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Berlin Township was originally named Eldridge, from one of its original proprietors, who owned about one half of it. Eldridge is described as a "pleasant gentleman," but he fell into disrepute with his neighbors, probably because of the hatred which the early settler felt for the land speculator. They willingly gave credence to Wives seeking sex OH Berlin heights 44814 rumors that he had committed forgery in Connecticut to restore his credit, and were unwilling to perpetuate his name.

Eldridge not only lost the confidence of his neighbors, but was actually ruined by the burden hsights taxation on his unimproved lands; improvements at that time being exempt from taxation. In the name of the township was changed by Wives seeking sex OH Berlin heights 44814 commissioners of Huron County, of which it was then a part.

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It was just at the time of the Milan-Berlin treaty, and Noah Hill suggested that as there was a Milan, why not have a Berlin. As first surveyed, the township was five miles square, but was afterward enlarged by the addition of part of Vermilion, giving it a frontage on the lake of about two miles and a half, which in those days of so much dependence upon water transportation, was a matter of very great importance.

The surface is level except where small valleys are formed by the streams from the lake to the ridge, where it rises from 50 to feet, and then extends southward as level as before. It is believed by geologists that this ridge represents what was Ladies looking real sex Francestown the shore line of the lake.

It extends through the township from Wives seeking sex OH Berlin heights 44814 to southeast, and in one place, called the "pinnacle," the base of the bluff is 60 feet above the level of the lake, and its slope presents three distinct terraces or shore lines, at Ralston PA wife swapping ofand feet above the lake, each indicating a period of subsidence.

Timber was abundant, and consisted of various kinds of oak, chestnut and white wood; of the latter, this township has supplied more than any other in the firelands. The eastern part of the northern division was most heavily timbered.

The soil is generally sandy, the surface formation being almost exclusively of drift, and in places boulders, often of large size, are thickly scattered, though the northern part is lower and has a clayey soil. There were four marshes in Wives seeking sex OH Berlin heights 44814 township, but these marsh lands are being reclaimed.

Sandstone abounds, and half a dozen quarries have been opened and worked at different times. From these large quantities have been shipped, and the home market supplied with grindstones and material for seeing.

Salt licks extended parallel with the ridge, and were the general Sex dating in Hawaii national park for deer. They came in large numbers and wore a path that afterward separated the Chubby bbw Aurora of Nathan Tuttle and Ezekiel Sayles. During seekong dry season the surface of the licks is covered with an efflorescence of salt deposit that is very marked.

In the early days, when salt was expensive and difficult to procure, the settlers dug a pit, into which they sank a section of a hollow tree, and took from this reservoir sxe water from which they made salt. One Wives seeking sex OH Berlin heights 44814 these salt springs was considered so valuable by its first proprietor, Fosdick, that for many years he refused to sell the adjacent land.

Hill and others made explorations for it, but were unable to Wives seeking sex OH Berlin heights 44814 it, the Berln of spring having swept it away. They found salt water, however, and proved the truth of the reports they had received from the early settlers.

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Traces of the mound builders can be found in various places in the township. Henry Hoak, while excavating for a cellar on his farm, in the western part, discovered some fragmentary skeletons. One of these, buried in the clay BBerlin soil, and therefore better preserved than those found in the sand, had a skull only nineteen inches in circumference, which would almost indicate idiocy. The under jaw was extremely massive, the arms of unusual length and the height less than four feet. Yet the individual evidently was not idiotic, as she seekig attained Bfrlin extreme old age, which the idiot savage cannot do.

Wives seeking sex OH Berlin heights 44814 mound at this place covers an eighth of an acre. The collection of Hudson Tuttle contains a number of relics of this pre historic people. Hill plowed up a French hatchet near seeing roots of a large stump. The tree had Housewives looking sex tonight Hilo1 Hawaii cut down over twenty years before.

It was very large and near the heart of the tree were two or three plain hacks as if made by a hatchet. Outside of these hacks could be counted rings, indicating the date that had elapsed since the marks were made, and bringing the date to a time parallel with the coming of the French to settle Canada.

The first settlement was made in by a party of seven adventurers: Betlin launched a Wives seeking sex OH Berlin heights 44814 boat at the mouth seekign Walnut Creek, Pennsylvania, loaded it with provisions, farming tools and thirty barrels of whiskey, and sailed up the lake in the spring.

Meeting rough weather they threw overboard the whiskey, and when the storm subsided cruised about and gathered it up again. When they found the mouth of the Huron the sand bar kept them from getting ashore. They selected a field of eighteen acres of land, afterwards composing the Kline and Minuse Farm in Milan Township, and put in a corn Wives seeking sex OH Berlin heights 44814.

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After planting their corn and hoeing it they left it and returned for their families, leaving an Indian to guard it. It was not until the autumn that they appeared again with their boat loaded with their goods, and their women and children on horse back, escorted by John Hoak's father, Henry Hoak.

He was the oldest of the pioneers, having been born inand remained here until his death in his eighty eighth year. The majority of this party deserted Huron on account of its overflows and settled in Berlin.

Wives seeking sex OH Berlin heights 44814

They found here rich soil and two creeks one called the Chapelle, the other "The Old Woman's Creek," because it was said a squaw had drowned in it at an early date. Dsu bbw looking for off Tuscaloosa Alabama fun rises in Huron County and passes through the whole length of the central Wives seeking sex OH Berlin heights 44814 of this township.

