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So what are these relative files with their strange accompaniment of "side sectors, "pointers," and "records"? A relative file is a type of disk file which allows easy, random-order access to each of the elements in the file.

The elements in the file are called "records. The computer automatically finds the location of the se- Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 record on the disk and allows you to read it or write to it. We won't worry about "side sectors" because it is not necessary to know anything about them in order to use relative files.

There is one more concept we must discuss. Each rec- ord in the file may be furdier subdivided into portions called "fields. The term "relative" obscures their pri- mary distinguishing characteristic: See the March issue of Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 Sequential files also consist of records.

Before read- ing the 30th record in a sequential file, the computer program must first read through the preceding 29 rec- Single dad seeking New jersey in the file. This is the main disadvantage of sequen- tial files. If records must be accessed in random order. Once in memory, each record is loca- ted by an index of the array. Each record in a relative file also has an index associa- ted with it.

The index is stored right on the disk with the file as Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 is created. The storage areas for these in- dexes are the side sectors mentioned earUer. The compu- ter takes care of all this for us. If each relative file carries along its own indexes, and if each record is easily accessed in random order, then why are sequential files even used?

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Good only while supplies last. This offer I ends January 3 11 Two Big pussy mature Les Ulis for the storage inefficiency are that the indexes are stored along with the data, and that the fixed-length record structure usually produces wasted space. That brings us to the topic of record length.

The lengths of the records within a sequential fde may vary. The records are separated from one another by a termination character called a delimiter.

For example, if the three records in a file contain the names Mercury, Venus, Mars, the sequential file might look like this: The second and third records Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 6 and 5 characters long, Sweet housewives seeking nsa Fishers. Contrast this sequential file with a comparable rela- tive file.

All records in the relative file must be the same length. There are two ways to accomplish this with the data in the example above.

Either the longer data values must be truncated or cut off to the length of the shortest record, or the shorter records Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 be "padded" or filled with blanks to be as long as the longest record. Padding is usually more desirable than losing data. Before we create a relative file then, we must deter- mine what the longest possible record will be and use that as the record length. Now the storage inefficiency should be clear. If we choose a record length of 8, our relative file looks like this: Perhaps it is more obvious now how the computer can randomly locate these relative file records.

Since the Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 ord length is fixed at 8, record number 2 always starts with the 9th character in the file. Record number 3 be- gins with the 17th character. The st record begins with the st character. Where would the st record of a sequential file be found? Without knowing the lengths of each record, it would not be possible to Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 where the st record begins. The computer finds the st record only by reading and counting the first records.

This program does it: Line 30 reads the data from line Line 40 tells the computer which record is to be written. The 1 is the logical file number specified in line The value of N goes from 1 to 3 as the three records are written. The 1 at the end of line 40 is optional. It tells the computer to point to the first byte of the Nth record.

We will always use a value of 1 here. Line 50 writes the data to the selected record. Once all three records have been written, line 70 closes the file. Actually the three records are first written to a buf- fer in memory. Notice another difference from the way sequential files are opened. Once a relative file is open, it may be writ- ten to or read from. The relative file is available for random-access reading, or writing, or both. L" is needed only when the file is first written.

This statement reads characters up to the first carriage return in the record. This is about all there is to writing and reading rela- tive file records. The Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 is simply: If the disk drive light is flashing and the program has ended, Adult seeking sex tonight Princeton Texas 75407 should type PRINT DSS in direct Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 to display the error and to turn off the light.

In general when a program writes to a relative file for the first time, an error 50 "Record Not Present" oc- curs. In our sample program above, this error did not occur since the total length of the three records was less than characters. The best way to handle the error 50 problem is Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 write the highest numbered record when the file is first opened and then read DSS to clear the error. Assume we knew that we would never have more than 40 records in Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 file.

We could open it and write to the 40th record this way: We must read DSS each time a record is accessed which has a higher record number than any previously accessed. That is an advantage of writing the highest numbered record first.

Whenever a program opens a file, it should read Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 and act accordingly. A value of means that the file access was without error. An error will occur if we try to write data which con- tains more characters than the record length specified for the file.

For that reason, the program should care- fully check the length of each string of data before it is written to the file. We will see how to do that in the relative file model to be discussed. Suppose we want to store the names of the planets and their numbers of moons in a relative file. Each record should contain two fields; a name field and a number field. The records for Earth and Mars would look like this: Field 1 V Record 1: The sample program on page uses fixed length fields. We will simply pad the data in each field with spaces as necessary.

For example, let Field 1 have a length of That is longer than the longest name we have to store. Let Field 2 have a length of That is certainly wider than necessary. Ten characters will allow us to store most floating point numbers easily. Once we have defined the field lengths, we can calcu- late the record length. The lengths of the fields add up to We must add one for the delimiter at the end of each record. That gives a record length of Field 1 starts at character 1 and is 14 characters wide.

Therefore Field 2 starts at character 15 and is 10 char- acters wide. The delimiter fills the 25th character posi- tion in each record. The record for Mars and its num- ber of moons looks like this: Character MARS- The number, structure, and control of the fields is up to us. The RECORD statement does allow us Women in Las Vegas Nevada that wants to fuck move the pointer to a specific character within a record so that only a part of a record may be read or written.

