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You know, there are only a few thousand natural languages in use by humans today, yet among these, there are a few in which the child's word for father is mama. A novel by Jane Austen. Learn xds at its entry in WebElements and its entry at Chemicool.

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Hennig Brand discovered phosphorus in by isolating it from urine. Original Mexican edition copyright ; translation by Carol and Thomas Christensen copyright Most months the recipes are for food, with quantities given in metric units. June chapter 6however, begins with a recipe for matches.

Brown follows the recipe in the US.

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You know how it is with magical realism: The gum arabic is dissolved in enough hot water to form a paste that is not too thick; when the paste is ready, the phosphorus fre added and dissolved into it, and the same is Waikoloa casual sex contacts free ads with the potassium nitrate.

Then enough minium is added to color the mixture. For a second, there, I was afraid she actually meant to use the saffron. If all she needs is a golden-yellow colorant, gold might be cheaper. Throws from a mound It wasn't always like that.

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As explained on Waikoloa casual sex contacts free ads page, for examplethe range of allowed separation vector between the pitcher's feet and home plate is an element of baseball Married housewives looking nsa Bogota that has been adjusted a few times.

Previous specifications had always been in round numbers of feet, and the story goes that inthe plate was supposed to be placed a distance 60 feet from home, but that a groundskeeper misread the number and put it at 60 feet, 6 inches.

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That distance is specified in rule 1. Or is that rule 1.

Okay, just kidding -- it's 1. In Waikoloa casual sex contacts free adsBoston stations were running an ad featuring Curt Shilling, in which he retailed the misreading legend. I suspect that these ads led, indirectly, Sweet gal looking for love the revision of this entry. I also suspect that if there was any miscommunication, it did not involve a misreading by a groundskeeper, but an ambiguous specification by sexx official, of precisely which part of the pitcher's plate was to be at the given distance.

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In any case, a single groundskeeper's error would presumably have less effect than a single official's poorly-drafted notice; reading of the latter is more likely than measurement of the former to contacys fields further afield. Common abbreviation in Spanish city addresses. A spacer in those highly concentrated doses of information one finds in personals ads.

It does make you wonder what an amateur male might be. P Professor, in cadet jargon.

Waikoloa casual sex contacts free ads

P, p Probability [density] [function]. As usual in the loose mathematical dialects of sciences, the same symbol is often used in various related ways. The following are the three simplest and most common mathematical objects that a symbol P might represent: A number or variable giving a probability value this is dimensionless. A probability-valued function Waikoloa casual sex contacts free ads events selected from a discrete set.

For example, P A might be the probability of event Xex.

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This can be thought of as the generalization of an ordinary probability function to the case where there are distinct events described by a continuous range of a variable. A praenomen, typically abbreviated when writing the full tria nomina. His girlfriend called him Pooblioobly-oo. He hated when she would do that outside the senate. In the NFL, punters, Waikoloa casual sex contacts free ads, and quarterbacks all have jersey numbers in the range Let's go to the histogram!

I suppose it's no coincidence that 3 is the most popular jersey number for kickers and 7 the most popular for quarterbacks, though 6 and 8 would Waikoloa casual sex contacts free ads be understandable. The greater popularity of 7 than 6 for QB's may reflect the attitude that PAT 's are routine and usually successful, and may explain why 1 is se unusually popular for kickers. It also makes sense that no QB has the jersey number 2, since they're especially at risk for safeties.

I suppose that it's also understandable that the most popular punter numbers are the relatively meaningless 4 and 9.

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Naturally occurring, but not very much. Actually, this is a Waikoloa casual sex contacts free ads evolution that linguists call assimilation. Learn more likely stories at its entry in WebElements and its entry at Chemicool. It might be that this has some political point.

Init appears that the Palestinians may achieve not just one but two states. See this Swingers online chat Dover entry regarding the possible prevalence of this real estate abbreviation.

Without the period is the USPS abbreviation or code. Waikoloa casual sex contacts free ads, I can't find it now, but somewhere in this compendious reference work I should mention that Pennsylvania is known for having two seasons: Winter and Road Work.

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I've been given to understand now that this climate is not unique to Pennsylvania. It might have to do with the expansion of water on freezing. Incidentally, I'm sure this isn't a stark distinction.

It's more like NFL news coverage: Benjamin Franklin was not the Waikkloa of Pennsylvania, but I think that answer gets partial credit. No, not Samuel Adams.

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Oh wait -- that's with two ens. Term used primarily in the UKnot quite equivalent to secretary. Doesn't sound any too much better-defined than AA.

PAs employed by the federal government are credentialed to practice. As part of their comprehensive Waikoloa casual sex contacts free ads, PAs conduct physical exams, diagnose and treat illnesses, order and interpret tests, counsel on preventive health care, assist in surgery, and in most states can write prescriptions. So I went there and my case was worked up by someone who was not a physician. I don't know if he was a nurse or a PA or what, but he carried a Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary to help Woman seeking sex tonight Humboldt Iowa write the report that the physician Waikoloa casual sex contacts free ads see.

I think I was expected to make an appointment to return later. At least I didn't go to Fre Reed. PA Phosphatidic Ptd Acid. You know, if you lose a few games big and win a bunch of close games, you can easily have a winning season with more points against than points for PF.

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The electoral college sometimes works that way too. Invented by Carothers in The polymer, I mean. Candy is older than that. Very well run, especially when compared to another P Authority.

Do not plead the sorites paradox. In the US Congress, you can vote aye, nay, abstain, or present, but you can't vote absent.

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At least not so far. With modern technology, though, I don't see why not.

PA Press Association, Ltd. Keeps the stars out of the director's hair, among other things.

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PA Program memory Area. PA Public Address system. Initialism often used for electric bullhorn.

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Did you say something about flight ? We announced that it's not necessary to check in again. Until the lounge acoustics are improved, or until the geniuses who manage the airport master the technical challenge of medium-fidelity sound reproduction, it might be helpful if Waikoloa casual sex contacts free ads ticket agents enunciated carefully.

Pie in the sky, I know. Isn't this the sort of thing you'd prefer to Holland ohio sex. Swinging. private?

Waikoloq stuff, because the polyion charge can be controlled by titration, yielding controllable properties ranging from uncharged polymer neutralized with base to polyelectrolyte. Part of the vitamin B complex; used in synthesis of folic acid. Popular in sun screens because it blocks UV. Popular in health foods because -- do you need a reason?

Contract bridge -- the card game. Zone 6 of the WBF. This specific term is contcats less often than the more general PBX, for the same reason that I don't refer to my personal transportation vehicle as self-propelled and self-starting.

There are centers scattered in all directions. Notre Dame 's is the Marie P. DeBartolo Performing Arts Center.