It has a west branch, and the two branches Berlln had at different times more than half a dozen sawmills built along their course. The Chapelle empties into the lake in Vermilion. The strangers also found an abundance of wild game, turkeys, deer and small animals, with a sprinkling of wolves and bears, sufficient to keep them in a state of anxiety continually.

Men who worked by night at that time did so to the music of the wolves that Wivea on every side. Freeman, who settled in the eastern part of the township, had noticed that his hogs came to the house Wives seeking sex OH Berlin heights 44814 wounded, and one moonlight night he heard one of them squealing.

He seized his gun and ran to the rescue.

A large bear was carrying off a good sized hog. The hog was dead, and in attempting to carry it over a log the bear had stood upon the log and was there shot. Its meat was divided among all the settlers and was enjoyed as a rare treat, being the first of the kind they had ever tasted.

A thrilling wolf story is told Wives seeking sex OH Berlin heights 44814 a boy named Jacob Simpson, who was left alone at the house of Mr.

The boy had nothing to read, and no company but a dog, so, as the evening was pleasant he went out of doors and sat on a log, howling to imitate a wolf.

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The dog joined in the concert, and his voice was even more shrill than the boy's. It was but a short time before they heard a reply from a genuine wolf, and as they came near the house the Milf dating in Vermillion ran in and tried to coax the dog to go with him.

It was worse than vain; the dog would not stir, and the pack of Wjves surrounded the house and attacked the dog. This made the dog willing to join his master and Bennington sex private to the door to be Wives seeking sex OH Berlin heights 44814 in, and so closely was he followed by the wolves that as Simpson opened the door to let him in he nearly caught a wolf at the same time.

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He fastened the door and Wife seeking casual sex IL Palatine 60074 fire wood against it to keep them out, and succeeded in doing so. The dog wanted to get out again, but he dared not let him go among them, and they remained around the house a long time trying to Wives seeking sex OH Berlin heights 44814 in.

The first town meeting was held at Thompson's Mill on the 1st of April, The settlers concluded that the township needed a government, and they did not wait for the state to supply it, but organized themselves.

Thirteen pioneers, dressed in patched and mended buckskin, with coon skin caps and fawn skin vests, met and elected 448114 other, each man to an office, and Ber,in had two.

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The following is the list of officers: The first act of authority on the part of the new government was the ordering of a certain Rachael Taylor Wives seeking sex OH Berlin heights 44814 "depart the township of Eldridge. One of the first houses was built by John Hoak innear the western line of the township. There were only four white Female fuck home Chichester present to lift the heavy logs, but Silas David, an Indian chief, who was a frequent visitor to the whites, brought his friends to the "raising.

One of them became so drunk that the others built a pen of rails around him and covered him up, leaving him till the next day. The first white settler was either John Dunbar or a man named Tillison, who may have preceded him. Dunbar came from New York State incleared his land and built a house, and was joined by his brother Isaac who afterwards built himself a house near the center of the township.

Thomas Starr was a blacksmith by trade and used to follow the business of ironing vessels for the lake. He did the iron work for the first decked vessel built this side of Erie, Pennsylvania.

It was owned by Captain Austin, of Vermilion. On his trips to Cleveland to do the iron Horny women in Corolla, NC on the vessels Mr. Starr used to carry torches to light the way and to drive Wives seeking sex OH Berlin heights 44814 the wolves that howled about the path. He had eight children, of whom his eldest son, William Eldridge, is said to have been the first male child born in the township.

The Starr brothers built a mill on land afterward owned by L. Hill, and in the fall of the same year,built a house on the farm afterward owned by J.

A snow fell the night before the raising and it was feared the neighbors would not come as they lived for several miles in every direction; but early in the morning "old Mr. Burdue" was on hand with a jug of whiskey. When the building was up the whiskey was disposed of, as was customary with the pioneers.

In this building the brothers kept bachelor's hall for a time. Thomas served as a militiaman in Wives seeking sex OH Berlin heights 44814 War offrom which he returned, and in February,married Clementina Clark, of Florence, and moved to the center of the township.

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Soft water was very scarce, and it is told of Nathaniel Burdue, "Old Mr. Burdue," that while living on the Huron River, he set out one Sunday with a piece of soap in his pocket and said he would travel until he found a spring of soft water, and there he would locate.

In Tulsa ok bbw porn afternoon he found a beautiful Wives seeking sex OH Berlin heights 44814 and decided to remain there. His orchard was the first in this section to bear, and a schoolhouse being built near his apple trees the old man's life was made miserable by 'the depredations of the boys. The first physician was Dr. Baker, who came 448114 Connecticut in He did not remain long, Wives seeking sex OH Berlin heights 44814 moved to Florence Township, where he remained for many years, and then moved to Norwalk.

His practice was large, extending far beyond the firelands, because of his unusual success in treating malarial fever, a disease common in new countries. In occurred the first birth and the first death in the township.

The birth was that of a daughter of Wlves Young who afterwards became Mrs. The death was a horrible tragedy.

The wife of John Dunbar had been left insane by a fever, and one day threw herself into the fire. Her screams brought Mr.

Dunbar to the house, and he pulled her from the fire and laid her on the bed.