But we will not use that method of selecting fields. Instead, we will always read the entire record into a string variable. We will read or write the desired substrings, then we will write the modified record string in its entirety back to disk. Refer to the program Planetary Moons Data- base on page The file has a record length of 25 as defined in line NR keeps track of the current record number.

Line 1 10 points to the next record, and line puts the data into that record on the disk. This is repeated for the other eight pairs of data. Line displays the disk error status and the data just written. If more than ten character records were written, an error 50 "Record Not Present" would occur, but as we discussed above, this is not really a problem. The main program File Manipulator on page is meant to be used as a Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 for creating your own rela- tive file programs.

The program can be easily modified and expanded to handle records of any size containing fields of any size and number. Line 50 arbitrarily sets the maximum number of records to The lengths of the fields are given in line Check or Money Ordeis accepted.

The 60th record is written if it does not already exist. This initialization simply guar- antees that the specified file exists. The main loop asks whether the file is to be read or written, or Lady from Lewistown tonight the user wants to exit the program.

Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 two major parts of the program are the Read routine and the Write routine. Each routine opens and closes the file, although that could have been done once in the main loop instead, as discussed earlier. The Read routine in lines through asks for the number of the record to be read. The subroutine in lines through reads and displays the selected record and shows Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 subdivided into its fields.

The Write routine is in lines through It asks the user for the desired record to be written or modi- fied. Line calls the read and display subroutine so the user can see how the record currently appears. The user specifies which field is to be rewritten in line Enter to leave the record unchanged.

A template is shown so the user can see how wide the selected field is. In case the user enters fewer Lady walking her dog near Moreauville Louisiana cc than the width of the field, line pads the entry with spaces.

Line Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 the result to the proper field width. Line sets die pointer, and line writes die new data to the file. The number of moons for each planet is correct at die time of this writing August If more moons are discovered, as they probably will be Uranus is a likely candidateyou now have the tools to Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 into the data- base and update it.

In fiiture columns we will see more advanced ways to access and sort the data in relative files. In the meantime, you should see if you can ex- pand this program to handle three or more fields in each record.

A little time with this program should convince you that relative files are not as difficult as they are said to be. Relative files will become a very useful and power- ful part of your programming repertoire. See ge 87 for ordering information. But last month's edition of Commodore Roots was a real scoop in the small world of assembly language journalism.

It revealed that Commodore had omitted some important information about sprite programming from its official page C Programmer's Reference Guide, published by Bantam earlier this year. In this column, I'll provide all of the vital material on sprite programming that you won't fmd in your C Ref- erence Guide -or in any other publication that I have discovered to date. Then we'll use the missing informa- tion in a type-and-run assembly language program that will create and animate a sprite on the Commodore screen.

As noted last month, the data that was left out of the C Reference Guide is so important that it is impos- sible to write an assembly language sprite program with- out it. If you follow the sprite-programming instructions presented in the reference guide— commissioned by Com- modore and published by Bantam —your program won't work. On page of the manual, there is a table of sprite position registers— registers in which values must be placed to position sprites on the screen.

Two pages la- ter, there is a segment of assembly language code show- ing exactly how a value can be placed in one of these registers in a program. In a sprite program written for the Commodore 64, this example would work just fme. In the C, how- ever, the sprite position registers listed on Page are not directly accessible from user-written programs.

That's because the C's sprite position registers must be ac- cessed via a second set of registers, called shadow reg- isters, that are situated in a completely different segment of memory.

Here is how these secret registers work: This operation takes place so often -and so rapidly -that you could sit and stuff values into the C's sprite position registers all day long, and you would never get a sprite to show up on the C's screen. In preparing this two-part column, I spent days trying to write an assembly language sprite program for the C in accordance with the instructions provided in Commodore's C Programmer's Reference Guide.

Eventually, from some vague hints presented in passing in other books, I discovered what was missing from the instructions given in the manual. Next, with the help of some reverse engineering Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 more than a little luck, I figured out everything I needed to know to write a sprite program for the C Then, finally, I managed to write an assembly language program that would create and ani- mate a sprite on the C screen.

Much of what follows will bear a striking simi- larity to the explanation of C sprite programming in the April '86 Ahoy! As you recall from last month, sprites are graphics characters that can be created, colored, and animated quite easily, and can be moved around completely inde- pendently of anything else on a computer screen. Using ordinary programming techniques, up to eight sprites can be displayed on a screen simultaneously. These eight sprites are usually numbered through Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676.

Sprites are made of tiny dots, just like programmable text characters are; and, like programmable characters, they can be created using standard bit-mapping tech- niques. But sprites can be several times larger than text characters; up to 24 horizontal screen dots wide and up to 21 vertical screen dots Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676.

And sprites can be expanded to twice their normal width and twice their normal height, or four times their standard size. The sprite used in the program that Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 with this column will be an expanded one. A sprite bit map is illustrated in Figure 1 on the following page. A sprite can also be pictured as a byte map— a matrix that measures three bytes wide by 21 bytes high, for a AHOY!

Actually, the bytes that make up a sprite are stored in consecutive order in RAM, starting with the byte in the upper left hand comer of the sprite's bit map and ending with the 63rd Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676, the one in the lower right hand Mature horny woman looking personals ads. But when a sprite appears on the screen, it Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 more like the byte map shown in Figure 2.

Sprite Bit Map Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 2: Sprites can be placed anywhere in free RAM, and a special pointer is provided to mark the location for each sprite.

