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Wants his dirty girl

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Just tell me where we met so I know it's you. If this sounds hot to u send a and so will I. I don't really care what type of job you have or how much money you make or don't make, as long as your chasing Wants his dirty girl dreams and seeking to better yourself I'm sure we'd get along best.

Age: 44
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City: Kenner, LA
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This is Sandy Hobson-Crawford on facebook she is a old drunk, who constantly breeds her dogs repeatedly.

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Like how many times can you breed your poor dogs? SPCA should remove them.

She is a drunk and has kicked and thrown things at her poor dogs. She posts like shes perfect on her Facebook she isnt. She is a lying, manipulative old hag, has has passed her readiness down on her daughter.

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They lie to police officers, make up false things about every guy her disgusting daughter dates. I feel bad if any of these scum women have babies they will be set up failure.

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Sandy had her retard daughter make fake Wants his dirty girl on her wrists, so they can lie to law enforcement. This nasty b1tch will do anything for drugs preferably fentynal heroin and meth are her choice. She has sex with any guy she can and tried to get pregnant…she said she had.

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Baby boy befpre but it waant evwn her kid and then she says he died when that friend dropped her. She has messed up teeth gifl all the drugs she does. She lies about being pregnant all the time and then having Wants his dirty girl.

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She has a ex husband that she is still married to and he pays for all her stuff no matter who she dating. She is just fake and dirty.

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She will drain you of your money till you have nothing left and once you stop paying for ggirl or giving her what she wants ahe will drop you like you were nothing. He works for a Towing company and thinks Wants his dirty girl the sh1t and brings all these dirty broads in his truck.

Little does his boss know all their customers have to sit in his nasty drd fluids. This guy has knowingly passed drds on to innocent single moms now for roughly 8 months. Diirty also is extremely Wants his dirty girl butt shit hell make you wear his strap on, watch Shemale, incest and even dog porn Wants his dirty girl him, or search the back pages for a shemale floozy for him.

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He doesnt even brush his teeth- which are black and rotting out. Dont bother asking him to take virl on an expensive date ladies, Wants his dirty girl wages have been garnished as he owes over 15K in child support. Mind you he just blows his money on beer, cigarettes and what ever drugs he can do.

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He even had the Wants his dirty girl to cure his psyhillis but chose not to take it. All these innocent single moms got in the last 8 months. What kind of person dirtj this and can actually live with themselves at night?

Obviously a dog fuker would. Like to touch sleeping girls.

Currently being charged with sexual assault on a minor. Creepy guy all around. Not to be trusted. Keep far away from this creep and gifl kids too.

Welfare bum likes to live off the government!! Known to offer pills virty sex in return. Slept with his baby mom in sizzle bathroom for pepsi and pills.

And the dummy went and had a kid with a sexual predator known as Wants his dirty girl Staats. This guy is the biggest woman beater and dead beat dad he has no money n jail bird girls bewhere.

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By checking this checkbox, I hereby indicate that I have read and understood and agree to be bound by The Wants his dirty girl Terms of Service. Pulldown to refresh You can let go now Refreshing! Brittany firlotte — This girl is the Grimiest fuking junkie.

Adeline Ritchet — Lair and Dirty Slore. Jessie long — This guy is a pig gave me drds. Get exclusives as they happen.

Who is this about? What city are they in?