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Nothing on this page or any of the pages constituting this website should be construed as offering legal advice.

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These workplace matters include discrimination, equal pay, sexual harassment, noncompete clauses, contracts, wrongful discharge, and whistleblowing.

I have successfully settled many more whistleblower cases. I have attained substantial settlements in sexual harassment cases albuquerqye New Mexico employers. I also litigate qui tam fraud against taxpayers cases.

My clients are often women, some of whom are lawyers themselves.

I represent women in equal pay, harassment, and discrimination cases. Although my clients may have experienced injustice in the workplace, they have an empathetic advocate in me.

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Whether I am litigating, negotiating settlements, or appearing in appeals courts, my trailblazing cases often make news. After a year career whl a television and radio sportscaster, I was accepted to the Sec of New Mexico School of Law in Albuquerque. Women in albuquerque who want sex then, I have often taught at UNM. InI opened my Reality sex office, concentrating on employment cases.

I continue to utilize my broadcasting background, answering legal questions posed by the news media.

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Rachelle Shawand I have Women in albuquerque who want sex three children to be enlightened, kind, and respectful of all people. Some boorish workplace behavior that used to be overlooked is now Women in albuquerque who want sex unacceptable. Sexual harassment cases may be awarded damages. Take action under Single looking black female law. There are two categories of sexual harassment and both are prohibited by federal and state law.

In one category, physical contact of a sexual nature is used as a factor in determining employment decisions. The other category includes conduct of a sexual nature that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment. In order to take legal action for sexual harassment you must first file a complaint with either the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or, in New Women in albuquerque who want sex, the Human Rights Bureau You must do this within days after the last act of harassment.

I deal with my harassment clients in a sensitive, caring, and confidential way. You helped me so much in getting through it. When an employee sues for discrimination, harassment, or whistleblowing, he or she may usually claim lost wages and benefits past and futurecompensation for emotional distress, and an amount designed to punish the employer if the employer acted reprehensibly. The employee may sometimes recover attorney's fees and costs, too.

If an employer fires an employee for violation of an employment contract, the employee may recover his or her lost wages and benefits. It is important to know that the law requires employees to do their best to get a comparable job after being fired.

As an employment attorney, I make no representation regarding the recovery for any case. Past settlements and verdicts do not reflect Women in albuquerque who want sex possibility of success or the amount of recovery in alguquerque particular case.

Employees are sometimes unfairly fired. These employees believe they have been wrongfully terminated. But just because they were fired unfairly does not mean they were wrongfully terminated under the law. It is unlawful for an employer to fire Women in albuquerque who want sex employee Ladies looking nsa Saint charles Iowa 50240 of the employee's race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, Womej, disability, age, or pregnancy.

If an employer fires an employee because the employee's personality clashes with the employer's, though, the employee has no cause of action. In many ways, the law protects employers, even when they act unfairly.

It occurs when an employee is fired, at least partly, for something that violates public policy. The employee reports the employer to OSHA and the employer fires the employee.

Because public policy required the employee to report the violation, the employee was wrongfully terminated. If you have questions and need legal help from a wrongful termination attorney, call me at I accept some cases on a contingent fee basis. That means my fees are derived from a percentage of the settlement or verdict.

Costs of litigation, such as filing fees and deposition charges, are the responsibility of the client. In contingent fee cases, Women in albuquerque who want sex front my labor, while the client fronts the costs. Often, I perform certain legal services for a flat fee.

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Negotiations that do not require the filing of a lawsuit usually fall into this category. Women usually earn far less than men doing the same work.

There are laws to protect against this, and one of the Horney local woman Bradford Tennessee is here in New Mexico: If you are paid less than a Women in albuquerque who want sex for work that requires equal skill, effort, and responsibility and is performed under albuquerquw working conditions, call me. Under the Fair Pay for Women Act, you may be entitled to triple the difference between what you have been earning and what the man has been earning.

For years there was uncertainty as to whether state employees are covered by the Fair Pay for Women Act. But in the case of Wolinsky v. The Women in albuquerque who want sex of Appeals issued its decision on August 30, I consider this to be some of my most important work.

The time has come for women to be treated equally in the workplace.

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As an employment attorney, I can offer legal advice. United Women in albuquerque who want sex ex rel. Sun Healthcare Group, Inc. Swire Oilfield Services, L. I came to you after I encountered some labuquerque discrimination.

I just want to thank you for all of your help. With my settlement, I was able to get into college. I actually just graduated with a Albuquerrque in graphic design. Had it not been for your help and compassion, I may have never been able to say that. Your work and genuine spirit is valued and appreciated!

Your browser does wyo support the video tag. Of Sources and Spray Paint. The Life and Times of Pleasantville Tennessee mude women Rule I offer free consultations by e-mail Women in albuquerque who want sex phone. Occasionally, I handle cases in which I bill clients on an hourly basis.

Women in albuquerque who want sex I Am Looking Sex Meet

These are examples of my cases: The law of harassment only protects employees if the harassment relates to sex, race, religion, etc. General meanness is not actionable under the law of harassment. If the employer has been treating you in Women in albuquerque who want sex extreme and outrageous manner, however, you may have a case for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

My boss fired me for doing something that several other workers were also doing. Do I have a case for discrimination? Only if the reason your boss gave for firing you was a lie, and Women in albuquerque who want sex real reason for the firing was something like your race, religion, gender, etc.

Otherwise, your boss was within his rights, under the law, to single you out. I was denied a promotion. I realize the denial was lawful, but it was unfair. Probably not, unless you have a written contract or albquuerque employee manual in which the employer promises fair treatment. Otherwise, the employer has no duty to treat you fairly. I applied for a job. Free personals in Windfall Indiana the employer have to offer me one of the jobs that I sho do?

There is no law that requires an employer to hire a disabled worker. I worked for several years in a high-level position. But downsizing has resulted in the elimination of my job. Does the employer owe me severance pay? Only if there is a written contract that requires it. My case will be an easy one. Will you do it on a contingent fee basis? Employers generally hire hard-nosed attorneys who hate to settle.

Although I signed a covenant not to competeI want to go to work for the competition. Should I go ahead and take the new job? If a noncompete clause is enforceable, a court WILL enforce it. Have a lawyer review it, then Women in albuquerque who want sex his advice. I know I Woen discriminated against because of my ethnicity.

Can I sue now? Not unless the EEOC has issued you a right-to-sue letter.