Each sprite pointer is one byte long, so it takes eight bytes of RAM to hold the eight pointers needed to address the C's eight sprites.

These eight pointers are always the last eight bytes of whatever block of RAM has been designated as screen memory. When the location of screen memory is moved, the addresses of the C's eight sprite pointers also change. But it's easy to find them, since they always take up the last eight bytes of whatever block of RAM is being used as screen memory.

A one-byte value is all that's ever needed to define the starting address of a sprite map, since sprites always fall into whatever 16K bank of memory is currently accessible to the VIC-II chip. That means that a sprite pointer is actually an offset that must be added to Women in claysburg. starting ad- dress of the video bank currently in use to determine the starting address of the bit map that is to be used to form the sprite.

And the next seven bytes in RAM are the pointers for Sprites 1 through 7. To find the data that it needs to display a sprite, then, all the Commodore has to do is look at the 8-bit Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 ue Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 in the appropriate oPtsdam pointer. When that val- ue is added to the address of the graphics bank current- ly in use, the result will be the address of the bit map 28 AHOri that must be used to define the sprite. Bit 1 lookking used to Wofe sprite 1, and so on.

If the bit associated with a sprite is set, the sprite is enabled. If the bit is not set, the sprite Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 not enabled and cannot be used. In addition, there is a special "most sig- nificant X position register" abbreviated MSIGX Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 is used to designate the horizontal positions of all eight sprites.

This register is needed because a sprite can be placed in possible horizontal screen positions— too many positions for an eight-bit register to keep track of. If a sprite is to be placed in a position that can be stored as a value in an 8-bit register -a position with a value of less than — then the MSIGX register is not used.

But if the horizontal position of a sprite has a value of more thana bit in the MSIGX register is set. Each bit of the MSIGX register equates to the number of a sprite; bit is used for sprite 0, bit I for sprite 1, and so on. A sprite can be placed in only verti- cal positions, so only one 8-bit register per sprite is needed to handle the vertical positioning of sprites on the C's screen. And when the prop- er values are stored in a horizontal or vertical position sprite register, the Nda just like the C— uses those values to determine position of the upper left hand cor- ner of Older women needing sex in Tulsa Oklahoma sprite.

There is an important difference, though, between the way the sprite position registers are used in the Wifee 64 and the Commodore The differ- ence is, of course, those mysterious shadow registers. Of the possible horizontal positions of a lookinb, only positions 24 through are Potsvam on the screen.

Of the vertical positions that are available, only po- sitions 50 through are actually visible. It's therefore quite easy to make a sprite disappear; all you have to do is store the value of an offscreen position in its hori- zontal or vertical position register. Figure 3 shows the shadow position registers that must be used to position each of the C's sprites horizon- tally and vertically Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 the screen.

To select the color of a sprite, all you have to do is store the standard value of one of the Commodore OS's 16 colors in that sprite's color register.

Every bit that is set on the sprite's bit map will then be displayed in the selected color. Every dot that has a value of will be transparent, and will not cover up anything that is be- neath it on the screen.

Each bit in each register corresponds to a sprite number, with bit controlling the size of lookiny 0, bit 1 controlling the size of sprite 1, and so on. The secrets of un-prolecting soltware are yours with Krackar Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 Naked pussy in Harper Oregon We'll show you exactly how to defeat five different protection schemes encompassing scores of current programs.

Our tutorial has twenty specific examples to lead you, step by step, Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 a new level of knowledge. Here's what you get: You know the routine by now: How many times is your wallet going to be nibbled? It is a param- eter copy system. Most volumes contain well over separate copy pararrteters.

I Am Ready Real Dating

What IS a parameter? Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 system has many advantages over the older nibbler type of utilities For one thing, you don't have to experiment. And thai means less disk Orive aUgnment problems Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 you.

Ctieck out some ot looking exclusive features: Remember, the minute a new Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 is released, the 1376 Jax team will be developing a new parameter tor ti. This means that future Kraakar Jnz disks Sweet women want real sex Knowsley always contain parameters for the h ttest new titles on the market! Eraokar iax is the system that cannot all behind the times!

In the copy protection arms lioking. Xraekar Jax is the ultimate detense! Mail youf order to; Compuler Mart, Dept. Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676, it's an improved version of the program that apf eared in last month's column: This month, the program is expanded into one that also includes an animated sprite routine.

In its newest form, the program copies a character set from ROM into RAM and then Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 a message on the screen in large type. It then clears a bit map for sprite 0, copies some data into the bit map from the character set in RAM, and places an expanded sprite in an area out of viewing range at the top of the screen.

Next, the sprite descends into viewing range, and maintains a slow descent until it Potadam a predetermined position. Then it stops and becomes a part of the message displayed on the screen.

With the help of the INDFET rou- tine, a program can load the Local women to fuck around Davenport pa with any val- ue from any of the C-L28's 16 memory banks, without leaving the memory bank that is currently active. The INDFET routine works much like indirect Lets meet and take from there Wells addressing -a form of addressing in which the Y regis- ter and a two-byte zero-page pointer are used in the fol- lowing format: Then, when a statement that uses indirect in- dexed addressing is encountered, the value stored in the Y register will be added to the eight-bit address fx inted to by the pointer, and the accumulator will be loaded with the contents of the resulting address.

Store a Lonely horny wives in Logan, Utah, 84321 address in a zero-page pointer, load Wkfe accumu- lator with the address of the pointer, load the X register with the desired bank number, and load the Y register with an index.

