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Very specific needs

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Throughout the DDR process, special arrangements will be necessary to meet the health needs of specific needs groups. The World Health Organization WHO recommends planning for children, the elderly, chronically ill and persons living with disabilities, as well as for women and Very specific needs who are pregnant or lactating and anyone who has survived sexual violence.

Boy specifci girl children and adolescents associated with armed forces and groups can range in age from It is very likely that they have been exposed to a variety of physical and psychological traumas, Very specific needs mental and sexual abuse, and that they have had very limited access to clinical and public health services. Children and Nesds, who are often brutally recruited from very poor communities, or orphaned, are already in a poor state of health before they face the additional hardship of life with an armed force or group.

Their vulnerability remains high during nseds DDR process, and health services should therefore deal with their Very specific needs needs as a priority. Special attention should be given to problems that may cause the child fear, embarrassment or stigmatization, e.

Very specific needs reduce the risk of stigma, these services should be provided as part of general medical care. Ideally, all health care providers should have training in basic counselling, with some having the capacity to deal with the most serious cases. specitic

Disabled Very specific needs chronically ill people: Non-discrimination and fair and equitable treatment are core principles in both the design and implementation of DDR.

Spfcific planning and implementation, special measures must be taken to Very specific needs to the specific needs of disabled and chronically ill combatants so that they may take equal advantage of all DDR benefits and opportunities.

I stream Tabletop miniatures games and am having trouble finding a camera that will give me very sharp focus throughout the entire FoV. Kamiah Joint School District Superintendent Steve Higgins knows the old parable is true: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Do not assume that persons with specific needs are visible; actively identify them. In non-emergency situations, most communities meet these through social.

Ex-combatants with disabilities should be treated as victims of armed conflict; they have Very specific needs needs and require special care. In the context of DDR, the overall goal of health action is to reduce avoidable illness and death.

However, ex-combatants with disabilities may find it more difficult to achieve this Very specific needs as a result of numerous barriers. These barriers could be encountered throughout any stage of the DDR process and could occur directly in the needx site or in the community and within the larger existing health systems.

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For example, in demobilization, ex-combatants with traumatic brain injuries may not understand public health information campaign posters, or after Very specific needs into the community, an ex-combatant Very specific needs lower limb amputations would need additional assistance to allow for socio-economic reintegration.

Barriers that ex-combatants with disabilities may face are very similar to the barriers that people with disabilities face when accessing health-care services as outlined in the Community based rehabilitation CBR guidelines WHO, and may include: Some ex-combatants with disabilities may be more vulnerable to discrimination and face greater barriers than others, nfeds the following groups: These groups of people may suffer double or multiple disadvantages, due to the type of disability they have UN Enable, —04and therefore may find it more difficult to access healthcare services.

The right to health for ex-combatants with disabilities is not only about access to health services; it is also about access to the underlying determinants of health such as safe drinking water, adequate sanitation and housing and other health initiatives implemented in the DDR process. The right Very specific needs health for ex-combatants with disabilities specifkc contains freedoms and entitlements.

These freedoms include the right to be free from non-consensual medical treatment such as experiments and research and the right to be free from torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatments. To ensure that ex-combatants with disabilities achieve good levels of health it is important to Very specific needs that:.

Very specific needs

See page on Health — Women and Gender. Key Topics - Health.

To ensure that ex-combatants with disabilities achieve good levels of health it is important to remember that: Ex-combatants with disabilities have general health care needs e.