I apologize if my English is not correct, because I am using a translator, ok? Thank you for your attention.

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Scott, I liked your episode on the possible burial site in the Mustang Mountains. But now, right after that, I just Arizzona through your "Holy Grail" episode, after reading the summary description in Verizon's on-screen program guide.

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I don't know if they came up with this housewifes, or if you did, but it says your findings were "shocking. There were zero shocking findings.

One thing that was under your control was the use of divining rods.

True, you initially described them as "controversial" the truth is they have been debunked. But as the show progressed and you referred back to seekign "findings" of Married housewives seeking real sex Tucson Arizona divining rods, your disclaimer became weaker and weaker.

Incredibly, even at the end of the show, after the gold predicted by the rods was not there, you would not admit they were a scam. Rigorous scientific training would have Married housewives seeking real sex Tucson Arizona you from wasting your time on these. In sum, I'm a new viewer and I found your show interesting up to the time I realized that you cannot be a trained scientist.

Now much of that interest has become doubt. We can't see what gets screened out or manipulated during editing. We have to trust you. But you can't fake your credentials and expect trust. Wolter, the lady who wrote the text about her nails was not very smart herself. If anyone Free adult dating Denmark watched the history channel they Arizonx have seen that you called several different experts to verify your findings.

I found the show very interesting.

I Wanting Man Married housewives seeking real sex Tucson Arizona

Please keep up the good work!! Should look up Americus Vespuchi, not Sexy lonely looking adult matchmaking about the spelling. What you might find out about Columbus might be Married housewives seeking real sex Tucson Arizona.

I feel that Mr. Wolter is passionate about a field sdeking study that many are not familiar with. The possibility of a Pre-Columbian European presence in North America is a bit of a stretch but we cannot ignore the evidence;a lot of Tucsno is circumstantial and needs further scrutiny by credentialed scientists who use empirically supported evidence based practices to come to a realistic conclusion.

Is it possible that a small group of English or other Europeans penetrated far Married housewives seeking real sex Tucson Arizona to the interior of North America?

Is it also possible that a person with an understanding of ancient runes and methods of writing could have fabricated a stone or grave marker? We have to remember that "America Unearthed" is still a TV show, it is supposed to be interesting enough to make all of us tune in next week. All I can say is degree or not, the questions that are being asked; and the exercise of challenging history and all of the s-called "academia" is something that more people should Married housewives seeking real sex Tucson Arizona doing.

Knowledge is something that should produce a thirst; a thirst that cannot be quenched. I applaud this series and Scott for doing just that. If your travels ever take you to the northeast; specifically the New York area i's love the opportunity to explore with you.

I have watched several episodes of this show, and I have to admit that going in, I was very excited about the prospect of seeing mainstream overturned with Tonight movie or Meridian evidence. At the end of the first episode, I was astonished by a few self evident facts displayed.

Fact one is that Scott makes suppositions and only then looks for supporting evidence. Fact two- every bit of 'evidence' he thinks he has found is rebuffed or dismissed by the experts he consults Married housewives seeking real sex Tucson Arizona though they are carefully edited to seem more accepting. Fact three is that even after hearing that that there is no way that this 'evidence' is what he hopes it is, he states how monumental it would be if such a thing were true and states his belief that, "the door on this is still open" and the clip is cut before the expert replies,"No Fact four- At the end of every show, not one question has been answered, not one piece of real evidence has been supported, and they continually fail to find anything they are looking for, and was sure was there, even after they used the dowsing rods to make sure it was there!

Lol Fact Married housewives seeking real sex Tucson Arizona Anyone who even allows a dowsing rod to even be mentioned in the same Married housewives seeking real sex Tucson Arizona as science, just lost all credibility. My first thought at the end of the show was,"What?

They didn't find a thing! The most important thing to remember here is that this man is a showman Some of these view points of Scott's 'supporters' would be more excusable 15 years ago, but now the Married housewives seeking real sex Tucson Arizona is sophisticated enough that nearly anyone can research any extraordinary claims themselves.

I routinely double check everything I hear on both the Science Channel and Mid Southaven woman looking for sex and I can tell you that the majority of everything on these channels is suspect if you are looking for unassailable and incontrovertible facts. These channels deal more with controversial hypothesis and conspiracy 'theories' rather than supportable scientific theory.

That anyone in Tucon day can seriously buy into 'ancient aliens' and such after actually listening to the poop which pours from their mouths with such side grinning conviction, makes me fear for the zex of mankind. Se people think about the future and straining resources and Arjzona restraint on their Married housewives seeking real sex Tucson Arizona while uneducated people who believe exciting fairy tales multiply like mindless rats!

Otherwise these channels would be too embarrassed to air such travesties of the scientific method!! If there weren't billions of suckers out there, we wouldn't have corporations gouging us and paying us dirt now would we?

Anyway, this is the foundation which America Unearthed is built on Our true history probably is distorted and missing many chucks of truth, but there is a good reason for this I can tell you that any serious Sexy housewives in Newport News Virginia will dismiss everything on this show based on everything in it!

How can I tell that? Because I don't have a degree either and even I find it embarrassing how easily people are taken in by this Married housewives seeking real sex Tucson Arizona of mumbo-jumbo. I study Marrief constantly as an amateur and have for years, so I know that anyone without formal training in the sciences is swimming deep in a dark Arizonna forbidding ocean with little chance in hades of successfully navigating it.

Higher knowledge is often incomprehensible if you don't have years of the proper prerequisites and it is also true that "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing," because you will always draw the wrong conclusion when you are not in possession of all the facts, most of which are far above the average joe's head. The accumulated knowledge of the ages is so vast Married housewives seeking real sex Tucson Arizona you can spend a lifetime and never learn more than a bit of it, let alone break new ground.

This makes Arizoma very easy to 'wow' and pull the wool over the eyes of the average couch potato that has not spent a minute in secondary education.

My general rule of thumb is this TV is fantasy land, not a substitute for college. Scott, I was so pleased to see you defend yourself.