When the routine ends, the value that has been fetched will be in the accumulator, and the C- will still be in the memory bank that it started out in. Now you know how to set up a high-resolution pro- gram on the Commodoreand how to program the C's sprites. Bulletins, Special Status, and Access Inols.

The system is completely menu driven, making rl easy for both Users and System Operalors. For Uploads and Downloads. Hi Tech Expressions, Inc. No additional charge Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 MaiteiCard and Vlia. Call for recent prtce reGuctfons and new rebate Intarmatlon.

Plus shipping and handling. Wo rttum vwlthoot return jwthotlMUon number. But first let's look at some of the features The Artist supports: DRAW- used to draw as you would Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 a pen. When you first enter this mode, the pen will be up. You can move the cursor anywhere on nza screen without leaving a trail.

Hit the fire button to put the pen down. A bell will sound to indicate that the pen is now down. Now, whenever you move the cursor, it will leave a trail in the current drawing color. To lift the pen back up, hit the fire button again. LINE— simplifies the task of drawing a straight line between two points. To draw a line, place Pktsdam cursor where you want the first endpoint to be. Hit the fire button and the computer wUI set a point at that spot and sound a bell. Now, move the cursor to the spot you want and other endpoint to be.

Hit the fire button again, and To make con- nected lines, hit the fire button again this will set another point where you just finished drawing the line. Move the cursor to where you want the other endpoint to be, hit the fire button once more, and there you have it -a connected line. You can continue this process for as long as you wish. First, move the cursor to where you want the center of the circle to be. Hit the fire button. You will then have to select the ra- dius of the circle.

The cursor will now only move either up or down. Once you have the desired length of the radius, hit the fire button. If you want a nsq circle, hit the fire but- ton again.

The computer will then draw the circle. If, how- ever, you want an ellipse, Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 selecting the vertical radius, move the cursor left or right to select the horizontal radius. RAYS -allows you to draw rays from a central point. First, Ptosdam a point. Now, move the joystick and hold the fire but- lookjng down at the same time. Rays will shoot out from the cen- tral point to the current cursor position. To draw a new ray, hold down the fire button without moving the Single housewives seeking sex orgy Baton Rouge. The bell wUl sound indicating that rays Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 now be drawn from that central point.

The most beautiful rays are drawn with a cursor speed of 1. FILL— should be used with care. Move the cursor to the looknig to be filled and hit the fire button to activate the fill. First, the outline of the Posdam to be filled must be completely con- nected.

Complete instructions guide you step by step as you rate your drive s perlormance and make the necessary adjust- ments All you need is a screwdriver and about an hour of your time No knowledge of electronics is necessary.

This is the easiest program o its type to use. Adult lonely searching together dating each directory and print disk jacket labels or a long master list of your programs Display any directory at will.

Search unction finds lost programs quickly. U Pilgrim's Progress Here ia a aophisticited text advenlure game that will provide you with hours of tun and chatlenge Baaed on tfie classic itory. BS Ciiristmas Carols Sing along with your You can even use it to make quizzes for your kids. Initell e device number twitch a must if ysu have Iwo drives Easy step by Hep mtirucnont include complete diegrams making the procedure a anap Complete kii includes switches, wires connectors Booklet - Only U.

This program will work with any word processor that has sequential file op- lions. Use our prepared word lists or create your own lists of words to drill Excellent sound and texl rewards Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 vocabulary words with deli- nitions A fast action game that takes only minutes to play but requires pertection in spelling.

Second, the palette used for the FILL operation must Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 the same one used to draw the outline of the shape to be filled. Before perform- ing any FILL operations where there is even a remote chance that you save the cunent screen to the safety buffer by hitting the "S" key. That way, if you mess up, you can hit "R" to re- cover your screen. Note that in any of the drawing modes, you can hit the "S" key to save the current screen to the buffer, or "R" to restore the screen from the buffer.

Please note that it takes approxi- mately 10 seconds for the program to save or restore a picture from the buffer. To go back to the MENU screen, press any other key. Most of the commands are self explanatory, or have been explained above. To make a choice, use the joystick plugged into Port 2 to move the cursor to the box of the selection you want to make and hit the fire button. In addition to the commands already covered, there are a few Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 available from the Main Menu.

These box- es allow you to select the size of your pen strokes. Inlelligently control almost any device. Acquire data lor laboratory and instrumentation applications. Full IRQ interrupl capability Expandable. Includes extensive documenlation and programs on disk, S postpaid USA. Learn to program like the experts! Adapt existing programs to your needs!

Outputs source code files to disk fully compatible with your MAE. Merlin or Panther assembler, ready 18 yo virgin looking for someone re-assembly and editing.

An extremely powerful tool with capabilities lar beyond a machine-language monitor. A12, Arlington, VA inlormationnelephone Orders The small cursor is good for precision work. The crosshair cursor is good for lin- ing Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 comers and making sure that points are connected. The speed of the cursor can also be adjusted by hitting the num- bered keys from I recommend a speed of 1 for detailed work. The pro- gram also allows for placing text on the graphics screen.

Use the TEXT option to do this. Please note that the RVS reverse video option will not work when you use palette number 3 as your painting color. When saving your picture, keep the name under 13 letters Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676.

The program will automatically add the suffixes ". In the lower right hand corner of the Main Menu, you'll find col- ored boxes. These are the four palettes available for you to work with. The leftmost is palette number I. It controls the background canvas color for the whole screen.

The next three palettes are numbers 2, 3, and 4 respectively. These are your painting palettes. However, keep in mind that you can also paint with palette number 1. This is useful for erasing mistakes.

Just below the palette is the Color Menu. To select a color you would like to use, move the cursor to that color and press the fire button. Now move the cursor back up to one of the four palettes and press the fire button again. Thank you for your participation!

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Also available in print by paid subscription, delivered to your home or office. Features interviews, articles, reviews of recordings and books, listings of events, jazz clubs, festivals and other venues. It is available by subscription and at book, record and music stores and chains and newsstands nationally and internationally. I think we basically agree that the repertoire was top shelf and the musicianship on a lofty level.

For Piano Jazz, subtitled With Respect to Oscar Peterson, that isthe pianists were many and varied with many new combinations. No one tried to emulate him but producer Bill Charlap took off on an unaccompanied excursion of parallel runs ala Oscar at one point. However, the counterpoint was there for all to hear.

This was his fifth year at the helm and it keeps getting better and better. Those of you Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 have read this column over the past couple of years are aware of trumpeter John Marshall, who from has lived in Cologne, Germany where he teaches, is a stalwart in Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 trumpet section of the West Deutscher Rundfunk big band and tours in Europe with his small group.

I make sure to catch at least one night each time. Barbaro was an integral part of the dynamic. Some of you may be aware of him because of his recent Zoho CD of One Way Detour with guest artist Ira Sullivan that has been garnering many positive Broadway reviews. It was during Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 release at 51st St, NYC party at Smalls that a Carlyle ex ecutive heard him and offered him the Sunday night gig at Bemel8pmpm mans for the month of August.

Judgand put into action. At 16, she entered the Juilliard drama department, but went on to earn a BM and MM in vocal performance. She quickly rose to the professional level in the world of opera. Eventually, her interest in journalism took her to pursue a degree at New York University. Proving that she can be great at anything she puts her mind to, she eventually landed a position as an investigative reporter working with Diane Sawyer on network television.

Moving away from that life, Rondi has now come full circle and devotes herself to creative pursuits in a life of composing, writing lyrics, recording and performing.

The world of jazz has embraced her with open arms. I know you carry a notebook around. Talk about a little bit about the transition. I started out really as a musician as a child, and I got into Julliard at a very young age. My mother was a professional singer and my father was an English professor. So I really have extremely creative juice in my family.

It was Great girls for sex in Gaithersburg, you know it was a part of the process that led me back into music. I learned how to tell a story working with Diane Sawyer - whether it be a journalism story or a story through a song. Everything Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 I learned up until now in my life has all fed into being a songwriter.

When you were at Julliard, you were focused more on the musical end of the song than on the lyric-writing end of it. I was really in; I was a classical trained musician as are a lot of jazz musicians. My brother Eric plays with the New York Philharmonic and he also plays a lot of jazz though. And if fact, he and I grew up sort of fighting over who got to practice piano after school. It was sometimes a real race home just to see who got first dibs on practicing.

So, I had to come back to music. Again it goes back to authenticity. It goes back to having the guts to walk the walk not just talk the talk. I realized that every thought I have will manifest in the world. She did not want to go in. She was terrified of dark, of the bigness of it all. I had to persuade her. The very mystery and power of it really touched me.

There was the sense of wonder, the capacity for love and caring - in this harsh, harsh environment. I thought there was something there. I thought there was a nugget that could be brought into the world. Again, I wrote the lyrics and the melody and Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 brought them into Bruce Barth. We would just sit at the piano together and play with harmony underneath the melody and see what works.

How did I end up in the Universe and feeling like a very little small piece of dust, a piece of sand. Then amidst all this, the hugeness — I was completely like unprepared for Women want sex tonight Fort Covington New York moment. I had to come home and write - I just came home and started Preggo aa sb seeking her sd. I started writing like a dialogue, or the dialogue down between the two of us that occurred on that day.

She was happy with that answer. In Minneapolis I had a mother bring her three daughters into the Dakota to hear my performance. The way that the song, this song was born was that I brought the words really fully-formed into Bruce Barth. I told him that I wanted to create layers and layers of sound to illustrate the Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 and layers of complexity in the Universe. So, on the top we have this very floating child like melody, very simple.

Give me sounds that are, that sound like cosmic collisions and that sound like the rings and strings, as she said the rings and strings of Jupiter, you know that magical element that happens when you look up into the sky. I brought her on stage a couple of years in a row now.

So it goes from being very simple and pure to sort of layering, layering, layering, more and more complexities, and then back at the end to being very simple and pure with the Looking for the Wilmington Delaware girl of being able to see with your heart and the Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 voice of the child at the very end as well, bookends.

On the tour, the originals are getting the response. The standards are great as well. I told Lynne that this was the gist of what I wanted, and she came up with this. I basically wrote the lyrics phrase by phrase on that one.

She sent me a phrase of a melody in an MP3 file over the internet. She would send me one phrase and I would write to that one phrase. Okay, let me see now. Where is Sex with black woman in Independence Missouri going to go from here?

We just did that back and forth, and back and forth until we had the whole song. It was really organic because you know it was like building brick upon brick upon brick. People literally got on their feet when they heard the song. Now of course part of it was political that they were happy about Obama, but part of it was just the power of the song, the power of the music.

So Lynne and I are definitely continuing to write together and we have one, two, three, four, like five Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 originals that are going to be on my next album that are complete and ready to go and we are going into the recording studio next month to put them down. The physical part of it is great and Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 do it everyday. By myself and want some fun the deeper rewards are the opening of creativity, the opening into your mind.

He played for me on my last album. He brings such a big heart and has generous spirit and to say nothing of brilliant chops and really probing mind. He inspires me to sing. Like the molecules with the water move and response to sound. It talks about, he talks about the power of music RC: We Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 yesterday at the Hole in Wall Gang and how it can lift us out of depression when nothCamp for terminally ill children, the camp that Paul ing else can.

It can, it can animate people with ParNewman founded 20 years ago. You 60 kids who are seriously very, seriously sick, bone can- know it can give words to the stroke patients who cer and all kinds of stuff. The power of music, the power of sound formance Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 some of the kids I knew were riveted.

Music occupies more areas They were riveted by the music and by the words and of our brain Adult personals for maine Swinging language does. I have in front of by the vibe. I got feedback afterward you put out this me right now, I have a series of tuning forks, because incredibly careful and yet peaceful vibe.

I think knowing about as well and Regina and Susie came up to me afterwards RC: Certain forks correspond to the would, I played the part of Anna in the King and dren. So it was a mind, body experience for all of us.

I when I was in high school and I always wondered I thought it was going to be so difficult. I was kind of Everything has a sound relation. Certain notes correspond, resonate with the heart. What I thought was going to be a with standards and it turned out there was a lot of scary experience turned out to be a wonderful experiJI: And it has a certain frequency too. And so the way ence and I find myself today craving Fuck buddy Canmore do it again.

The mind is a powerful thing. You were talking a minute ago about, about the, adore, adore, by Johnny Mercer. One quote that I resonate moves at miles per hour, very modern, very mod- RC: Be careful of your words, sound corny at all. They sound completely relevant and how every thought that you have forms, forms your words become actions. Be Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 of your acand modern.

Be careful of Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 ally strong Any girl wanna 420 of view. Recently, I was listening to ful of your character, your character becomes your authenticity is everything to me. I paired it down to thor.

He was talking about how we know in the physthe most intimate form that I could. He commented that in the spiri- and music could contribute to qualities of character. Were there ample rehearsals for the recording? Could you talk a little bit about some of the words RC: So when we have a inspired you or that has made a significant impact on in.

You want to work things out so you know which thought in our minds about creating something new, your creativity? You know sometimes musicians just click.

Have you ever, did you Sexy lady looking casual sex El Segundo see Every Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 or loking thought that I have Sometimes people just click for whatever reason and the movie What the Bleep? The whole meta- is what Pktsdam will become. If you have genuine loving thoughts, your music will reflect that.

Just so you know, my thoughts were usually of self-doubt and feelings of unworthiness and that kind of thing. I never had any darker thoughts Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 that. What do you do to, to recharge your batteries and decompress from all the stress in contemporary society? It is a means of union - union of body, mind, and spirit.

The more you learn Potsxam it the more you realize that the physical act of yoga is really a preparation for deep meditation and self-inquiry.

So how have you experienced or dealt with this in your life? The illusion of knowledge, I love that. Recently I read an article in Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 New Yorker by Malcolm Gladwell about people who are overly confident and how dangerous.

He was talking about Bush and Cheney. The more I feel that I have everything to learn and I have insatiable curiosity and wanting to really get it right, to get things out in my own way, the better off I am.

I think even Miles Davis said once, approach music as if you were in kindergarten. What kind of musical things are you practicing? Do you work on things at the piano? I have playing the Bach Inventions by ear at age six.

My parents sent me to piano lessons immediately. I had piano my whole childhood - but it was a classical foundation. I had no concept of the language of jazz. So a few years Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676, I took it upon myself to learn it as a child would naa it basically from kindergarten you know.

You have to go back and learn it. I love to learn.

Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 Wants For A Man

It was hard, hard, hard work. Many great players Mixed or white women only attended North Texas University. Can you talk about your experience there? Attending the University of North Texas was really life-changing Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 me, actually. I had just graduated from the University of Florida in the fall of with a Music Education degree, and I moved back to Dallas, lived with my dad and commuted to Den- of St.

That music is right up my alley. Edward Ellington is the leader and is one of the most amazing people I have ever met! Everyone is very cool! I finally realized that playing jazz always put me in a much better mood than playing other styles.

So, later that semester I changed my major to Jazz Studies. Is what you do something only for you and the musicians you are sharing the stage with, or are you trying to achieve something outside of that microcosm? I have learned over the years that as a musician—being on stage—it is extremely important to connect with the audience JI: What was it that initially inspired you to play this whether it is on a musical level or on a personal level or hopefully, and ultimately, both.

How did it all start? I started playing piano when I was three, and Live sex cams in wrexham applause from anyone in the audience. When I was old enough to be in a reason that there is an audience and I want to make the school band, I chose the trumpet, probably be- Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 they feel appreciated.

Once the audience is gone, JI: What are your top five desert island trumpet strict sense of the word. I think the greatest compliment is when someone says that my playing touched his or her heart. I sort of naturally progressed into becoming manager several years ago after having been the per- JD: Hmm…this is a really tough one. It turns out that that Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 to my dear friend Marcus Printup.

And I would not be able that the trumpet could be played that way! What events current or upcoming are you excited about in your musical life? I love working with her. She is such a great lady and she swings her ass off.

Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great. The historic Riverside Church, Riverside Dr. After reading your biography, it seems like Chicago is as fertile as New York when it comes to jazz. You have stayed busy, prolific and in the limelight as a jazz musician without having to move.

Can you talk about the scene there, and how it may compare to jazz in other parts of the country or world? You can check it out at www. In it we find many skills found in life itself—high levels of communication - listening and responding - democracy, decision making, problem solving, language, leadership, flexibility, teamwork, and even memory.

So the question becomes, muscles in one Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 This fies the audience regardless of preconceived notions. We are cago jazz audience by focusing on Chicago jazz.

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The jazz education scene is also healthy. What does it offer to you, your leave the city to get a quality jazz education and can band-mates, and the listeners? What motivates you be part of a supportive, Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 network that sup- and drives you forward?

I was also fortunate Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 find consistent OD: In it we find many skills work in the recording studios, on the stage, in the found in life itself—high levels of communication clubs and in education. Students from all corners of — listening and responding — democracy, decision the United North Charleston ky webcam girl are also choosing schools like the making, problem solving, language, leadership, flexUniversity of Illinois at Chicago, where I am an asso- ibility, teamwork, and even memory.

When performciate professor as their destination for jazz education. My only to change my mind as I count off the first tune. Then sometimes I just start playing without communicating by word to the guys—just go!

An hour can JI: You have played with a huge list of notable people. Can you talk about the highlights for you and how they impacted your musicianship and career?

I Am Wants Dating Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676

What was it that initially inspired you to play this OD: I was very fortunate to hang out and perform at a club near DePaul University, where I received my Your badge sex network degree, every Monday night. The band was made up of guys and a few gals who dominated the recording studios oooking Chicago. They were my heroes. Once I got Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676, I was hooked on Rafael Mendez and loved to practice—still do!

When you first embarked on the sophisticated journey of becoming an improvising musician, or a jazz musician who plays over changes, what were some methods that you found extremely useful to achieving your Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 Learning the theory and forgetting about it! I developed a method that combines creative free improvisation, transcribing solos, understanding the lookiing and the writing of jazz motifs in the development of improvisation. It takes a lifetime of practicing!

As an artist, your state of mind and ability to dig deep is important. Outside of playing, what do you do to re-center and find peace of mind? I find peace in prayer and my faith as a Christian. Having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ puts everything in perspective and provides strength to Sexy wives wants sex tonight Mandan with reality and to be creative.

You can learn about it at www. CJP also has its own innovative education programs as well. Every day is different. I find tremendous balance with it all. Being at home is the time when I am not a musician. As a musician, what do you feel your role or responsibility is in our society? The Sheryl Bailey 3 No Cover! Can you talk about your new album Trip to the Casbah? Trip to the Casbah is all original music, most of which was written within about six months of the recording.

I love playing standards, but I find that Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 way to continue to develop my own voice in the world of jazz is through composing. What was it that initially inspired you to play this music? By that I mean that my primary goal is to create music. Since I knew who nsaa band would be as I wrote the music, their styles of play were in my brain through the composition process. It was lookinh great experience being in the studio with these guys, because they have spent so much more time there than I have.

They were all really relaxed N ready for what we were going to do, or if not they had me seriously fooled. I loved the tracks where Louis would sing because I could really hear how much fun he had as a performer. After hearing him sing, you can hear the same energy in his playing. When you first embarked on the sophisticated journey of becoming an improvising musician, or NE: My goal is always to be as far from being a jazz musician playing over changes as possible.

By of room for blowing too. What is it about musical improvisation that you The playing of chord changes is a part of the process, find so valuable? What motivates you still constantly working on. My goal is to truly gain and drives you Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 For me, improvisation is an opportunity to cre- even remotely close to where I want to be in that reate my own voice through music. The foundation of my improvisational practice ulary, understanding Orney wives in Qagan Tungge Xiang and inflection, and es- is transcribing.

I feel that everything I could ever tablishing a mood or attitude. So playing improvised want to play is on a recording somewhere and learnmusic becomes a conversation between myself and my ing through the process of transcribing really open band-mates, and also often Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 audience as well.

Not Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 does it get me into the brain very thankful that most of the gigs I play on feel like of Are you in college seeking a sugar daddy great performer, but I find that it exposes a collaborative effort as opposed to a competition.

I Potsdak that my playing is stronger because of those www. That was great because I got his perspective on the music and how he heard some portions of the music was really different than how I did.

What do you do to break through all of the surface stress in our contemporary world? Or perhaps, you feel that angst is good for music? I spend a great deal of my day focusing on music or music related issues, so simple things like walking my dog or playing tennis are great escapes from the stress of the everyday world. What is the most rewarding facet of your life as an artist?

The most rewarding facet of being an artist for me is the pursuit of Potdsam completely elusive dream. That being said, there are many goals I set that I will attain or at least I hope to. But the primary goal of learning and understanding all the options that exist in the world of music will never be met. But most impressive of all is his sense of harmony and voice leading.

Lookking work in many different idioms, including hip hop. Many people say that hip hop is a modern equivalent to bebop, in terms of self-expression, improvisation, developing your own sound, social significance. How do Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 perceive this link, and how do you bring these different elements together while Potssdam remaining true to your own sound? I got into hip hop early on. Its impact on the music industry and popular culture was immediately JI: What was it like growing Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 with your brothers, your mom Vera and your Uncle Ray Bryant?

Was music something that you took for granted as just an everyday skill?

It was a blessing. Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 the time that Davidsville party with flowers ladies can remember, I can hear my mother practicing and playing the hardest piano concertos and etudes I have ever heard. She is really a great pianist. People changed the way they dressed, talked, danced, and interpreted music.

We did neighborhood parties and made mixing tapes to listen back. I pondered the connection between rap and bebop on a number of occasions and could write a thesis about the subject. The communal aspect also relates to them both. The jam session was the ideal place to flex your chops and test what you Fuck asian in Minot on.

In the hip hop world, battles are quite common when trying to outdo another rap artist. Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 think the two allow for the freedom of expression to rhythm. I think the rappers Wide are lacking a sense of tradition and that is hurting the quality being put out. Those that flourish have a strong feel for the ideas and concepts that preceded Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676.

This holds true for both idioms. I think jazz musicians have a broader understanding of this concept. Just as I listen for a lookint artist to tell his story musically, rap artists have that ability as well. I am trying to incorporate some hip hop concepts in my own music. I heard him on a tape and was intrigued by his lyrical flow and the relevance of Ptsdam lyrics.

You can tell by listening to him that he has natural ability and things come to him quite easily. I am in the process of putting together music that will cross genres and Pogsdam him as a piece to the puzzle.

My love is playing traditional jazz and I am starting to use rhythms similar to rap artists in my improvised lines to make my playing a little more personal, interesting, and challenging. My grandmother was the root of it all. She got my mother YN Uncle Ray deeply into Potsdm. It was a real help to know that the tradition YN the music that you love — jazz - and the ability to learn and get tips about music were right at my fingertips.

Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 uncle, the great bassist Tommy Bryant, used to come by and give me an earful about music when I was very young. I also have another Uncle, Leonard Bryant, who is an incredible singer and drummer. My mother shares stories of my uncles sneaking out of the back window with bed sheets lowering down the upright bass at night to play gigs when they were teenagers.

Although my uncles were, my grandparents were not fans of the nightlife and everything that Black women dating Dickerson men its something new with it.

One thing that came with it was great nights of music Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 some of the 13667 of this music that we all hold in high esteem like Sonny Stitt, Miles Davis, Betty Carter, Lester Young—the list goes on and on. I am forever indebted to my uncles and my parents for Wofe myself and my brothers to see musical dreams that were attainable. I also forgot to mention: My mother gave me piano lessons when I was still young.

That gave Potwdam a foundation when I started my trumpet lessons. She was making a name Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 herself on the gospel scene and was an incredible teacher. Seeing people so close to you doing what they loved on such a high level, it gave me a sense of achievability—is that a word? One for sure is Lee Morgan—my trumpet idol. He has an album www.

Whenever I run into Jeremy Pelt, we talk about this album. The maturity and precision he was playing at such a tender age really blew my mind. He has a sound that captures the streets to me. From beginning to end, Art is the driving force on this recording. Also, the great Freddie Hubbard is playing at a level that no one can touch.

I Am Wants Dick

I checked this out to learn how to interpret ballads. Give me Miles Davis too. This recording swings so hard and really is Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 staple for a band sound and concept.

I always look and listen to Miles because he really knew how to run a bandstand. I have a couple of non-trumpet recordings. I Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 the idea of allowing music to just happen instinctively. I dig this because he basically just plays his ass off.

Nick was very on top of his game on this one. You can just tell that he was practicing, gigging all over the world, and basically playing his horn a lot. Donald Byrd did a recording with Johnny Coles—two of my heroes. Vocalist Kevin Burke 2: Admission is taken at the entrance.

Audience members are encouraged to bring blankets or chairs to enjoy the relaxed outdoor setting. All performance scheduling and musicians are subject Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 change. Both gigs were major achievements for me. It will make you a more versatile player. Give me your telephone number. That character will then improviser, you have to practice improvising.

If you begin to develop maturity. Maturity will give you something to want to be a great sight reader, you have to practice sight reading, etc. Pofsdam you can tell a story lookkng you play. The best thing that you could be doing right now as a young JI: What is it about musical improvisation that you and to Jazz music, I placed this record on and started African American is playing this music Jazz. And that nie Smith and I recorded together on a George Ben- find so valuable?

What does it offer to you, your turned me into the player that I am today. Lou Donaldson about you. Musical improvisation play with Lou Donaldson yet.

Rufus vibrations, and spiritual enlightenment if executed FH: It gives each band mate a and albums to choose from to be WWife the working because you can play and it shows when people see and here you. There Potsdzm great music and great chance for individual achievement through Mid night sex cruise group Wife looking nsa NY Potsdam 13676 of desert island records. What motivates me and drives a list of trumpeters as leaders of the dates based on of what they ask and throw down hard!

Keep your ears wide open and music? When in doubt, your ears will always a large ensemble in junior high school. I wanted to Good looking hosting off Riverside Fats Navarro vol. You Dayton teen fuck to focus more on your sound read. We should shed together. I completed school for that Standard Time Vol.